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The 10 Most Obscure and Forgotten Neopians

by mali_the_silent_wolf


Neopia is a grand and wonderful place filled with happy neopets going about their everyday business. It’s a land filled with wise and helpful Neopians who are both generous and well-known. The Soup Faerie, King Altador, the Ghost Lupe. All are kind and well-known, right? Well, what about the lesser known Neopians? The everyday heroes who are both obscure and important? Or the obscure Neopians who aren’t so important but do provide a moment or two of amusement? Shouldn’t we care about them? Of course we should. So here are 10 of the most obscure and forgotten Neopians, as listed in the Neopedia.

10. Dorak the Krawk

Now, I know that everyone is now staring at these words with a puzzled expression on their face. Who is Dorak the Krawk? Well, he plays a very important role in keeping the dubloon supply steady. He’s the strong and slightly unstable Krawk from the Dubloon Disaster. How many of you didn’t know he had a name? All of you? Well, that simply proves that this is definitely a lesser known hero of Neopia.

9. Kalora the Kau

Kalora the Kau is, according to her Neopedia article, on permanent vacation. Yet we see her at work every day. She’s one of many opponents in the fabulous game of Cheat! That’s right, she’s a card player. Without her to play against, well, we’d have to face Princess Fernypoo one round earlier, and hey, we all know why that’s bad! This Kau is a good player and knows when it’s time to quit. Word is that she cheats a lot, though, as her twitching ear evidences. But you didn’t hear it from me.

8. Lady Osiri

This forgotten Aisha lives within the vastness of the Lost Desert. She is responsible for much of the beautiful pottery that is prized in Neopia. Her wares are exquisitely decorated, and she makes each piece herself. Some of her most prized pieces include the Black Osiris Vase, the Black Osiris Urn and the Black Osiris Plate. This little-known lady even has a stamp commemorating her pottery. It’s the maker, Lady Osiri, who is the forgotten one.

7. Mr. Lupid

Who is Mr. Lupid? Why, he’s quite a genius, if not well-known, art teacher. This crafty Lupe can paint masterpieces in almost any art style you’d like. He was a teacher at Neoschool before it closed down, and his performance reports say he was quite the attention-grabber. His usual clothing style is the ‘paint-splattered’ look, and he has worked his fur into a free-styled ponytail. You can find this Lupe painting and drawing just about anywhere in Neopia.

6. Pacha the Veterinarian

Ahh, Pacha. A very important Neopian indeed. Pacha spends all of his time caring for the Tyrannian petpets in his shop. Without his care and kindness, these primitive petpets would starve and grow sickly. He cares deeply for all of his charges, which may explain why his shop doesn’t restock all that often. If your petpet is ever suffering from hunger or sickness or just plain in need of a check-up, bring them down to Pacha. He’ll be sure to help them out.

5. Quinton the Quiggle

Quinton is definitely not on many Neopians’ minds these days. This energetic green Quiggle was singlehandedly responsible for introducing healthy foods into Neopia. His organic foods and healthful urgings were quite popular with the older Neopian crowds. The baby neopets weren’t as thrilled. Quinton works to this day to promote healthy eating in Neopia. He even has a shop. Go there whenever you want; it’s never very crowded. Probably because it’s next door to the Chocolate Factory.

4. Samrin the Kacheek

Samrin is a young blue Kacheek who is quite dedicated to his job. He is the tireless worker who keeps petpets safe from the hungry jaws of Balthazar. Samrin is always on his guard and watching for the sneaky Lupe. The babaas and gruslens are very thankful. Without Samrin, well, there would be a lot fewer petpets around, and Balthazar would definitely need to start an exercise program.

3. The Beast that Lurks Behind the Tree

Probably one of the most obscure Neopians out there, The Beast that Lurks Behind the Tree is, well, not well-known. He/She has no name. Scientists and Explorers haven’t even been able to determine what neopets species it is. So, why write about it? Well, because look at the name! It screams forgotten Neopian. And it makes people frown in confusion, which looks funny to me. Moving on now.

2. Kyishi the Limbo Queen

Kyishi lives for one thing: to limbo. This agile Neopian is extremely good at getting down low. Champion of several competitions, she’s hoping to one day take gold at the Limbo Olympics. Of course, the Limbo Olympics have to be invented first, so she has a ways to go. But she keeps practicing and can be found wherever a limbo pole is slung and music dances through the air.

Finally, the most obscure and forgotten Neopian in Neopia. So remote and yet so menacing. Curious? Scared? Well, the most obscure and forgotten Neopian is…

1. The Stuff

That’s right, it’s the Stuff. According to the Neopedia, ‘Nobody knows where it came from, how it came to be, or who is responsible for its existence, but one thing is for sure: If something isn't done soon, the stuff will swallow Neopia WHOLE!’ Quite interesting, don’t you think? Yes, I know it’s not an actual Neopian, it’s an item. Food, I think. But hey, have you ever heard of the Stuff? No? That’s not good, not good at all. Well, it was nice knowing you.

10 obscure Neopians are now a little less obscure. Hopefully you all will appreciate the value of those lesser known Neopians who are involved in your everyday lives in some little way. Try to thank them. Send them a card, flowers, pebbles, small pieces of paper, anything to say thanks. Except for the Stuff. Don’t thank the Stuff, just eat it. Eat it quickly.

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