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Don't Get Pied - A Carnival of Terror Guide

by nbajd2525


Welcome, fellow Neopians! My guide will not only show you how to make an easy 3,000 neopoints a day, but it just might help you get that comical looking, clown themed trophy for your look-up! This is by far one of the most enjoyable games featured on the site. Where else do you get to blow up Dr. Frank Sloth's evil little experiments and get a good laugh out of it in the process? I know they look cute with that happy-go-lucky smile. But don't be fooled; it's just a clever disguise. ;)

The Basics: First of all, if you're new to the game, I would suggest that you play on full screen mode until you develop a feel for what's going on. Once you master the game I encourage you to play with a smaller screen, as getting the cursor to the desired destination is a lot quicker. Also, if you're not playing on full screen mode I would recommend dragging the game window to the top, left corner of your computer screen. In doing so this prevents you from accidentally clicking anything on your desktop later in the game when your accuracy begins to become a little shaky. I've double clicked the recycle bin more than a few times which can ruin an awesome game. Now before I get into the advanced tips and strategies, I'm going to help you with the technique of survival. Without it points are obsolete. Right?

Ammo: This is one of the key elements of the game. Once you run out of ammo it's game over. So make sure you collect every ammo crate that falls from the sky. Even if you don't seem to need it at the time, grab it anyway; doing so will make the next power-up appear faster which can be helpful in any stage of the game.

Life: Maintaining life is probably one of the most challenging parts of the game as your reflexes will be tested. Every time a clown throws a pie at you, make sure you shoot it down, as each time you're hit it will decrease your health bar slightly. To replenish life, make sure you collect all the first aid kits that drop from the sky in the same manner as the ammo. Even if your health bar is full an imaginary life will be added, even though you can't see it. Also if you observe closely you'll notice that only clowns waaaay in the back throw pies. So don't worry about one stuffing a pie right in your face. ;)

Time: Wow, in addition to keeping a keen eye on those pie throwing robots, you have to make sure you don't run out of time! This is why I suggest to make sure you have your speakers turned on. A beeping noise will remind you that you don't have much time left. To keep your timer as full as possible just like the other power-ups, make it a priority to collect the clock shaped objects that fall from the sky. They will reduce your timer by a sweet 50%. Where does all this stuff come from anyway? Haha. But that's not it! When time is about to expire, type in "custard" on your keyboard. Although you can only use this code once per game it completely resets your timer! Not bad, eh?

Scoring Points: Below is a list of point values which will help you decide what you want to aim for to accumulate points faster. Continue reading for priceless information on how to use these point values to your advantage.

Legs - 1 point

Skeleton - 1 point

Head - 2 points

Umbrella - 3 points

Arm - 4 points

Toxic Pie - 5 points

Strategies/Shooting Technique: There are many things you need to take into consideration when deciding which strategy works best for you. So I'll list the facts and let you decide what's best.

Strategy #1: This one is quite simple. See that yellow band around the midsection of the clown? One shot there and the clown is gone for good. Though using this method will only earn you 1 point per clown, it's handy for quick disposal.

Strategy #2: This strategy is just as easy if not easier than the first one! All you have to do is double click the clown's head and it will earn you 3 points per clown! Seems much better, right? But keep in mind now you're using double the ammo on each clown. Any time you're low on ammo, I suggest you use the first strategy for a while until you build your supply back up to a safe amount.

Strategy #3: Ahhh, this one is my favorite and can take some practice. First thing you want to do is shoot the clown's arm for an easy 4 points. Then proceed to the first strategy by finishing him off with a waist shot. That's 5 points for one clown! Compared to the second strategy, you're using the same amount of ammo and gaining an extra 2 points per clown, which in the long run is almost double your score! The only catch is it's a bit more difficult since you're not simply double clicking the same place. That's where the saying "practice makes perfect" comes in. =)

Strategy #4: This is the final strategy in which you try to pick off every single body part before completely destroying what is now a confused, defenceless clown. If executed properly you can scavenge up to 11 points from a single kill! But since it takes so much firepower I wouldn't advise doing this unless your ammo is completely full. And as a random tip, when a clown is falling from the sky, aim at his legs for a one shot kill.

As the game wears on, it's very important to adapt to your priorities properly. Example: If your ammo is low you want to make sure you're only concentrating on shooting pies down while you wait for the next ammo crate to appear. Same rule applies with low health; if you're shooting clowns all over the place and not concentrating on the centermost part of the game where pies are thrown, you're going to lose the remainder of your health. Remember, points are your LAST priority; if you can't survive long you're not going to score very high. Mastering the game takes practice and patience, so keep at it and don't give up! The more you play, the more your endurance will increase. Before long you'll have a single game lasting 20 minutes or longer!

Rumour has it! Have you seen the roller coaster that seems to randomly zip past in the background? I heard that you can rack up a hefty 5 points each time you hit it. Though I will totally leave it up to you to determine if this claim is legitimate or not. ;) I personally get way too much enjoyment out of shooting a clown's parachute. Wouldn't you think there would be some damage upon impact? I think The Neopets Team should program the game to make a random body part pop off when they land hard. That way you'd be earning some points and getting a good laugh as well. =D

Now that your extensive knowledge of this game surpasses the average Neopian by far, I have no doubt you'll be able to save Neopia from Dr. Sloth's vicious little minions. What could possibly be better than saving Neopia and receiving a shiny trophy for doing so?

You have reached the end of my guide. So don't waste time, go play the game!

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