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My Vacation: Part Three

by jeanaet


Now, I'm not one to brag - but I am telling the truth when I say I am the prettiest blue Xweetok! I have the longest blue mane, the softest blue fur, and the most beautiful blue eyes! Now, I know I sound really vain - but it is the truth, and you can't argue with the truth. But there's a problem. I may be otherwise perfect, but I'm not waterproof, Eyrie-proof, non-gravity-proof, Grundo-proof, or Mystic-proof. Nope. That is why when my owner, Jeanie, decided it was time for a vacation, my world turned upside down!

Once again, Readers, we return to the story of my vacation as I traveled all around Neopia with my crazy owner and hyper petpet. To catch everyone up, I last told you about my time spent in Terror Mountain. Thankfully, it wasn't that long of a flight to Tyrannia.

     The Eyrie I rode to Tyrannia was much smoother and more experienced than the annoying show-off that had flown me into a pile of junk. He smoothly let me down right outside of the Neolodge and carried my luggage into it. Haelee, who had caught a cold in Terror Mountain, curled up in the blankets on my bed and fell asleep instantly.

     The moment I had unpacked my plushies, Jeanie dragged me out the door to meet some natives that kept speaking gibberish. "We're here to play Tyranu Evavu," Jeanie announced. They started jumping around in excitement and began to chant.

     "Ty-ran-u E-vav-u! Tyranu Evavu!" They stomped circles around us until a Tyrannian Usul interrupted with a pack of cards. Almost reverently, the others backed off. The Usul dealt two cards and turned one over. "Tyranu? Evavu?" she questioned. I looked at Jeanie who looked positively thrilled as she studied the cards.

     "Mm... Tyranu?" she said. The Usul looked at her friends and turned over the card. They all roared in excitement. It was indeed, higher. Again the Usul dealt two cards and turned one over.

     "Tyranu? Evavu?" the Usul asked.

     "Tyranu," I said, certainly. The Usul turned it over and again the others roared. She nodded and again put out two cards. Jeanie continued the game for about eight turns before she lost. I watched her play again and again, sometimes with the Usul and sometimes with the Blumaroo. Each time the crowd around us roared in excitement. When it was getting toward sunset I dragged the obsessed Jeanie away.

     "Time for bed," I said. She fell asleep before we even got to the room and I dumped her in her bed. I then curled up beside Haelee and fell asleep.

     The next day we woke bright and early and ran to the ticket booth to buy tickets to see the show. Jazzmosis was playing, a band I didn't mind watching over and over and over and over and over... and over again. Jeanie paid and we pocketed the tickets.

     We went and got some omelette for breakfast and went to the Wheel of Monotony. A large ugly green guy grunted at us. "You spin?" he asked. We shrugged and agreed. And then we waited. And waited. And waited. And then waited a little bit longer.

     "Will it ever end?" I burst out. I turned to see Jeanie reading a dictionary.

     "Monotonous: a. lacking in variety, wearisome through sameness; monotony n.," she read.

     "You couldn't have read that before we paid a hundred Neopoints?" I asked. She shrugged.

     By the time the wheel finally finished and we had been awarded a few Neopoints, we barely made it to see Jazzmosis. "WHOOOO!!!" I screamed with the crowd as the band rumbled on and on. After it was over, I was utterly exhausted from watching them and the wheel. We returned to the Neolodge and collapsed.

     "Tyrannia sure is speeding by fast," Jeanie said, slightly concerned. "We're already leaving the day after tomorrow!" We entered our room and curled up in bed. She might have said something about some cave but I was already dead asleep.

     The next day we went back to the Plateau. Jeanie lead me up to the curious cave at the top of the cliff.

     "What's this?" I asked. She shrugged. We entered.

     Inside we could only hear was the slow dripping of water. Jeanie's eyes sparkled.

     "Sounds interesting, want to investigate?" she asked.


     "Come on anyway," she said, grabbing my paw. So we went in deeper. We came into a small room where an old withered rope hung from a dark hole in the ceiling. My eyes filled with tears and I whimpered.

     "I'm scared," I admitted, trying to turn around.

     "Come on, I won't let anything hurt you," Jeanie said pulling me up the rope. I clutched her like a baby koala hanging onto its mother. We emerged in a small cavern where all we could see was a large dark whole surrounded by spikes that looked like teeth. Harsh hollow breathing came from within.

     "Can we leave now?" I moaned, brushing my fur nervously. Jeanie dragged me into the hole.

     "Ailemea, it is just a hoax. There is nothing in he- AGGGGHHHH!!!!" We screamed and screamed and screamed. Before us was a hideous pterodactyl, screeching and screaming back. Screaming, we ran all the way back to the Neolodge, the natives laughing at us.

     Back in the room I curled into Jeanie's arms. We breathed heavily. "I'm sorry I made you go through that," Jeanie whispered, her fingers brushing my fur.

     "His TEETH weren't even brushed, he was filthy!" I sobbed. Jeanie laughed quietly.

     "Well, I guess it is time for us to go to our next destination, hun. Start packing!" We slowly began packing our things, all the while Haelee laughing at us for our horror. I finally stuffed her into a kennel and left her there while we went to get boat tickets. "Not my fault you laughed at us," I teased her as we left the room.


     Our next destination happened to be Maraqua, and our means of transportation happened to be a boat. I buckled myself into as many lifejackets as I could and ran to the center of the boat. All of our luggage was piled onto one side, and I spent many strenuous minutes evening out the piles for each side. Jeanie and Haelee laughed at me, but I know we would have tipped if I had not done it.

     We sailed smoothly across the deep blue sea, and I watched all sorts of fish and Neopets pass beneath my feet (there was a glass square in the center of the boat). Jetsam and Flotsam stopped and winked at me before swimming away. Even some Nimmo and Quiggles swam underneath the boat. I was surprised to see the Cliffhanger Tuskaninny swim by the boat. When he saw me he screeched and dived under. I didn't blame him. Jumping off cliffs was probably very stressful.

     I was actually starting to prance around when an announcement nearly made me jump out of my skin. "Ladies and gentlemen, if you will look to your right you will see a school of wild Peophin making their way home." I turned immediately and ran to the side of the boat, ignoring the tipping feeling in my stomach. The Peophin smiled at me and did fancy flips in the air. One came near enough for me to feel the slick scales that covered her body.

     As I returned to the center of the boat, a second announcement chilled my bones.

     "Ladies and gentlemen, owners and Neopets, we are now anchored over the city of Maraqua! We will be diving in five minutes, so please prepare your scuba equipment." I gasped and ran to Jeanie.

     "You don't seriously expect me to actually be going DOWN there!" I said, clutching my fur as if it were already mussed and full of seaweed.

     "Don't be so dramatic," Jeanie said, stuffing me into a wetsuit. "It's not like you're going to die."

     "I just got my fur done!" I said indignantly.

     "Yeah, two weeks before we even came on this vacation," Jeanie said dryly, putting goggles over half of my face and packing a tube of oxygen on my back. "That would make it what... let's see, a week in space, a week in Terror Mountain, half a week in Tyrannia... wow. A whole month ago. This is usually when you get another one anyway, Ailemea."

     "Where am I going to get my fur cut down THERE?" I argued, grabbing onto one of the railings as Jeanie tried to force me overboard. She sighed.

     "All this trip you have cried, screamed, whimpered, and begged," Jeanie said, picking me up. "Well, now you are going to do something you won't like!" And with that she threw me into the water.

     Five seconds later a squealing Haelee dived in after me. I grabbed her and together we began to sink, seeing as I was never taught how to swim. Jeanie suddenly was beside me. She gestured at the glass container attached to her back and pointed at Haelee. I stuffed the cardboard petpet inside and shut the case. Amazingly, the water drained and Haelee stared curiously out at me. I stared right back, that is until Jeanie grabbed my paw and dragged me down.

     I tried to struggle, but that sort of helped Jeanie drag me down. So finally I just let her lead me along. Then I saw it. Maraqua. Surprisingly, it was quite beautiful! I stared around in awe and gaped at the Neolodge. It was completely airtight and looked like a submarine. Jeanie swam into it but I didn't follow immediately. Maraqua was so beautiful!

     With a sigh, I dived into the submarine.

To be continued...

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