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Telltale the Darigan Dancer: Part One

by cruzerchic123


She was a pretty and young Darigan Aisha that dear wanted nothing to do with Meridell. Forced by two things: her mother, and a Circlet.

      Many of a tale tell about the circlet; how it is encrusted by a special hypnotic power, how it burns fiercely in the hands of the holder, or in this case the head...but why?

      And this Aisha? She is a very famous dancer. Many of the curious told that she was a good person (from Meridell or Darigan), other of the very respected rarity spoke of she was an evil Darigan citizen...she'd be evil, all right, but just listen, listen when they telltale the Darigan Dancer...

* * * * * * * *

     Chantel gripped her tambourine tightly as her mother Morguss entered the room. She grimaced under the cold icy stare of the powerful yet fool of a Moehog. "Hello, mother," she growled. Her mother was very despicable, and tortured her ruthlessly.

      "I thought I told you not to dance before spells!" Morguss yelled. She pointed a hoof at the young Darigan Aisha, her daughter. Same as the young Aisha's mind: her daughter was a clumsy fool, and was so kind to anybody! "Without magic, you'd die quickly in battle!"

      "You wanna send ME in Battle?!" Chantel breathed angrily, exhausted. She glared at the looming figure over the door. "Kass!" she spat.

      "It's Lord Kass to you! Enough with the foolishness, Chantel," he snarled. "Either we use you as a Punchbag, or we put you IN FRONT LINE."

      Chantel winced at the sharp tone of Kass' voice. "I refuse to know you as my new Lord," she said. "Our TRUE Lord does not engage in faulty warfare without a good reason. You lied."

      Lord Kass stared at the Aisha with astonished eyes. "Lied? Hoho, Chantel, you feeble fool, I am not just attacking Meridell! Remember? They could plan of taking advantage of us! And they once stole the Orb from us."

      Chantel was an improvement to the other Darigan Aishas. If you saw her you'd think she'd have a more fancier name, probably one with an "A" at the end. Her copper-orange hair was in straight locks, all the way to her shoulders where they slightly curved outside. Her eyes were red and green, her lips not so huge. Her ears had notches in them; the right ear had two clipped earrings; and her earstalk ears were black and pointed. For years her spikes growing from Darigan Aishas backs and claws had been hidden in her fur, and even if you were to shave her bald, you'd only see the smallest (and not that sharpest) of claws and spikes. A silver chain with a hammered gold "D" hung from her neck. Indeed even a Meridellian would say she was fair enough.

      Chantel muttered darkly under her breath as Kass and Morguss left. "Advantage of us? I'll bet anyone that Meridell be happy with what they have. Advantage of us, ha! What would that wonderful kind country want with us?"

      She dropped the tambourine and grabbed a crossbow and arrow, looked out upon Meridell, pulled back, and still today every Meridellian playing Ultimate Bullseye wondered what hit the bullseye.

      * * * * * * * *

     The next day when every soldier, spearer, archer or even mage was preparing for battle, Chantel was in her room, combining dancing with spells.

      The world slipped away as she stepped here, then back, and then twirled, swaying her arms. She hopped once, twirled again, and stepped lightly. Then she waved her arms; beautiful Spell Faeries appeared and twirled around her. Chantel laughed joyfully, and stumbled just as the magic was broken as the Faeries turned gray and vanished.

      "You didn't have to spoil it," she grumbled, turning around to find Morguss.

      "Oh, but I had to, dearest," she smiled. "I was watching how well you danced. Perhaps you may be of some use right now."

      Chantel let her tense shoulders rest. She cocked an eyebrow. "And just who am I dancing for?" she said.

      Her mother suddenly shoved in her paws a variety of beautiful garments and dresses. Each had many varieties like a red vest or a long maroon skirt, or a white blouse with puffed sleeves, with green elastic. Illusen's comb rested on the pile of wonderful outfits, and even a bottle of perfume. Chantel flipped open a small box and stared at the variety of beautiful earrings.

      "Now dress," Morguss ordered, before shutting the door behind her. She grinned at Lord Kass. "Well, have you considered my plan?" she whispered.

      "You're White Weewoo, Morguss," Kass hissed. "It'll never work. How is that scumbag supposed to fall for your brat? The dresses are beautiful, but let me assure you that those Meridellians," -he spat the word as though he ate dirt- "think we're completely ugly."

      Morguss was chuckling. Then she was laughing. She walked down the aisle, beckoning Lord Kass to follow. "You know," Morguss smiled malevolently, "Lords like you don't think about ingenious plans regarding those of a Spellcaster's." She lowered her voice. "I am yet an amateur mage, but do you actually think I'd let Chantel go through the doors of Skarl's castle without a quick spell?"

      Lord Kass seethed, then his eyes let up. "Of course!" he laughed. "Heh, nice plan you've got up your sleeves, Morguss, but how you going to do that? Even with a sweet sense of vanity, Chantel's never gonna dance for that fatso!"

      Morguss smiled. She turned to her table of potions, hexes and scrolls and gingerly lifted up a white cloth. Something seemed to be inside the cloth as Morguss clutched the object so suddenly, her eyes filled with greed. "Take it!" she hoarsely gasped.

      Now Lord Kass was afraid. He quickly snatched the object and felt as though he was the most of all-powerful. It was like when he retrieved the Orb from Meridell...

      His eyes widened. "Th, this is, I mean, wh, how, where, I meant to say-?" he stammered, then snarled. "How did you get this?"

      He unfolded the cloth and slipped in his hand the beautiful fragment of gold, its entrancing patterns hypnotizing him. He stared as it levitated slightly and began spinning in his hand. Yes...he didn't need the pathetic Three for THIS powerful trinket...

      Morguss quickly snatched it back. "Don't," she ordered. "That's exactly what Chantel will feel, the opposite of what she is. From a kind little spirit to the youngster I wished for. And that means she would refer to you as Lord Kass from now on until she possesses it."

      Now Morguss, who was an expert at shapeshifting objects, muttered a small incantation, and instantly the pretty piece wove into a circle, a gaping hole in the middle. "A circlet, my Lord," she cackled, lifting the circle. "We'll place this wonderful object on her head so her instincts would be to hypnotize Skarl and those other Meridellian fools!"

      "What if she tries to remove it?" Kass questioned.

      "The Orb attracts all," Morguss responded. "She wouldn't have the sainted soul to even lift the thing off her head!"

      "Oh, look," she said, and pointed out the window. Lord Kass watched as a Blue Zafara came running back to the Citadel. "Maybe you should tell her about the plan."

      "Of course, Morguss," the Eyrie smirked. "You are dismissed."

      * * * * * * * *

     Chantel stared at herself in the mirror. If only the dress was purple, she thought grimly. "The Meridell care so much about red it's crazy."

      Chantel wore a silk undergarment with a red vest and a flowing crimson skirt. She had tried best to comb her hair into. She also wore two red wristbands and instead of the two golden studs on her right ears two sparkling gold loops were clipped to her ear.

      Morguss reappeared, holding a wonderful piece of gold. "Chantel, I want you to wear this," she said, a certain twinkle in her eyes.

      Chantel stared at the circlet, her eyes never leaving its beauty. She felt powerful waves of energy wafting over to her as she gently picked the circlet up. She placed the piece over her head. The power stopped.

      Morguss's eyes widened and an creepy evil look spread upon her face. "Now!" she boomed. Chantel screamed as a burst of light emerged from the circlet. She gripped her head and doubled over, feeling as though a hurt Water Faerie was shrieking in her ears. She gasped for breath and collapsed to the floor. Morguss was laughing maniacally as she thrust a mirror into the Aisha's face. Chantel nearly choked.

      Her face was that of a gypsy's, a soft brown and breathtaking look. Dark brown eyeshadow and hypnotic yellow and green eyes, instead of the red and green eyes. Her hair was now a shiny fiery amber with curly locks of hair. Her lips were more visible and a full red. Her ears and earstalks weren't torn, they became a soft triangular shape. Chantel never really had spikes on her back or sharp claws that she kept hidden forever, but the fur was much more softer.

      "I thought I was beautiful enough. Even the Meridellians would say I'd be the prettiest Darigan pet in all of here." Then it dawned upon her. No wonder mother Morguss asked me to wear a RED DRESS, she joked, but the joke was serious. "I'm not going to Meridell!" she spat.

      "Of course you're not," Morguss replied. "You're not just going to Meridell, you're going to Meridell to dance for King Skarl and those other insects!"

      Chantel snorted. "Why would I want to waste time with them?" she questioned.

      "Didn't you hear what I said?" a voice responded. Kass peeked behind Morguss. "Either a Punchbag, or in front line. Since you don't want to fight in the war, you can BE part in the war, a simple distraction."

      Chantel stared. "So that's it?" she said, blinking away tears. "I get to be part of a very big event, and all I am is the simple attraction just for them?" She stood up, and suddenly to Morguss and Kass' confusion they were walking backwards. "Despicable," she snarled angrily before slamming the door in their faces.

      Kass growled. "You have no choice!" he roared. "You'll have to, otherwise I'll make sure that you pay for what you've done, and hoho, is it going to HURT painfully, you brat!"

      "Even if you'll be walking backwards for the rest of your life?" Chantel's voice retorted mockingly.

      "Er, yes, even that!" Kass shouted. Morguss slapped a hoof to her forehead as they were retracing their steps back (literally) in the main hall.


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