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Petpets of Geraptiku

by duster119


MYSTERY ISLAND - Geraptiku. Some call it a haunted city, a place of ghosts and evils abounding. But some say that it’s an archaeological dream come true, packed to the brim with ancient artifacts and links to our Neopian past. But others still believe in the lost treasures that the ancients left behind for us to find, so we could grow rich...

As for me? Well, I call the Lost City of Geraptiku Petpet Paradise.

So you’re probably saying this: Well, if there are riches galore in this city, why in Fyora’s name would you care about Petpets, Duster? Well, folks, since few are brave enough to head into the dark and rotting streets, few know of Geraptiku’s richness in wildlife. Many species can only be found within the city’s perimeter.

And as a budding Neopian naturalist and striving Neopian Times writer, I want to bring Geraptiku’s Petpet wonders to the planet’s attention. I want them to know about the affordable (Well, MOST of them are affordable) and adorable choices you can make if you choose Geraptiku!

And oh, don’t fear the old jar in the shop, either – it merely means less haggling for both the shopkeeper and you. And if you’re not brave enough to venture into the city itself, plenty of Neopians are selling the little guys in their shops. There are so many choices, though, that you may be overwhelmed. But fear not, you’ll be rescued in a second.

Here are a few of my favourite specimens:


The Mimbi is one Geraptiku’s cutest inhabitants. Yet another example of an exotic breed, the Mimbi is a shy and secretive creature, as well as adorable. They make good pets for most older Neopets, particularly girls. Once they get used to the world around them, however, they will be a cheerful and playful creature to keep you company. Mimbi cost around 30,000 Neopoints in the Marketplace, because of recent high demands.

A Mimbi rarely requires a lot of space to keep, but they don’t usually take to cages. Mimbi don’t require a lot of exercise, but the occasional romp in the backyard will keep them fit and trim.

In their natural habitat, Mimbi browse on leaves and flower blossoms. In your Neohome, however, where that stuff is in short supply, I’ve discovered that you can easily substitute inexpensive Trifle Mix, with the occasional apple slice or lemon wedge.


The Quetzal is the Petpet equivalent of Geraptiku’s local monster. Did I say monster? I mean local, uh, snake. Anyway, these critters are commonly seen in and around Geraptiku, and as a result, inexpensive at roughly 10,000 Neopoints. Not holding the adorability traits of the Mimbi (see above), they are not as in as high demand as their warm-blooded counterparts. They are sly pranksters who enjoy frightening unsuspecting Neopians.

I would recommend a cage for your Quetzal, as they don’t need a lot of space. They also take to leaving tiny piles of dung on the living room carpet, so the cage approach seems to be pretty smart.

Quetzals are purely carnivorous, and believe me, they’ll eat ANYTHING that moves. They feed chiefly on the Vacana (see below) in the wild, but they’ll be content with two square meals of Beef Rouladen (another cheap supplement) as long as they’re living with you.


The Vacana is an elusive and rare inhabitant of the Lost City. It is also one of the most expensive, prices peaking at around 300,000 Neopoints. Their rarity has been traced to the Quetzal, one of their many predators, who often chooses them as its main food source.

Vacanas have terrible vision, and rely on their sensitive hearing to get around. So a quiet neighborhood and a large outdoor pen will suffice if you decide on this little guy for your companion.

A Vacana is a picky eater, so only serve it the choicest chunks of iceberg lettuce and Juppie Cheese wedges. I have no idea where they got that taste, but if they want it, you’d better skedaddle out of there and prepare it for them. I’m starting to believe that this is the reason that few people ever buy one of them.


The quiet Fleeper is a commonly found creature in Geraptiku; entirely placid and peace loving, these birds are often used in the illegal Petpet trade, though they don’t fetch much money, as they most sit on their owner’s shoulders and placidly watch paint dry on your wall. In Geraptiku, they can often be bought for roughly 10,000 Neopoints.

Fleepers can easily be trained to shout simple phrases, such as, “Fleeper wanna cracker!” or, “Brush your hair, you bad girl!” Unfortunately, that pretty much all you can make them do. They will be content living out their lives on a perch hanging from the ceiling, usually eating their way through Cherrywood Wishsticks. They’re not picky eaters, those Fleepers.


The Crocalu is one of the very smallest Geraptiku inhabitants. But don’t be fooled by these tiny reptiles – they can deliver quite a painful bite if not given proper handling. And don’t think that they’re going to admit it, either.

The Crocalu needs a large pond in a lush atmosphere to survive, so the Lost Desert and Terror Mountain aren’t recommended places to raise one. As for their meals, they will eat Mimbi or Vacana in the wild. In your home, feed them large burgers and slices of various lunch meats. They won’t eat cheese.

The Crocalu is a big part of the illegal Petpet trade, so please make sure you buy a specimen that has been bred in captivity, NOT in the wild. Remember, if you intend to adopt a Crocalu, please keep it with you as long as you can, and please don’t release it into the sewers, no matter how good your intentions are.


The Blugar is a beautiful and elusive Petpet, never seen outside of its ancient city. It is so rare in shops that the cost of adopting one is almost out of Neopia’s range. However, the few that are on the legal market are available to you, if you consider buying one.

The Blugar is a creature that requires lots of space, so never cage it. It enjoys climbing up onto curtains and tearing your bedsheets to shreds. Like Quetzals, they will eat any moving object, so their diet should consist of meats, respectively. Blugars will also eat Meepits if they catch them, though this is rare.

Please remember that all Blugars available are exclusively wild, so please take your time (and patience) to train them well. They become attached to one or two people, and don’t take well to strangers.

Well, I hope that this guide to some of Geraptiku’s inhabitants will help you in your quest to find the perfect Petpet for your family! I didn’t show them all, of course, but maybe these few that you have learned about will help you with your buying. Happy hunting, everybody!

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