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ROCK ON Neopia

by diva_esque


Have you ever wondered about Neopia’s top Rock Stars and how they came to be? How did Yes Boy Ice Cream get its name? What is so special about Chomby and the Fungus Balls? And why is 2 Gallon Hatz spelt with a Z? You’re about to find out!

After thrashing through the lush Tyrannian Jungle, Sharlot Vin emerges to the harsh sunlight of the Plateau and sees the famous Concert Hall!

SV runs towards it only to find that she needs a ticket. After all, no free admission! She runs over to the ticket booth to try to get a ticket for the current concert – Yes Boy Ice Cream. She loves this band – it is her favourite after the declining Sticks n Stones – and really wants to get in before the show stops in three hours! Just as she forlornly leaves the ticket booth, Sharlot Vin spots some rather reckless looking shoyrus with funny sunglasses on – and realises they look exactly like the three shoyrus on the millions of posters hanging up inside her Chocolate Neohome bedroom. She jumps out of her skin, knowing that she is this close to her idols. She runs up to them and asks them what happened to their concert. Because she was so nice they granted her free access to the concert and backstage – a privilege only a few Neopians ever get! After having a happy discussion with the band at the after party, Sharlot Vin discovers the reason behind their quite...unique band name. "Our band was named after our favourite food - Grandma's Ice Cream - and we added the Yes Boy because we're all males and that's what our grandma used to say to us when we asked for her delicious gelati!" After the concert, Sharlot Vin received a free memento of the performance and ran off back to Neopia Central. What a lovely day out!

This is typical of concerts – rock artists squander their neopoints and let just about anybody in for no cost. Sticks n Stones are the worst offenders – their concerts last for about four hours with three hours worth of encores and a thirty minute drum solo – then they head for an after party at their hotel and trash the joint in just over five hours! Sticks n Stones do regular concerts – their band is always on the ticket booth display list – and although they are predicted to have a decline in ticket and album sales, they still are the best rockers in Neopia!

Jazzmosis is something special – they often play on Christmas day, and this is when they shine the most. Their music is fantastic – a real mixture of Jazz and Swing – and their colour co-ordination is very complimentary. Black is the new Rainbow as far as they are concerned. The lead chia is really good and the grarrl can play a mean sax!

Chomby and the Fungus Balls are also pretty up there with the rest of the bands – once they released their extra-fantastic game, they sky rocketed to fame and fortune. However there is some dispute as to the profit divisions between the group – Chomby seems to always get the higher proportion.

Soon after the Space Race to Kreludor began, a stupendous band called Gründo featuring an all Orange Grundo Group hit the likes of the Tyrannian Concert Hall. With their funky hairdos, their literally out of this world style and their huge number of fans, it's no wonder this Rock group has managed to clear their shelves many times with their album, "We Pulled the Doom Lever". They are said to release their new album next Month of Gathering entitled "Citrus Sound". Their new single "Orange Eternal" is set to hit the shelves next month.

One of the newest bands to hit the Tyrannian Concert Hall is Jub Zambra and the Cobrall Charmer, all the way from the Lost Desert! They consist of three guys and a gal and they have a unique style of Lost Desertian music. Careful when you go to their concerts, they may hypnotise you into spending more than necessary on their merchandise!

2 Gallon Hatz were happy to be interviewed by the Rainbow Review. On the release of their collectible card and their special speaker, their ticket sales reached a new high. Rarely have they performed a bad concert and everybody loves their extra special merchandise! Their rootnin tootnin country music is spot on. When asked what the 'Z' was for in "hatz" the lead singer replied - "there's a z?".

Wock Til You Drop is a very high tech band with plenty of electrics. They are very Electronica with a hint of Techno bass in there. Their all wocky band members are very unique as they are also incidentally tyrannian. Their drum kit is very stone age and punk and the lead guitar is quite funky with its two fretboards!

M*YNCI is a Neopian band with a lovely style and easy listening songs with a light beat. Their dance moves are very funky and their colouring is unique. A particularly impressive aspect of their concerts is their amazing lighting. However their new album "Mystery Island Waves" was overtaken in sales by "We Pulled the Doom Lever".

There's no mistaking the Heavy Metal sound of Moehawk and their super-duper hair styles. Their fashion sense is very "now" and their mix of ages in the group works well. The young critter on the drums can beat up a storm, the middle aged guy on the lead guitar is a real rocker and the older moehog on the bass piano is an experienced player with all the right grooves. When they release their single in the Month of Harvesting they plan it to be a surprise for everyone.

The piano, guitar and screams of Twisted Roses are unmistakable. Their one-of-a-kind sound leaves the audience begging for more and every single member of the audience is satisfied! Their punk meets goth style is so interesting and the shoyru lead is fantastic. The ixi on guitar is really fabulous and her metallic chords are really cool. The pianist zafara is really something - playing two pianos at a time is quite a feat! The beat blasting through the speakers is what keeps the songs rattling of the walls and creates the electrifying atmosphere that is the Twisted Roses! As one huge fan put it - "Twisted Roses has a very eclectic and soulful sound, perfect as a mood motivator." So right!

Blue Kacheek's unique drumming sound is so catchy that it beats in your head after just visiting the concert for an hour! What a band - finding three blue kacheeks that can sing these days is very difficult but their gimmick is obviously a crowd pleaser. Their dance moves aren't half bad either!

Every one is LOVING the sounds of the Hikalakas! With their smooth island feel and their Mystery Island style, they are turning Neopians into hula dancers! Their mysterious wocky hula dancer is positively grooving to the beat with her little maraca and the techo on the out-of-the-ordinary drum set is the main neopet holding the song together! The Island Acara on the snare is adding that little something extra to the music! Another opinion is that "the sounds of the islands drift you softly to a deserted paradise on the uncharted oceans soothing your mood with its mellow, laid back contemporary style". Nicely put, Nate!

And finally, the Neopian Philharmonics! Their beginning on the stage is an exciting start to the show and builds up the tension. Their unique orchestral music is very special and is played very well. The lenny conductor knows what he is doing, and the zafara on the harp is very graceful with her fingers. the lupe on the double bass provides the low notes for the music and the meerca on the triangle ends the piece with a beautiful long note. The grarrl playing the flute is quite nice and provides the main tune for the pieces. It's quite rare to see a grarrl on a delicate instrument like the flute! Finally, the trumpeting kyrii! What a performer! The first into the spotlight and he doesn't even flinch! The Neopian Philharmonics is expertly conducted and follows the ebb and flow of musical masterminds as they imitate the sound of the classical genre. Perfect for a night by the fire or for a walk in the autumn leaves.

And there you have it. Reviews on almost all the bands in Neopia. But don't take my word for it - go and have some fun at the concerts yourself! You'll be surprised at the quality of the excellent music featured in the simple old concert hall. But be quick - after all, tickets sell fast!

Author's Note: Quotes from dragonballnate

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