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The 3 Ps to Avatar Collecting

by cdnshedevil666


It was a day like any other. I was sitting in my avatar guild, chatting with members while trying for some avatars that are still on my need list. I submitted my daily 3 scores to Meepit Juice Break (the featured game of the day) and let everyone know it was my new goal to get that avatar. To my dismay, one of the members declared, "I'll never get that one," so I set forth writing this guide to avatar collecting.

There are three things every avatar collector needs in order to allow their collections to grow. And no, I'm not referring to neopoints or connections with influential people... yes, having those help, but in the end it's not them that gets avatars. What I'm talking about are the 3 Ps. What's that? You've no clue what I'm talking about? Well, you wouldn't, seeing as I made them up prior to writing this article.

So, what exactly are the 3 Ps? Well, the 3 Ps will allow you to gain ANY avatar on your need list... and I bet you're dying to know what they are; if so, continue reading then.

The 3 Ps are: Patience, Persistence, and Practice. Read below for a little bit of information on each one and how they pertain to the avatar collectors' world.

1. Patience:

This one may not be as obvious as it would seem upon first reading. For game avatars, one would need patience because you will very seldom be very good at every game there is an avatar for on the first try; this can be said too of the Battledome avatars out there that require you to fight and win (and in some cases lose), in the Battledome. You will need patience to train your pets to a high enough level so you can beat your opponents.

One would need patience in order to find avatar items to borrow or buy. As well as those blasted random events ones (you know, the ones where you have to wait day in and day out, and there’s nothing really you can do about it... but hope that today is your day to receive it?)... They are the worst in my opinion. But, the most you can do is not write them off as ones you'll never get, but instead write them off as ones you didn't get today. Be patient.

2. Persistence:

Persistence is another one (like the first P: Patience) that applies to all avatars out there. Persistence is a must for avatar collectors in Neopia. Like I said about patience, you probably will not be amazing at every game there is an avatar for... therefore you must be persistent and keep on trying for it. Keep on trying for that Space faerie avatar in the Battledome... Keep on pulling that lever (even though you really shouldn't be), and keep on visiting the Island Mystic (even if a flock of cloud Wockies eats your socks at the Wishing Well).

So you offered on a Mootix in the trading post... but the other person accepted another offer? Go find another Mootix in trades, instead of giving up and spending your Neopoints at the Hotdog stand. Submit your score already three times today and no game avatar? There's always tomorrow.

Don't give up on the avatars just because they didn't come to you right away. Be Persistent.

3. Practice:

Unlike the first two, practice only directly relates to two types of avatars in Neopia: Game, and Battledome, and these are the two most obvious types they apply to (which doesn't mean they don't apply to the other kinds of avatars... but we'll get to that later on). You will need a few tries (at least) to come up with a good strategy and weapon set to beat a Battledome opponent, and for ones like the Space Faerie... it will not be easy. Just a little slide note here: A good battle pet and weapons set are hard to come by. It will take a lot of neopoints (be it lab ray, faerie quests, or training schools) to get some good stats. With that said, some other things one could practice at are restocking (finding low priced things in shops, buying them, then reselling them for their true value) and games. Both of these ideas will help you achieve some good Battledome weapons and stats for when you are trying for the avatars associated with the Battledome. You can also use these neopoints for buying avatar items.

Games are another thing that will take practice to achieve an avatar. There are three types of game avatars: ones where you need a certain score, ones where you need to be in the top 50 on the scoreboard, and the "other" category (where there is a specific thing within the game you have to do: like the Neoquest 2 avatars). For all three types of game avatars, you will need to practice, to get where you need to in that game, in order to receive the avatar. It's not going to happen with a snap of the fingers. Even people who might have most of the game avatars... didn't get that way overnight. They practiced at the games until they were good at them and achieved the avatars.

So, if you can't get that Meepit Juice Break avatar score yet, or if the Space Faerie keeps kicking your butt in the Battledome... don't get frustrated. Perfection comes from practicing. You won't get anywhere on the first attempt. You'll get it so long as you practice for it.

Like pieces of a puzzle, the 3 Ps fit nicely together. Yes, the 3 Ps aren't the only things you need to find secret avatars. You'll need neopoints in some cases. Or maybe luck. But if you really think about it, patience, persistence, and practice are what it's all about. All good things come to those who wait. And if you follow the 3 Ps, you are ensuring yourself a joyful (and sane) journey to achieving the avatars you are drooling after.

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