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Mimi and Me

by feliscata


It was a bright, sunny morning. I, Tori, a small white Wocky, got out of bed and went to the kitchen, where the bustle of pots and pans told me that Cat was hard at work fixing breakfast.

      "Morning, Cat. What are you cooking?"

      "Only the best for my marvelous family," she began. "Eggs Benedict with raisins, oatmeal, and cherry tomatoes. For the next course, we have cream of wheat with sautéed onions and hash browns. And finally, for dessert, we have fresh fruit cups. Gourmet all the way."

      "Hah. You wish. Seriously, though, Cat, what are we having?"

      A smile played at her lips. "Omelette."

      "Smells delicious. But didn't you get the omelette from Tyrannia?"

      "Imported daily."

      "Well, then what are all the pots and pans for?"

      Cat looked around, and then asked, "Is Mel still asleep?"

      "Mel always sleeps late."

      "Good. You do remember that today is her birthday?"

      "Uh…" I had forgotten. "Oops."

      "Well, you'd better not let her know that," Cat replied. "Anyway, I'm planning a surprise party for her, and I'm baking the cake this morning. I was hoping to get it done before she woke up, so I wouldn't have to make excuses."

      "You won't have to worry about that," I reassured her. "She was sleeping like a log the last time I saw her."

      "Good. I'm going to the attic to find some streamers." Cat left the room, leaving me alone in the kitchen.

      Suddenly I heard a voice coming from the main room. "Morning, Cat. What's cooking?"

      It was Mel.

      I ran into the main room, anxious to keep the green Aisha out of the kitchen. "Happy Birthday!"

      "Hello, Tori. Where's Cat?"

      "Um, she went to… to…" I stammered, trying to think of something to say. "To the book shop! Yeah, and she told me to tell you go to, uh, the food shop! She wants you to get some, uh, eggs! Yep, that's what she wants you to do!"

      Mel looked at me strangely. "Okay, then, see you later."

      I breathed a sigh of relief as she walked out the door, and an even bigger one as Cat came back in, empty handed.

      "Tori, can I ask you to do a favor?" I nodded and she continued, "It seems I forgot that somebody - I think you know who I mean - used my streamers for the tail of a kite. That somebody, who will remain unnamed, Tori, left me without a streamer to my name. Could you run to the gift shop and see if they are in stock?"

      "Sure," I replied, ignoring her hints. It was not my fault that my kite would not fly without a tail.

      "Thanks," Cat replied with a grateful look. "By the way, I heard Mel. Where is she now? And did she see the cake mix?"

      "I told her that you went to the book shop, and that you wanted her to buy some eggs."

      "Very creative, I see. Well, go on. It won't be long before she realizes that I'm not at the book shop. And make sure to be back well before twelve! That's when the party is supposed to start. Try to find Sto and Z, as well. I think they are at the chocolate shop."

      I left Cat muttering something about an excellent waste of perfectly good streamers, and began walking down Main Street. It was unusually empty, with only a few people walking on it. Must be because it's so early, I told myself. Suddenly, I saw a flash of pastel blue. I looked closer, and I realized that it was a baby Aisha. She was crawling close to the ground, and every few paces, she would stop and look around. I went on like this for a few minutes as I watched her, go, stop, go, stop, and go.

      Finally, I decided that since none of the few pets on the street seemed to be paying attention to her, that I should try to help her, in case she was lost. I walked over and stood right in front of her. She was looking behind her, and accidentally bumped right into me.

      "Who are you?"

      She glared at me with a look of pure defiance. "My name is Mimi," she answered with a silky smooth hiss that I would hardly have expected from a baby. "And I answer to no one."

      "Well, then Mimi, if you answer to no one, then who are you hiding from?"

      "No one," she hissed again.

      "Surely someone is looking for you, though?"

      "I told you, I answer to no one!" Mimi spat.

      "Do you know where your family is?"

      "No! I don't care, either. They do not understand my wishes, and they will be my first slaves when I control Neopia."

      "Hold on. Slaves? Control Neopia? What are you talking about?" I was getting the image that this little Aisha was not entirely… sane, for the lack of a better word.

      "Yes, foolish mortal. When my plan is complete, I alone will be ruler of the entire Neopian universe."

      I laughed. "You certainly have a vivid imagination, Mimi. Come with me. I'll take you home, and Cat can help us find your family."

      "No, foolish mortal, I will absolutely not-" Her complaint was cut off as I scooped her up. Mimi began spitting fury. "Never! I will never set foot in the home of a mortal! Release me at once! Foolish Mortal! Know ye not that I will have full power? You will regret this! I promise you!"

      She kept going on like this until we were only one block from home. That is when I saw the last person I wanted to see… Mel.

      Unfortunately, Mel saw me, too. In her hand she held a carton of eggs. As she approached, she eyed the screaming bundle of fur that was wriggling in my arms. "Uh, Tori? Obviously, I'm not against Aishas, seeing that I am one, but, uh, who is this?"

      Trying hard to make myself heard above the racket of Mimi, I shouted, "I found her on the street. She says that her family has no idea of where she is, so I'm taking her back home. Cat will know what to do."

      "Oh. Well, I got the eggs Cat wanted! I'm going home now to-"

      "That reminds me! Cat wanted me to tell you that, uh, she needs you to find Z and Sto. She said that they went out to the, um, Chocolate factory! Yeah, that's where they went!" Might as well catch two petpets in one net.

      "Uh, okay…" Mel replied suspiciously. "I guess I'll be going now."



      Sighing with relief, I turned my attention to the other problem. "Now, what is the issue?"

      "Foolish mortal! Put me down this instant! I will tear you to pieces, I will…"

      I tuned her out and held her tighter. There was no telling what harm she could do if I let her loose again.

      When I finally reached home, I could smell a freshly baked cake. Cat waltzed out of the kitchen, with a smile on her face which turned to confusion when she saw the parcel in my paws. "Tori? Who is this?"

      I was about to answer when Mimi interrupted, "I am Mimi, your future leader! You had best well respect me more than this foolish mortal has!"

      When Mimi had finished speaking and gone back to screeching, I answered, "I found her on the street. Her family was not with her, so I thought you would know what to do. And also, apparently my new nickname is 'foolish mortal'."

      Cat raised an eyebrow. "Well… yes, she certainly seems fond of calling you that. I'll get the playpen."

      After Cat finally came back with the playpen, I was so worn out that I gladly plopped Chief Executive Thorn-in-my-side into the playpen, still throwing a tantrum, of course, and sat down on the couch.

      "I see that you didn't get the streamers like I asked you," Cat began. "I will go get them, and I will also post a message on the notice board. If Mimi's family is anywhere in Neopia, they will know about her. You will stay with her while I'm gone."

      I was too exhausted to argue. As Cat left, I stood up and walked by the playpen.

      "I will give you one more chance, foolish mortal," Mimi hissed. "Release me from this prison, and I will conveniently forget the way you have brutally treated me."

      "Not on your life."

      "Then you will be my first slave!"

      Mimi was silent now, staring steadily at me with icy narrowed eyes. When I moved, her glare moved with me. "Can I get you anything?"

      "Only world domination," she replied loudly. "Or at least a new ray gun."

      I ignored her and got an Achyfi out of the refrigerator. Then I curled up on the couch with my book and forgot all about the baby Aisha whose eyes were still glaring at me.

      * * *

      I blinked my eyes slowly. Everything was so blurry… why was I lying on the couch? And why was there a playpen in the middle of the room? I glanced at the clock on the wall. It was half past eleven. That's when I remembered Mimi.

      "Mimi, are you doing all right?" I asked, my thoughts still a bit blurred. "Mimi?"

      She wasn't answering me. I sat bolt upright. Looking into the playpen, my stomach clenched as I realized that she was not there.

      "Mimi! Where are you?" I looked frantically around the room. Not seeing her, I checked the door.

      It was open.

      "Mimi!" I screamed. My worst fears for the moment were coming true. Mimi had escaped! She could hurt herself, or even someone else! What if…

      My thoughts were interrupted by a loud clang. I ran to the source of the noise, the kitchen. I was both relieved and angered by what I saw there.

      "Mimi!" I yowled. "What are you doing?"

      The little Aisha was sitting on the counter, along with cake crumbs and icing. She licked her lips before answering, "I was about to escape, when I realized that you had baked me a cake in attempt to regain my favor. It was a tasty little morsel, but I'm still hungry. Not to mention that you will have to do better than that to regain favor in my sight. Now, if you will excuse me, I am late for a consultation with the Meepits."

      Until now, I had refrained from venting my frustration, but Mimi had pushed me to the limit. I silently wished that she would be taken out of my hands forever. "Now, see here-"

      Suddenly, I saw a note on the table. I picked it up and read it.


      I've gone to find a gift for Mel. Do me a favor and hang up the streamers? Thanks.


     "Great," I groaned, remembering that I hadn't found Mel a present. I would not have time now between hanging the streamers, baking another cake, and watching Mimi.

      "Cat? Are you home? Mel said you wanted us."

      I ran out into the main room and was relieved to see that Sto and Z were home. It was Z, the Darigan Moehog, who had spoken. Immediately, I began issuing instructions. "Z, can you hang the streamers please?"

      "Uh, sure, I guess," she answered.

      "And Sto, can you cook?"

      "Well, no, you see…" the white Gelert stammered.

      "Terrific. I need you to bake something. A cake, cookies, anything, just make sure it's done by the time Mel gets home."

      "But I-"

      "Got to go. I will be back in a minute."

      I scooped up Mimi, with a lot of effort, and raced out the door. As I walked down the street, the first store I came to was Plushie Palace. In the display was a cute Rainbow Aisha plushie.

      "Oh, she'll love that." I whispered to myself. I set Mimi down to go inside, and said, "Now Mimi, I want you to stay put while I go into the store. I'll only be a minute."

      She growled in defiance but said nothing.

      A moment later I walked out of the store, empty handed because the shop owner said that the plushie had already been sold, and noticed that once again, Mimi had ignored me and run off. "Mimi?" I called. She didn't answer, so I looked around. She was nowhere to be found.

      Frantic, I searched up and down the streets. I still could not find her.



     Just when I thought that my wish had come true, and that she had been taken out of my hands forever, I saw the same flash of pastel blue that had brought me to her side this morning. "Mimi!" I shouted as I caught up with her, right next to the Kadoatery. "I have been looking all over for you! Where have you been?"

      "I told you," she hissed. "I must meet with the Meepits. They will be anxious if I do not show up."

      "You are going nowhere until your family comes and finds you, young lady," I replied, scooping up the reluctant ball of fur and turning for home.

      It wasn't until I got home that my real problems started. First of all, I realized that I still had no present for Mel. Oh well, I thought as I put Mimi into her playpen, screeching about my being a foolish mortal, of course. Then I looked up, and noticed the streamers.

      "They're shredded!" I exclaimed.

      "Sorry," Z apologized. "They kept getting caught in my tusks."

      "It'll be all right, I guess."

      Then Sto approached me. "Do you like your food well done?"

      "Sure, I guess," I replied.

      "Really, really well done?"

      "That's fine."

      "I mean, really, really, really well done?"

      "I'm sure it will be all right, Sto. What are we having?"


      I groaned. Certainly things could not get any worse.

      How wrong I was. Immediately after I was thinking this, the door flew open, and both Cat and Mel were standing in the doorway. Each had a look of astonishment on their face, but for an entirely different reason, no doubt.

      "Uh… surprise?" I said feebly.

      "What happened here?" Cat sputtered, staring at the ruined streamers and Sto's pan of ashes. I did not know what to say. Suddenly, Mel started laughing.

      "I think I know what happened here." She laughed. Other than her laughing, everything was silent (with the obvious exception of Mimi).

      Suddenly, Cat pulled a wrapped present from her bag and handed it to Mel. She started singing, and the rest of us joined in. Mimi even did some echoes.

      "Happy Birthday to (YOWL) you.

      Happy Birthday to (SCREECH) you.

      Happy Birthday, dear Mel (LET ME OUT, YOU FOOLISH MORTAL!),

      Happy (GRRR!) Birthday to you!"

      We were about to start the next stanza when we heard a knock on the door. I rushed to open it and was met by a Faerie Aisha.

      The Aisha looked around for a minute, spotted Mimi, and flew to her. Scooping her up, the Aisha cooed, "Mimi! We've been so worried about you! Don't worry, we've found you now, you will be OK!"

      "Cici! How dare you?"

      Cat looked back and forth between Mimi and Cici. "Your name is Cici, then? And I assume that you are Mimi's sister?"

      "Yes, I am," Cici gushed, squeezing Mimi tighter and tighter. "There are four of us. Mimi, Cici, Kiki, and Igor."

      "Igor," I repeated.

      "It's a family name," Cici said, still smiling. This Aisha was giving me the creeps. "Anyway, we thought we had lost her. Thank you so much for taking care of her. Now, we should be going. Come on, Floogey-woogums. Mum will be so happy to see you."

      As Cici flew out the door, Mimi managed to squeeze in a few more threats. "You will regret this day's work, foolish mortal. Keep watching behind you. When I take over Neopia, you will be my slave! Do you hear--" She was cut off as I shut the door.

      "Floogey-woogums. I'm sure she likes being called that."

     For a moment, my family stood in amused silence. It was Cat who broke the ice.

      "Well, go on, Mel, open your present."

      Mel tore off the wrapping paper and opened the shoebox.

      It was a rainbow Aisha plushie.

The End

Author's Note: Third time! I wrote this story in celebration of my first anniversary from the day I began playing Neopets.

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