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Seiged's Guide to Being a Pirate

by zeonion


KRAWK ISLAND - So, you want to be a pirate, do you? You want to be the scourge of the seas? Do you think you have what it takes? Can you plunder day and night? I'm Seiged; a rather experienced pirate myself, and I am here to help you on your quest to become a pirate.

To ensure that you become the best pirate that you can be I will guide you through a series of steps. Not everyone can be a pirate. It takes strength, determination and strong will, and an eye patch! Some of you will make it through to become successful pirates. Others... well... won't. I will take you through, step by step and show you how to be the best pirate you can be.

Step 1-The Lingo

Pirates have a very complex system of speaking. We do not use words that common Neopians use. Below I have compiled a list of some rather commonly used pirate words. These are a must in everyday conversation.

Booty-No, no. Not your booty. It's actually something that you seek, whether it be treasure or anything else your heart desires.

Buccaneer-Another name for a pirate

Mutiny-To rise against authority; especially the captain

Jolly Roger-A black flag bearing drawn white bones; indicates pirates

Arr!-An exclamation

Yarr!-An exclamation

Avast-Meaning stop, or desist

Aye-A pirate's way of saying "yes"

Cutlass-A long, short and heavy sword with a curved blade; used regularly by pirates

Dubloon-Gold coin

Landlubber-A person unfamiliar with a ship or the sea

Plunder-To rob

Scallywag-A villainous person

Shiver me timbers!-An expression of surprise or strong emotion

Step 2-The Apparel

If anything at all defines a pirate, it's his apparel. And one of the most important things you need if you're a pirate is an eye-patch. You can't be a pirate without an eye-patch. Even if you have both of your eyes you still need one. Some pirates have peg-legs. Don't stare at them! They may be distracting, but it offends the person with the peg-leg. Hats! They provide shade from the sun and are amazingly stylish! Some even have big fluffy plumes made out of feathers! Another must-have item for pirates are vests. They are outstandingly comfortable and provide excellent ventilation! The last thing is an optional piece of clothing. And that's a bandanna. Some say that you aren't a pirate without one!

Step 3-Weapons

Every pirate needs a good sword. Without one you are just a Neopet dressed in a funny outfit. Swords come in a variety of sizes. Some are long and skinny while others are short and broad. It takes a lot of practice to wield a sword. You know Cap'n Threelegs, who runs the Swashbuckling Academy? Well he was playing with a sword when he wasn't experienced enough. Well. Now you know why they call him Cap'n Threelegs. Sword fighting is a very intricate and challenging way to battle someone. You have to be fast, but also know how to block and stand your ground. The best of pirates sometimes lose their battles because they are not very experienced sword fighters.

Step 4-Knowledge

To be a pirate you have to know a LOT. How to fend for yourself. How to fight in battle. And know how to work the ship. You learn all of this with time, but there are some basic parts of the ship that you need to know. The poop deck is the highest deck on the ship. It doesn't have poop on it at all. Honestly. The mast is a wheel usually located at the front of a ship and is used to steer. The bow is the front of the ship and the stern is the back. The mast is where the sails are located. The sails sometimes have to be lowered or raised depending on the weather conditions.

I am confident that after reading this guide you will have no problem becoming a pirate. It may sound like a lot... because it is. It isn't going to be a walk in the park and becoming a pirate is very challenging. Now being a pirate isn't all serious like I've been saying. We have a lot of fun. When we aren't at sea, we live at Krawk Island!!

Krawk Island is Neopia's home for pirates! Most if not all pirates live there when they aren't at sea. Though it is called Krawk Island... it looks more like a Kacheek than a Krawk! There is so much to do on Krawk Island! There are EIGHT games to play on Krawk Island! There is Bilge Dice, Deckball, Dubloon Disaster, Krawps, Deckswabber, Armada (my favorite), Food Club, and last but certainly not least, BURIED TREASURE! Buried Treasure is one of the most popular things on Krawk Island! Once every three hours you can have a chance at winning the Buried Treasure Jackpot which sometimes is up in the millions! The Golden Dubloon is a very exclusive restaurant which has the best foods that Krawk Island has to offer! Krawk Island also has a petpet shop! It's called Little Nippers and you can buy petpets there, but only with dubloons! There is a very mysterious and secretive place called Smuggler's Cove. They stock extremely rare and valuable items, but not very often. You can't visit there too often or they will kick you out! Our last stop here in Krawk Island will be the Academy. Your pet can be trained at the Academy by none other than Cap'n Threelegs. He is an excellent teacher and even lets your pets train for free on their days!

If you don't want to go through all of the hassle of finding the right clothes to make yourself look like a pirate, an easy alternative is to buy a Pirate Paint Brush. Once you have one you just swipe it over yourself and WHAMMO you are decked out (hah DECKED out) in pirate attire! You can also get a Pirate Petpet Paint Brush so you and your petpet can be scurvy sea dogs together!

Captain Scarblade is an idol for us pirates! He led the fight against Maraqua and if it weren't for those two traitors, Jacques and Garin he would have succeeded in his plot to destroy Maraqua. Every pirate wishes to be as great as he is someday!

There are several pirate weapons that you can buy to help you in your quest to become a pirate! Even the Hidden Tower sells some. The rarest and most expensive is the Pirate Captain's Cutlass. It's a very cool weapon which I hope to have myself, some day!

Unfortunately this is the end of my guide. I hope that I have covered every aspect of being a pirate. I also hope that you, yourself will be a successful and dominating pirate like me someday.


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