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Fancy Living: What High Class Color is Your Pet?

by katiecoo802


ASTROVILLA HOTEL, DELUXE LUXURY SUITE - Welcome fellow wealthy Neopians, to what I’m sure will be a most enlightening experience. Now, what truly defines a Neopian as upper class? Their avatar count? Battledome status? No, those things are important, but what truly sets apart the aristocrats from the commoners are their pets, or rather, the color of their pets. Of course, you’re probably very familiar with the paint brush colors, but which high ranking style is for you? This quick quiz will help you answer that very question. Just record your answers on your Faerie Notebook and tally them to see which extravagant color your pet ought to be painted.

1) Your pet’s name is:

a. Something warm and fuzzy, like Fluffers or Cuddles

b. Strong and regal, probably a word of wisdom in another language

c. Your favorite band or song

d. A tribute to their glorious victories at sea, like their ship name

2) When you have to go away, your pet insists on staying in:

a. AstroVilla; you just can’t say no to that adorable face

b. The Royal Neopian, what else?

c. Cockroach Towers; the depressing hotel matches their mood

d. Ye Old Ship Inn; your pet wants to share their latest adventure with the other scallywags in great detail

3) Your pet’s favorite band is:

a. M’YNCI; who could resist those cute Mynci boys?

b. The Neopian Philharmonic of course! Any other music is just uncivilized

c. Twisted Roses; it’s dark and eerie, just like your pet

d. Arg, your pet makes thar own music with thar mateys at the Golden Dubloon!

4) What does your pet ALWAYS order when you go out?

a. Strawberry Shortcake, tee hee!

b. The Ocean Platter, occasionally followed by an exceptional Octopi Souffle

c. A Grey Sandwich, but it doesn’t matter, they weren’t even really hungry….

d. Capn Threeleg’s Cutlass Crusade washed down with a pint of Bomberry Grog

5) A game your Neopet loves to play is:

a. Plushie Tycoon! What could be better than millions of itty-bitty versions of your pet?

b. The Faerie Crossword, a game that requires extensive knowledge and doesn’t get your pet dirty

c. Whatever, your pet doesn’t like games….

d. Attack of the Revenge! Even though your pet has already beaten it 10 times

6) A petpet that would go best with your pet would be a….

a. Babaa; so cute and cuddly!

b. A Peo; a petpet who can meet your pet’s standards!

c. Snoogy; gloomy, grey, and unpaintable!

d. A trusty Piraket for your scurvy pet’s shoulder!

7) Your pet’s bedroom is:

a. Almost impossible to move through with all the squishy beanbags and fluffy rugs

b. A tribute to Fyora (if your pet is female) or the Meridell Knights (if your pet is male)

c. Very empty, with only the basics or maybe a Twisted Roses poster

d. Adorned as far as the eye can see with pirate flags and ship pieces

8) Your pet is a regular customer at:

a. The new plushie shop! Your pet squeals with delight every time you visit

b. The Book Shop; after all, a noble pet needs to be knowledgeable

c. The Pharmacy; it seems your pet is always ill!

d. Smuggler’s Cove; it’s not an official shop, but your pet has gotten some mighty good deals!

9) The wheel your pet is most always found at is:

a. The Wheel of Excitement! All those pretty colors are just so fun!

b. The Wheel of Knowledge; your pet never misses a chance to gain intelligence

c. The Wheel of Misfortune; after all, they feel doomed to misfortune anyways

d. Wheels?! What a waste of time! Your pet prefers a good game of Buried Treasure!

10) If faced with battle, your pet would:

a. Run and hide! Battles are too scary!

b. Polish their Sword of Skardsen and lead the troops to victory with an astounding strategy!

c. What’s the point of battles anyway? They only end in tears….

d. Your pet would show those scallywags who’s boss! Just hand over their Pirate Captain’s Hat and Cutlass and they’ll send those seadogs to Davy Jones’s Locker!


Mostly A: Your pet’s cute and fuzzy personality makes them the perfect candidate to be painted Plushie! The price is worth it, and who could say no to those big, button eyes? Be careful, though. Plushie pets shrink in the rain!

Mostly B: Does your pet retain the utmost poise and dignity? Are they knowledgeable beyond belief? Your pet would be best suited with a Royal Paint Brush, the only way to go with a pet that oozes royalty. Side effects may include haughtiness, snootiness and bossiness. Only the most humble pets should be painted Royal.

Mostly C: Your pet is always gloomy, sluggish, and never wants to have fun! They would be most suited with a Grey Paint Brush. You may ask, ‘Why would I spend so much so my pet can be miserable?’ Well, think of it this way; how many times have you been embarrassed at Gourmet Club Bowls when your pet wouldn’t even get up to hit the ball? Now you have an excuse for your pet’s sadness, and an impressively expensive one at that! Warning; if your pet stops eating, repaint them immediately or they may become so depressed they run away.

Mostly D: Yo ho yo ho a pirate’s life for me! Or, rather, your pet. Your pet seems to have a longing for salty sea air, scurvy shipmates and Dubloons! So buy them a Pirate Paint Brush and let them soar through the ranks from Kitchen Chef to First Class Captain! This paint brush needs to be used with caution, however. If your pet becomes too obsessed with treasure, they might turn into a bad pirate. Make sure your pet’s intentions are 100% righteous before buying this paint brush.

Well, it’s been all too enjoyable, but now I must be off. I have an appointment at the Grooming Parlour that I really can’t afford (not literally, of course!) to miss! I hope this has been an enlightening experience for you, and now hopefully you’ll dig out the Neopoints to have your pet painted their dream color! Until I return, stay fancy, Neopia!

Author’s Note: I do not in any way claim to be one of the richest Neopians. This quiz is just a fun way to see what expensive paint brush color matches your pet’s personality! And remember: all pets are wonderful, painted or not!

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