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Game Avatars: The Easy Way

by neo05021991


You know, Bob the guild leader knows and every single member in that avatar guild does too. You want game avatars. And you'll stop at nothing to get them. Or as the case seems to be, talk about one day getting them.

You see there are two types of people.

Those willing to try, and persevere with what, may at one point seem the impossible, but will eventually become the possible, are like me. I can get out there and play, play, and play some more until I eventually get them. If this is the case then this guide is may not be for you. But you should read it anyway. Just because I say so… and er.. You might learn something.

The other type of person, which I am guessing a lot of people fall into, are just very impatient and don’t think very much of themselves where games are concerned, or probably not at all. This guide is most certainly for you.

I am not going to be giving you specific game guides. Nope, I personally don’t see them as much use. However there are some tips that I always take into consideration before playing. They help my overall game play, whatever the game.

Be confident

Tell yourself before you open the game “I CAN do this.” If you don’t believe in yourself, nobody else will. I find this also helps my overall game play. Don’t launch straight into trying for a high score, work on it. Try beating yesterday’s score.


Although I’m not too fond of in depth game guides, you can’t go wrong with tips from people who have the avatar. Head out to the Avatar Chat, make a topic (remembering to keep the subject informative of course) and ask for tips. Someone will be more than happy to give them to you.


Try at a time when it is quiet (like when your kid sister is in bed). I find that playing in the middle of the night, when no-one else is around, works best. If this isn’t possible, then just get your family to leave the room or something. They won’t agree to that? Then sorry you’ll have to think of something yourself!

The sounds coming from your computer are important too. Games that require a lot of concentration (such as The Buzzer Game) are best played with no sound at all. However, I find that I play some games, like Meepit vs. Feepit, better with sound. I recommend turning off the default sound for most of the games and playing some music that relaxes you. Everyone is different, but I strongly don’t recommend anything with loud bangs (also known as drum beats) as that is just too distracting!

Sound on your computer, be it from a game, or music program slows your computer down, so if the game requires you to move quickly then turn all sound off and close all sound making programs down. In fact close all windows. It will make the game run much more efficiently, and possible make all the difference in getting you that shiny new avatar. :)


Take your time. If you only have 10 minutes, don’t open the game. Go post a message in your guild or something. The game will still be there later. Also if you are not happy with a score then do not send it. It’s better to spend an extra 15 minutes, and get a better score (and possible a shiny avatar!), than.. Er.. Not get a better score and an avatar.

Don’t try to get them all at once

In other words, do not be greedy. Begin by concentrating on one game that you are pretty good at. By all means play other avatar games too, but don’t strive to get all at once. This will just leave you very confused (trust me - I know). It is better to play one for a month, and then get it that to play two games for three months and still not have either avatar.

If a new game avatar comes out that you like the look of, unless you are very good at that game, ignore it until you have got the one you are concentrating on.

Giving up

Doing this means certain failure. Just don’t go there. By all means take a break, but come back to it an hour, a day or however long later.


If you are bored, then what are you doing still playing? Just be sure to play again later. You will only lose concentration and inspiration if you’re bored, and never add that avatar to your cabinet. *pokes tip above* You don’t want to do that do you?

Don’t think about it

Do not think about getting the avatar. Doing otherwise would likely cause so much stress. Just play for fun. Which you should have being doing anyway, but bah... I don’t understand how people can play games “not for fun”, after all that is what games are for right?


Probably the most important topic I am going to cover in this short article, would be to practise. By practise I do not just mean play, and send your score three times everyday. I mean WORK for it.

For example. If your high score is 200 at Petpet Rescue, then do not send your score until you get 210. When you get 210 do not send it until you get 220. And so on. If you just expect to find it in your list one day, I can guarantee you will be waiting… Just about forever and a day.

I am by no means an expert at all games, and of all the game avatars I own, only two, or maybe three have I ever been able to achieve the score again since getting the avatar, so although some skill may be involved in the overall outcome, luck also plays a huge part in adding that avatar to your slowly growing collection.

The tips I have given you, to help maximise your score for the avatar, may not work for everyone, however try them, and see what works for you. You might just have no skill at all where games are concerned, and no amount of tips or guide reading will get your Kass to go five metres more than fifty. On the other hand you might excel at the games, but not realise it because you are doing the wrong things.

Good Luck!

Note from the author: I seriously hope you have as much fun reading, and learning from it, as I had writing it! (Thanks to everyone for giving me inspiration to finish it too, as I probably never would have done without you all.)

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