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Patch's Money Tree Adventure

by twiztid_chick_luna


"I know!" Patch yells in excitement.

     "What now?" Kaze, Patch's little brother, groans and rolls his eyes.

     "You know, we've been trying to get Neopoints for months now, and we've only gotten, what... maybe at least two-hundred thousand?" Patch asks.

     "Your point?" Kaze yawn, and sits up.

     "Well, since I'm older, and smarter-"

     "Oh, here we go." Kaze lies back down, ignoring Patch, as he continues.

     "-and bigger, and... HEY!" Patch growls.

     "What?!" Kaze rolls on his back, hoping the floor will scratch his itch.

     "When they say that Gelerts and Kougras don't get along… they mean it." Patch sighs.

     "I'm listening." Kaze hums.

     "Anyways, I want more money. I was thinking that we go to the Money Tree," Patch announces.

     Kaze quickly stands up. "No way! I'm not going there; remember what Luna told us?"

     "I know, I know... Her incident where she received a broken leg, a black eye, a sprained pinky and the Neoflu from a sick Lupe doesn't worry me. That was a while ago. I'm sure the Lupe is in the pound now," Patch explains.

     "That's not the point, Patch. I heard other things too. Like about how crazy people can get for rare items." Kaze grabs Patch's shoulders. "I don't feel like going to the Hospital tonight!"

     "We're not going to the Hospital." Patch rolls his eyes. "I got Zeke with me, he'll protect us!" Patch smiles and looks down at Zeke.

     "Ruff!" the little Anubis squeaks.

     Kaze freezes, feeling like a complete moron. His jaw drops and he slaps his right paw against his cheek. "You must take me as a fool. I may be a Kougra, but that doesn't mean I'm stupid. The pup is only a few days old!"

     "So what? Age doesn't matter!" Patch hugs Zeke tightly.

     "The tiny little thing will get trampled!" Kaze points out, acting frustrated.

     "Will not! He can defend himself!" Patch pats Zeke on his head.

     "Ugh! The Anubis couldn't hurt a Mootix! And I said COULDN'T not WOULDN'T!" Kaze screams.

     "Well if you gave him a chance to prove himself." Patch sighs.

     "Chance nothing... You leave me out of this. Your little... Anubis can protect you." Kaze lies back down. "I'm taking a catnap."

     "Kougras…" Patch groans. "Come on, Zeke. You can go with me to the Money Tree!" Patch runs out the door, with the Anubis following.

     Patch and Zeke stop at the entrance of the Money Tree. They look around. Not a Neopet or owner is at sight. They walk closer into the area, and stop ten feet from the tree.

     "Where is everyone?" Patch looks around.

     A ghost drops about thirty different items from above the tree into its thin branches. Patch grins.

     "Oh, boy! I get everything! Come on, Zeke, help me carry all this great stuff!" Patch starts to gallop the ten extra feet towards the tree. "Oh, wow! Two-thousand Neopoints!" Patch starts to leap for the bag.

     "It's mine!!!"

     "WAAAAHH!" Patch screams, and bonks heads with a Glowing Kau.

     The Kau grabs the bag of Neopoints and runs towards her owner. "Mommy! Look at what I got!"

     "Ugh… that's okay." Patch stands up. "Ooo! A piece of furniture!"

     Patch runs towards the Zen couch, but, then an Apple Chia and a Red Draik run towards it, zooming in front of Patch, leaving him with a mouth full of dirt.

     "Hey! I saw that first!" Patch yells.

     "Mine!" the Apple Chia screams. She pushes the Draik.

     "No! You brat! You got the Chia pop that turned yourself into the green balloon!" the Draik snarls as he tugs on the armrest.

     "I'm an Apple!" The Chia tugs back in anger.

     "Hmm..." Patch looks around quickly and sees a pack of Neoflakes Cake. "Food!"

     Patch runs to it, but a Yellow Kacheek grabs it and runs. He then sees a Bottle of Invisible Sand. He gets ready to run, but stops, because it already disappeared. Two more ghosts drop about ten more items each. Patch smiles and runs to a Neopets TCG Card.

     "Wow!" He goes to pick it up, but a Blue Aisha grabs it quickly. "HEY!"

     "Hahahahaha!" The Blue Aisha giggles and leaps into the bushes.

     Patch looks around and sees Zeke playing tug-of-war with a Striped Shoyru for a Faerie Pencil. He runs to them to help his Petpet, but the Shoyru's owner helps her, and they walk away in pride. Patch picks up Zeke, helping him to his feet.

     "It's okay, Zeke." Patch smiles. "We'll get something."

     "Arf!" Zeke barks.

     Patch freezes. He watches as the ghost drops a Cloud Paint Brush from the sky. His eyes become starry.

     "Come on, Zeke!" Patch runs as fast as he can and leaps into the air.

     All of a sudden, a White Kougra, Red Kougra, Fire Gelert, Yellow Pteri, Blue Zafara and Green Chomby all leap towards the Paint Brush at the same time. Patch lands in between the Fire Gelert and Red Kougra. He reaches as far as he can, and feels the smooth, wooden handle. Then, about five Neopet owners leap on top of the pile, trying to get the Paint Brush, along with two Pink Poogles, a Green Gelert, a Yellow Jetsam, and a Faerie Blumaroo. They all tackle each other, and Patch gets squished tightly into the large pile.

     "Eeeee!" Patch screams. "Someone pulled my tail!"

     "Oww! Quit stepping on my face!" the Fire Gelert screams and scratches the Red Kougra.

     "That Paint Brush is MINE!" The Faerie Blumaroo squeezes into the pile.

     "I don't think so!" One of the Neopet owners grabs the Blumaroo's wings and flings him out of the way.

     "You're pulling my fur!" the Blue Zafara growls.

     Patch squeezes his paw more into the pile, to get a better grip on the Paint Brush's handle. He finally gets a good grip, but then feels it get pulled away. He sits up and watches the Paint brush float away mysteriously.

     "Heeheeheeheehee!!!" An Invisible Neopet runs away, giggling, with the Cloud Paint Brush.

     "I had it too!" the White Kougra growls.

     "Invisible Neopets have good advantages..." one of the Pink Poogles groans.

     Patch's bottom lip twitches. He begins to sob.

     Fifteen minutes later….

     Patch bursts through the door of the Neolodge. His once perfect coat of red fur is now ruffled up and has a few bald spots and burns. He has two black eyes, a sprained front paw, his tail has a bite mark on it, he is semi-covered in sticky-snowball residue and his ears are drooped over his face. Kaze looks over at Patch as he limps over to his bed. Zeke jumps onto the sofa and curls up into a ball.

     "So... How was it?" Kaze smirks, knowing he had a horrible time.

     Patch pauses and his left eye twitches. "Don't…"

     "What happened?" Kaze asks.

     "A Fire Gelert burned me because I tried get a Bacon Omelette, a Christmas Kougra scratched my fur out when I tried reaching for a Glamour Negg, I grabbed a Sticky Snowball, but an Acara was angry that I got to it before her, so she grabbed it from me and threw it at me, a Snow Aisha threw her arm at me because I looked at her..." Patch explains.

     "Wow, dude, you got messed up." Kaze blinks.

     "Oh, I'm not done yet. A Darigan Lupe punched me in my left eye when I accidentally touched his tail, because a Healing Potion XI was laying there, and disappeared, then he punched me in my right eye because I apologized, and I was a HAIRS from getting a Cloud Paint Brush that was snatched under my nose by an Invisible Neopet!" Patch takes a deep breath.

     "Heh heh." Kaze chuckles. "So, did you get anything?" he asks.

     Patch glares at Kaze. He pulls out ONE Neopoint, and whips it at Kaze's chest. Kaze picks it up and looks at Patch.

     "At least you got something." Kaze grins.

     "Eh... Heh heh heh heh. Heh heh heh." Patch laughs sarcastically. His eye twitches a few more times. He jumps into his bed, still laughing. "Never... Never again."

     Kaze laughs. "I told you so." He tosses the Neopoint back to Patch. "So, Patch. Have any new ideas to get Neopoints?"

The End

This is my VERY first story! I hoped you all liked it, and expect more soon! ^^

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