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The Story of a Huggy

by brymax406


You must be here to listen to my story. Yes, I know. Everyone wants to hear my stories. Well sit down, and I will tell you a story. It's the story of me, Bouncy the Huggy, roaming in the cruel Neopia Central.

      Well, it all started back when my owner, Minnie the pink Poogle, was sleeping in her bed. It was night, and everyone in the neohome was asleep, but I wasn't. Why? I was thinking. Thinking of what it would be like to be in Neopia Central. Sure, Minnie's taken me there, but I only saw very few events. I wanted to see them all.

      So that night, I snuck out the window and climbed down into the nearest bush. I didn't want to be seen. I quickly and quietly walked across the street, and into the cold wonders of Neopia Central.

      I arrived only five minutes later. I could see all the bright lights that made me cringe. The lights were too bright. I still wanted to see all of Neopia Central, and all of its importance.

      First, I walked to the food shop. It was difficult, avoiding all the large neopets and all. I could smell the delicious food cooking in there, and all the neopets in there eating. I peeked in, but the Chia chef closed the window to keep me out. After seeing what was in there, I became a hungry Huggy.

      I wasn't very sure if I wanted to continue going on. I was getting hungry, and all the food that I saw was left overs of Lime Shoyru Cake, because of the Shoyru Day celebration and all. I didn't want that. I wanted good food.

      While I was strolling along to the Money Tree, I saw evil yellow glowing eyes. Something grabbed me and pulled me into the branches of the Money Tree. I saw alley Kadoaties! I remember their voices being so hard and cold.

      "Punk..." one said to me. "Why are you here?"

      I replied, "I want to explore Neopia Central. Do you have a problem with that?"

      "Only the toughest petpets of the tough roam in these street, Hug ball," another said. "We alley Kadoaties are the toughest petpets around these streets."

      "So petpets like me aren't around these parts?" I asked.

      "Beat it, punk!" the leader said. "Before we show you what a flurry Kadoatie fight is like!"

      I had to get away from those creepy Kadoaties. I quickly cannonballed off the branch, landing in a bag of neopoints. The Money Tree seemed empty during the night. No crazy neopets were there to get items. I climbed out of the bag and strolled along.

      I climbed onto a ledge to relax. I plopped down and gazed at the wonderful night stars that filled the dark sky. I crawled over some more to get a closer look at more. I kept going and…


      I had fallen into the Rainbow Pool! Even though the rainbow was there, it looked very strange at night when no sunlight filled the sky with joy. I sat there and wondered if it would be a fun slide or something. I crawled out and moved on.

      I felt as I've seen enough. But no! More! More! I thought to myself. I kept going, when I really should've stopped.

      I was getting trampled over by all of the neopets that were walking. They, of course, were bigger than I was. I thought I would become a pancake after this! I was starting to dislike Neopia Central. But then… it happened.

      All these Kadoaties were following me. Are those the same Kadoaties I saw before? I asked myself. I turned and saw a whole alley gang!

      "It's him!" the pink leader hissed. They all started to smile, showing their evil sharp teeth. "That's the one that didn't obey me when I said to leave Neopia Central!"

      "Get him, boss?" a clumsy green one asked.

      It replied, "Yes!" in an evil cold hiss. All the Kadoaties started to attack me! I had to think like a Huggy, and be like a Huggy.

      I shouted, "FRIENDS!!!" I started to give them all a giant hug.

      "He's not scared!" the leader gasped. One said, "He's weird, he's weird!" They all scattered off in a big hurry.

      I still hadn't seen enough! I wanted to see more! So, what did I do? I walked over to the auction house, but only out the window. I saw a bunch of different Neopians, bidding on items and petpets. Everyone was getting angry at the 1 neopoint auction for a Secret Laboratory Map, but only for neofriends. They all walked off, while the item owners were getting disappointed.

      I then decided to head over to the pharmacy. Owners of neopets were buying all sorts of cures for their pets. Poor pets. The Neolodge was mapped out as my next destination.

      I headed over and decided to have fun. I splashed about in the fountain. It was fun until someone scooted me out of the fountain and back onto the streets.

      Well, it was almost 4 am, and I still wanted to see the wonders of Neopia Central. So I crept over to the Petpet Shop. I saw a bunch of my other brethren in the window, for sale. They were there along with other petpets such as Warfs, Angelpi, etc. I had to go away.

      I backed away and smacked into a wall, which appeared to be a cage wall. I looked up, and in flashing red lights was "The Kadoatery." I sighed and didn't even bother going in, especially after what happened after I met those evil Kadoaties. I just crept along.

      So next, I crept along to the Art Centre. A lot of artistic and writing talents laid there. People were Story Telling, coffee was being sold, and the Chia was shouting, "Extra! Extra! Read all about it!" about different news and all that jazz. It was pretty calm and quiet, as writing and artistic skills filled the centre with talent color.

      I then headed over to the Magic Shop. The Magic Shop was filled with magical wonders, no? I peeked in the window and saw Kauvara herself! She had just gotten a bunch of morphing potions. I was tempted to go in there, but I slapped myself and hugged myself to prevent going in there. Since I was hugging myself, I jumped and rolled off to the Book Store.

      Even though it was almost 5 am, neopets were buying a lot of books in there! I crept to the door to come in, but I almost turned into a Huggy pancake! I was trampled over many feet! I dusted myself and walked over to the Post Office.

      It was quiet there, too. Stamps were being sold, and neopets were mailing post cards to each other. It seemed fun, and makes me want to send post cards myself. However, I couldn't. I was a petpet, and I was too small to mail. I sighed, and walked over to the Neopian Bank.

      People were collecting their interest, along with withdrawing and depositing neopoints. Millionaires gained about one thousand neopoints of interest!

      I figured I saw enough of Neopia Central. There were too many buildings to explore, so I turned to walk back to where I belong, because I don't belong in these streets of Neopia Central.

      I crawled into the bushes, and climbed up the wall. It was pretty strange, but with my hugging abilities, I could squeeze hard enough to stick to the wall and climb up. It worked! I continued to climb up until I reached Minnie's window. I creaked through and made my way back to bed.

      That's one of my stories. I have plenty of more stories that I can tell. But alas, I must go now, for Minnie's taking me to Krawk Island to train and all that. So, this is Bouncy the Huggy, signing- wait, how do these Neopians say it these days? Peace out, pizza slice? Well, no matter what they say, I'm still a noble Huggy. So, I suppose I'll tell you another story soon, reader.

The End

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