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by macleod22789


TERROR MOUNTAIN - In the snowy hills of Terror Mountain, a battle of the century rages onward. But – your only weapon is a snowball and a bit of luck. Are you ready to face the challenge?

Snowball Fight is true to its name. Although this time, it’s one-sided, meaning no cold surprises smacking you! Sounds like a good deal to me. All you need to play this game is a distraction-free area, a working mouse, and decent aim. This game has a very nice payout, 125 neopoints for every 100 game points.

The Basics

The goal of this game is to rack up as many points as possible without running out of snowballs. You can hold a maximum of 50 snowballs at one. Each of the snowballs in the ‘Snowballs’ section represents 10 possible projectiles. When you run out, the game ends.

How do I get points?

This is simple. You hit the neopets or petpets. Pets will only move left or right once they initially pop up, but you can still manage to hit one on the way up or down if you’re lucky. Each pet has a specific point value. BUT – you will double your points if you can manage to hit the critter right in the middle of its face. The point breakdown is as follows:

Kyrii – 5/10 points

Chia – 5/10 points

Techo – 5/10 points

Scorchio – 5/10 points

Aisha – 5/10 points

Meepit – 10/20 points

Phantom Orange Shirt Dude – 25/50 points

Although the meepit and Mr. Orange shirt present the most points, the meepit can be pretty hard to catch (I think he’s been training at evading snowballs lately) and Orangey does not show up very often, usually in later levels of the game. You cannot pause Snowball Fight; however, if you really need a restroom break or something, there is no penalty for leaving the game open and not clicking anywhere. You may lose some high point characters, though, so I would recommend taking care of business before you start. ;)


Two pesky faeries happen to be walking along in the battle zone (this was a poor decision on their part. Seriously. I mean, who wants to stroll through someone’s snowball fight? Chances are someone’s going to be injured). If you hit one, there are no points awarded and no point penalty, but 10 of your snowballs will be taken away. THIS IS NOT GOOD. You need as many snowballs as you can so you can continue to get points. Remember, your game will end when all your snowballs run out. The faeries can hasten this process. If you really want to end your game quickly, please just click the ‘End Game’ button and save us all some trouble.

This game is not time to revenge yourself on Illusen for asking for an unbuyable plushie worth millions for quest 35. Nor is it time to smack the soup faerie for constantly feeding your pet toenail soup. Write them a letter if you really feel strongly about the issue.

Sometimes, especially in later levels, hitting faeries cannot be avoided. Although this is a problem, it can be remedied by keeping at least 30 snowballs on you at all times. This will save you from a game over most times.


I love Dieter. You will too. This little polarchuck is taking a break from his other game (I guess he was a tad bit full from all the snow he had to eat), and assisting you in your battle. As he parachutes off the mountain, if you can manage to hit him, you will earn 10 more snowballs for your meter. This is crucial if you want to earn more than 200 points a game (which, by reading this, you presumably do). There is no correct method in hitting him, however, make sure to compensate for his speed. He tends to fly faster in later levels. Oftentimes, faeries or taller pets will get in the way of hitting him, in which case you need to wait for them to get out of the way.

The Wind

Understanding how the wind works is essential to this game. Like the instructions hint at: Pay attention to it! You can gauge how fast and which direction the wind is blowing by watching the falling snowflakes. The wind will tell you which way you need to aim in order to hit your target. If it’s blowing to the right, make sure to aim a little bit left to hit a pet, and vice versa. When hitting Dieter, you usually need to overcompensate if the wind is blowing very fast. Sometimes the wind will change direction mid-throw as well, which cannot be helped. Knowing how the wind is working will also help you get maximum points, since you are more likely to hit them in the face if you can make up for the wind.


Although there is no set way you have to play this game, I find this one works the best.

1) Always maximize points in earlier levels.

In earlier rounds, the pets move slower, and it’s easier to judge where your snowball is going to land. Once you hit 6 pets, the level will increase. If you can get 60-120 points each level, you will already have at least 400 points before you get to the harder levels. I personally think that level 7 is where it gets harder.

2) Keep at least 30 snowballs with you at all times.

This ensures that if you accidentally hit a faerie, you won’t have an automatic game over. It also provides a bit of cushioning for missed shots. You also have a better chance at hitting Dieter if you have a few more snowballs to try with.

3) Don’t hit Dieter unless you are ready for him.

If you see Dieter floating down, but are currently hitting other pets, DON’T TRY AND HIT HIM, especially in later levels. He flies too fast and chances are you WILL miss him. When you’re running low on snowballs, take a break and watch the skies. Watch out for faeries when you are aiming at Dieter as well.

4) Don’t get frustrated.

If you get to later levels (when it’s almost impossible to aim at the bajillion characters on the screen) and have to shoot blindly, don’t get mad if you end up hitting Illusen and getting a game over. Just try again. This is just a game, and you only need a little over 800 game points to get your 1000 neopoints.

If you want the lovely trophy for this game, make sure you try at the beginning of the month, when scores are lower. The Better Than You score for Snowball Fight was a mere 900 points (which I sadly didn’t achieve), and chances are that they may use it again.

Thanks for reading and good luck winning your snowball fight. Have fun and enjoy. :)

Remember – this is the one time it’s okay to smack someone in the face with a snowball.

Author’s Note: Any questions, comments, or corrections? Feel free to neomail me.

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