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Are You A Fashion Disaster?

by purplepassiony2k


I know what you're thinking: “No, not me! I'm a little surprised that you'd even think it!” Well, guess what, you are! Honestly, how can your beloved Neopets do their dailies everyday dressed like that? *giggles* I see you’re looking down at their clothes and you’re wondering what’s wrong with his/her threads. (Yup... I know they would really look cool if they could actually WEAR clothes but let’s have some fun pretending eh?!)

Take this fun quiz to see if your Neopet classifies as a fashion disaster!

Answer: Yes or No

1. Do you know what looks trendy for a night out at the Tyrannian Concert Hall?

2. Do you know what an Irregulation Chainmail is?

3. Is it unfashionable to wear socks with your Marrow Sandals?

4. Is wearing pirate after Petpet Appreciation Day considered a fashion no-no?

5. Do you dread the day you’re painted purple with a mixed pattern of orange spots?

6. Should you always avoid getting your fashion inspiration from Dr. Sloth?

I hope you answered yes to all of my questions! And not surprisingly, in my opinion… if you answered no, you might be considered a walking fashion disaster. No worries though, I’m here to help you. :) There’s a TON of great clothes available so I hope my article will help you create an outfit that is perfect! (Check out my ‘All That Glitters’ article if you’re looking for jewelry advice!)

SHOES: Let’s start here, since I think shoes make the whole outfit. It doesn't hurt to wear a fabulous pair of shoes! Take a look at your shoes...they're saying an awful lot about you. Anyway, I know can be difficult to find a pair of shoes that is comfortable and attractive. For the gals I suggest Step Out Shoes, and for the guys JubJub Shoes of Flight. Just think, you will never have to tie your shoes again! Make putting on shoes fun using a Shoehornfish which helps to effortlessly slide your feet into them. These shoes will put some fun in your life. FASHION DISASTERS: Old Rotten Shoes or Sandals. (I shouldn’t have to explain why…Bleh!)

BOOTS: Half the fun of creating your own look is finding just the right boots. They're VERY comfy and fun to wear and who doesn’t love to stand out in the crowd?! Funky boots look great and express tons of personality. Get the fun and funky look with Lucky Green Boots, Chomby Thunder Boot, Grarrl Boot, Wellington Boots, Light Footed Lenny Boot, or Silver Elephante Boot. FASHION DISASTERS: Toss out those Old Rotten Boots right this second! (We’ve already discussed this…lol)

SOCKS: It's a fun way to embrace the funky and unique fashion sense of young Neopets. Encourage them to wear a bit of personality on their feet. I recommend Angelpuss Socks or Dr Sloth Sock! Look around for fun patterned socks in bright colors, fun patterns or interesting textures. FASHION DISASTER: Magic Smelly Socks. Why? Just read the description! ‘Euwwww, put these smelly socks on your pets bloated feet and it will soon be better...as long as it can stand the smell, that is!’ This will definitely alienate you from your friends and family! Just trust me!

SHIRTS: Shirts are a basic for every wardrobe, and Neopets are crazy over them. There is lots of room for creativity when you have this many to choose from. Any kind of shirt will work so long as it's fun, bright and interesting. Layer pieces over one another for a fun look; even a Leather Jacket would be cool! Shirts are a perfect addition to your wardrobe and are sure to enhance your personal fashion preferences. Guys: Choose shirts that have funny sayings or graphics such as Balthazar T-shirt, Darigan Rules T-Shirt, Greedy Kadoatie T-shirt, or Nightsteed T-Shirt. For dress up, try something like Maraquan Print T-Shirt, or The Hikalakas Shirt. Very classy. FASHION DISASTERS: I Love Fyora T-Shirt AND Valentines Day T-Shirt. Let’s just say with 112 available shirts you should have no problem finding something else! *winks*. Ok, now the gals: Be prepared to buy lots of clever, funny and inspiring shirts such as I Love Kayla T-shirt, I Love My Mutant Faellie Shirt, Jhudora T-Shirt, Meepits Win T-shirt, and Orange Is Better T-Shirt. Don’t forget a Taelia Style Coat to finish off the look! Also, you can earn some brown-nosing points wearing the I Love The Neopian Times T-Shirt, and Neopets Group T-shirt and of course *shifty eyes* the I Love Sloth T-shirt! FASHION DISASTERS: I Love Captain Scarblade Shirt and Lucky Fishing Shirt. It’s just not a girly look!

PANTS: A wardrobe is incomplete without some fun pants…BUT…WE ARE DOOMED TO WEAR DENUM OVERALLS AND LUCKY FISHING TROUSERS FOR THE REST OF OUR NEO-LIVES! (Ok, I’ll stop shouting, but I wanted to get TNT’s attention regarding the lack of!)

TOP-IT-OFF TREASURES: Don’t forget the accessories! Accessories can totally change an outfit. There are tons of accessories: scarves, bags, hats, glasses, belts and many others! GUY fashion accessories are functional and as well as very fashionable. Some suggestions: Chomby Rocket Belt or a Cybunny Utility Belt, Scorchio Scarf (What guy doesn’t love fire!), Green Pirate Sash, Hissi Travel Backpack, or the Punchbag Sid Backpack. Try a matching Toy Pirate Hat or Scarblades Pirate Hat. For a fun look try a Hat of the Muffin Man. Complete this look with a Nightsteed Badge or Hubrid Nox Badge. Everyone also has a choice of many different caps which have never been more popular and make you look different from the neo-crowd. GALS should feel free to be creative with their accessories: Studded Tonu Belt, or a Fire Utility Belt (bling-bling!), Aisha Scarf, Blue Bandana, or a Colourful Bruce Scarf, Ornate Pteri Sash, Anubis Bag, Bagatelle Purse or a Disco Aisha Backpack would all look great! Don’t forget to add a beautiful Kaylas Hat and a Usukicon Y5 Badge. My favorite accessory is sunglasses of course! Who wouldn’t want to walk around looking like a movie star with Triangular Sunglasses, Disco Aisha Glasses, Plain Black Sunglasses, or Round Sunglasses! FASHION ACCESSORY DISASTERS: Meerca Propeller Hat, Lucky Fishing Hat, Bow Tie, Weakling Badge and those Heart Shaped Sunglasses. Do you have any idea just how goofy you look in those!?

I told you it wasn’t easy! Always ensure you put your best foot forward with boots, shirts, and of course accessories that will polish off your fashion statement because it's all about expressing your Neopet’s true personality! Feel free to Neomail me your fashion disasters! LOL.

PS: TNT, I still want some new pants! o_O

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