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The Dummy's Guide to Extreme Herder

by xd0rkyaznpridex


Hey, fellow Neopians! Like you guys, I'm always looking for a way to earn a shiny trophy in my lookup, and today, you're going to master the art of petpet herding. Let's start off by introducing the game, yes?


Samrin is a Kacheek who has an outrageous number of petpets, and doesn't seem to mind them running around like idiots until, of course, the big bad Lupe, Balthazar, comes trudging in looking for lunch. He has all the time he needs, but common sense tells him to save them ASAP. There are speed orbs and snowflakes that will aid you in rescuing your petpets, which range from babaas to angelpusses to blue noils to doglefoxes. Samrin needs our help to save all his petpets by placing them in the large pen in the center of the field, which contains four entrances (see tip five). Use the arrow keys on your keyboard and the spacebar to release them (see tip eight). Guide him around his field to save the day.


Well, some of you guys might be wondering, "How can SHE help us? I mean, she hasn't done all that well herself." Yes, I admit it. I, too, am a person who cannot actually score 600 or higher in this fast-paced game. I'm not here to brag about any of my scores (like I need to), but to help you boost your herding skills. Here are some tips to remember while playing Extreme Herder:

Tip One: This game gives out bonus points for saving every petpet from levels one through five. Try your best not to lose any petpets during these crucial levels.

Tip Two: Being the lazy thing that he is, he always goes for the petpets nearest him. Don't dilly-dally on that angelpuss because it is like, way cuter than that poor little blue noil that's going to die. Try your best to save the ones nearest to the Lupe.

Tip Three: If Balthazar is coming and you have no hope in saving them, try saving the petpet with the star if you haven't already to score bonus points. It is better than saving a normal one for just one point at the brink of your death.

Tip Four: In the beginning, there are these semi-transparent doors that transfer you to the opposite side of the field. Don't stare at them, USE THEM! They help you get around the field better. Take advantage of this; they will disappear after the first couple of levels.

Tip Five: The doors, you may have noticed, disappear slowly, as do the semi-transparent doors, after every level. Memorize the ones that will be staying for every level and stay near them. This provides easy access. Also, it may help to know that Balthazar enters through the upper left hand corner of the screen. If you want, stay near there to ensure that the petpets roaming there will be safely rescued.

Tip Six: Use the speed orbs and snowflakes given! They're there for a reason! They may make the difference between losing and winning the game. The snowflakes freeze Balthazar for about 3 seconds and the speed orbs give you super speed for 5 seconds. They will stop appearing once you have one petpet left. Use them wisely. I'm not exactly sure, but I hear that snowflakes disappear after level 15, but the speed orbs stay there always.

Tip Seven: For all you lazy people who want to rest between levels, don't sweat it! Just leave the last petpet in Samrin's hands and Balthazar will leave you alone. It's not like he's going to pounce on you or something.

Tip Eight: If it's totally necessary, use the space bar to drop a petpet to save one who is in danger of dying.

Tip Nine: If Balthazar is pursuing a group of petpets, sacrifice Samrin (just run into Balthazar) to have the level restarted. This way, you will lose one life only AND have a second shot at getting more points. Don't worry; your score is still there.

Tip Ten: Sometime or another, you will have to rush near Balthazar to save your petpets. It's okay; he won't get to you if you press yourself firmly against the pen and rush right by him. Remember, he isn't exactly the fast type of Lupe.

Tip Eleven: Experiment with the different screen sizes. You may find the small one easier and better to use than the full screen version.

Tip Twelve: Levels one through ten are pretty easy. Even someone like me can get through them without losing any petpets. Once you get to levels eleven and up, be sure to have my tips handy. Don't get all nervous; you can do it if you set your mind to it. Make it a goal to achieve a high score, and reward yourself when you do. This ALWAYS works for me.

Tip Thirteen: Scoring is 400 neopoints for every 100 points scored. Don't get mad when you get only around 130; you just scored around 500 neopoints!


What NOT to do:

-If Balthazar just ate one of your petpets, don't try to smack him with your snowflake or orb. First of all, this is not a Battledome. If you are really that angry, go fight him there, NOT HERE. Don't chase after him and curse. Just finish your game.

-Don't just wait for the petpets to come to you because they won't! You have to actually GO after them.

-Don't be picky about which ones you save. Don't save the babaa or doglefox because it is "cuter" than the noil.

-Don't press against the fence of the pen if there's no ramp there; you're not superman. No special entrance will magically appear because you wanted it to.

-If you died just one point before getting a trophy, don't kill yourself over it. Just play again.

Now that you have been properly educated, go out there and make me proud! Good luck with achieving your Extreme Herder goal.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: Have any questions? I'm happy to help anyone who needs it. Just neomail me with your question, and I'll reply ASAP. Thank you for reading!

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