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Pishicu and the Wisdom Council: Part Nine

by chipster33


The flight to Krawk Island, which should have been simple, was extremely difficult. The weather, with torrential rains and fog so thick it could have made up walls, was unbearable, and the fact that Pishicu and Levita weren't the lightest things on Neopia didn't help either. Terskun and Yessey were wearing down quite fast, and soon they both knew that they would have to land.

     "A-are we almost to Krawk Island yet?" Yessey asked Terskun for what seemed like the fiftieth time.

     "Almost," Terskun replied. "I think I can sort of see the Golden Dubloon, am I alone?"

     Pishicu squinted her eyes as hard as she could, but it was to no avail. Her glasses were so fogged that she could barely see the black sky that surrounded them, even though it was morning.

     "I see it, at least I think I do. I'm not exactly sure what it looks like, since I've never been to Krawk Island before," Levita muttered as she peered through the rain.

     "Is that why you couldn't just teleport us there?" Pishicu questioned, looking in the opposite direction of Levita.

     "Over here dear-- Yes, that is why. I'm terribly sorry, this must've been dreadful for all of you," the Kougra mumbled.

     "It's all right Levita, we're about to land," Terskun reassured her.

     "Where?" Pishicu asked.

     "At the Golden Dubloon. We could all use a little food and some shelter for just a bit, and though the crowd might be a tad rough, we'll be all right. Besides, we'll probably overhear some gossip of any caves that seemed to have appeared from nowhere."

     Pishicu was about to protest, knowing the horrible stories that she had heard about the place.

     "And if anyone makes trouble with any of us, they won't do it for long," Yessey hissed, "at least not while I'm there."

     The Poogle smiled when she heard this, and felt that she could not be any safer to go into the Golden Dubloon with anyone else.

     Finally, they landed on the saturated ground with an unpleasant *squelch*. Then four pets entered the ship-shaped bar with their wits up, but found it to be relatively calm. It was lighted by once tall, yellowy-white candles, which reflected their golden light upon the wood walls and floors. There was hardly any sound except for the pouring rain outside, and only a few people were in the bar, most doing some business that Pishicu expected was shady.

     "Come on," Terskun said as he gestured towards the bar.

     "Terskun, I can't see--"

     "Here, deary," Levita said as she placed what felt like a rag in Pishicu's paw. "Wipe off all that stuff with this."

     The Poogle eagerly did so, glad that she had her sight back. She then sat on an old, wooden stool along with everyone else, and looked at the Lupe bartender expectantly. The Lupe sauntered over to her, giving her a weird look, and placed the mug he had been wiping down.

     "What are ye staring at, lassy?" he growled, looking slightly annoyed.

     "Oh, well, I was just waiting for you," Pishicu replied bluntly.


     Pishicu laughed slightly, "To give me a menu silly!"

     Terskun and Yessey looked at her exasperatedly, and even Levita shook her head.

     The Lupe snarled, baring his rather large fangs. "Ye calling me a fool?" he roared.

     "N-no! Of course she's not! Well, at least she didn't intend too! She's not exactly right in the head, if you get my drift," the Pteri muttered while motioning that Pishicu was crazy. "Please forgive her, she really can't help it!"

     Petrified, the Poogle tried to put on her best insane look.

     "Well, I suppose ye's all right, ye just better not say anything else, arr?" the Lupe mumbled, his voice now lower.

     "Arr," Terskun agreed. Pishicu laughed at how strange it sounded coming from the Draik's mouth, but was quickly nudged into silence by Levita and Yessey, who were sitting on her either side. "Now," Terskun continued, "can we please have some bread, cheese, and water for us weary travelers? We'll eat only what you'll give us out of the kindness of your own heart, no more, no less."

     The Lupe growled, but descended behind a filthy curtain to what Pishicu presumed to be the kitchen. When he had gone out of sight, the Poogle immediately exploded.

     "Bread and cheese, Terskun? Gosh, don't be too generous!" she whined as she folded her arms on the table.

     "Bread and cheese are complimentary, Pishicu! Unless you have any money, that's all we could afford!" the Draik replied grumpily. "Oh, and Yessey, good thinking back there."

     The Pteri smiled smugly, and gave Pishicu a mocking look.

     Then the Lupe burst back in, his paws full this time, and threw down their bread and cheese on the table. Then, a bit more carefully, he unloaded four mugs filled with water from his tray, and set them down in front of each pet.

     "There ye go," he said bluntly.

     The pets looked down at the food offered to them with displeasure. It wasn't that it wasn't appreciated, but there wasn't really a whole lot. Before them, were only a small, slightly stale loaf, and a little less than half a wedge of cheese.

     "This is it?" Yessey muttered with disgust. "No offense, cap'n, but I thought you'd give out a tad bit more for this many..."

     "Aye, lass, I would, but unfortunately the tides have changed in a terrible way on east side of the island, and 'tis where all me supply ships come from! They all have to find an alternate route, but it takes so long for them to get me supplies to me by land! The kitchen is runnin' short on ingredients, and no offense lad and lassies, but I would prefer to use those ingredients on paying customers..." the Lupe muttered.

     "The tides have changed, why?" Terskun questioned, putting down the piece of bread he was about to eat.

     "They say a large cave has appeared in the rock on the east, and in the evenin' it sucks in lots of water, then in the mornin' it spews it back out. It's quite odd really."

     "So, now for instance, the cave would be empty?" Terskun continued, his eyes narrowing with interest.

     "Yes, I suppose so, but the water might enter the cave earlier in the evenin' since it has been rainin' so much. Why, ye ain't thinkin' of goin' to the cave, are ye?" the Lupe asked.

     Terskun did not reply, he just popped the last piece of his bread into his mouth, drained his glass of water, and got onto his feet.

     "C'mon," Yessey said to Pishicu, as she too hopped off of her stool and followed the Draik.

     They all started to walk out of the door, when suddenly, it burst open. A cold breeze immediately emitted from outside, and in the doorway, against the stormy skies, was a very tall faerie, with large, korbatty wings and a face that nightmares are made of. She was covered in a black cloak, and her white skin contrasted it greatly. The droplets of rain that fell round her froze when they got too close, and her eyes were a scary ice blue.

     Suddenly Pishicu felt Levita grab all of them, create a portal underneath them, and with a flash they were underneath a table in the corner of the Golden Dubloon. The Faerie continued onward into the bar, and sat in a place with little candlelight. She seemed to have a foreboding aura around her, for a Kacheek who had been sitting at the table next to her ran off to one on the other side of the room. The pale Faerie signaled for the bartender, who immediately brought her a large pint of some drink that was deep purple and was emitting white smoke.

     "Do you think she saw us? Oh dear, that'd be terrible," Levita said to Terskun, her voice a low whisper.

     "I don't believe so," Terskun replied. "But I'm not sure. Anyway, we have to get out of here. I just hope she doesn't know about the cave..."

     A bang sounded on the other side of the room, and they looked all looked with a start to see that the Faerie had placed her glass down. She then signaled for the bartender, who immediately rushed over to her, quaking in his boots. The Faerie then bent down and whispered something in his ear so quietly that no one could hear her.

     "Now's our chance!" Terskun hissed. "Levita, take us out of the bar!"

     Levita nodded, then she grabbed them all again, created a portal underneath them and then in a flash, they were back outside again, in the rain, and the mud. Pishicu would've almost preferred to take on that Dark Faerie, but she said nothing since her companions seemed to be in a frantic state.

     "Pishicu, hold on to my talons! We're off again!" Yessey cried as she grabbed the chunky Poogle. The Pteri's voice sounded slightly nervous, and Terskun and Levita seemed to share her anxiety since the Draik had already clasped the Kougra around the waist and was hovering over the soggy ground, ready to once again take to the sky.

     Pishicu did as she was told, and grasped onto Yessey, and then they took off. The rain, if anything, had gotten worse, and Pishicu was absolutely miserable.

     "Guys," she asked when they were a decent distance from the restaurant. "Who was that faerie? Was it another Dark Faerie sent by Sisle?"

     Terskun replied, his voice mixed with heavy panting. "Her name is Bebaru, and she's second in line to Sisle. Bebaru is like a vampire, she never goes out in the sun. She's a frightening sight, most definitely, and even if someone doesn't even see her face she scares the daylights out of them, she has a kind of aura around her that emits darkness."

     "What's her power?" Pishicu inquired, almost afraid to know. "Was it ice?"

     "Yes, it was ice," Yessey conceded, "and she can do awful things with it. I'm not happy to be on a place surrounded with water with her, I'll tell you that. Sometimes she could make her ice so cold that it was hot! Imagine being frozen in that, eh? You wouldn't have a chance--"

     "Yessey, I don't think you have to tell her that!" Levita hissed, nudging her head at Pishicu, who's eyes were now wide with fear.

     "I was just preparing her!" Yessey replied. "And it's true. Personally, I think it's better if she knows the truth rather than to go in there unprepared!"

     Levita shook her head, and then immediately pointed her paw. "The cave! Oh my, the cave, it's right over there! Hurry up Terskun, maybe if we're lucky we can make it to it before Bebaru!"

     The Draik nodded vigorously, and with a steely look of determination in his eyes, began to flap his wings harder and faster. Yessey did the same, but she was still outstripped by Terskun who remained a few feet ahead of them for the rest of the flight.

     Finally, they landed with light thumps in a cave on the side of the island. The place was absolutely soaked from the water that filled it during the day, and needless to say it was very slippery. As soon as Levita started to walk she fell on her nose, and the others had to rush to her and help her up.

     "It's okay, it's okay!" she insisted as she rubbed the tender area. "I just slipped, is all. I'll get adjusted to it, I swear!" She shooed them all away with a swipe of her rather large paw.

     "This place is rather slippery," Terskun remarked with distaste as he tried to walk. "I think it'll be best if I hover..."

     "Mind if I join you?" Yessey, who was now on her back, inquired. "I don't think Pteris were made for this kind of environment."

     The Draik smiled and nodded, and he started to fly down the passageway with Pishicu, Yessey, and Levita trailing behind. The cave got no drier as they worked their way in either. In fact, if anything, it was damper and colder. Levita's big paws were slipping so often that Terskun had taken it upon himself to allow her to hold his tail so she wouldn't have such a nasty spill every time. The puddles of water began to grow, and soon they more resembled ponds than puddles. Nonetheless, Pishicu found the cave was very pretty and slightly relaxing. When she expressed those opinions, Terskun promptly reminded her that the cave wouldn't be so relaxing in the evening when the water rushed in and drowned them all. She said nothing more after that, but quickened her pace just a bit.

     Then, something odd happened. As Pishicu was about to pick up a pretty stone she had found on the ground, she felt something brush up against her cheek and left it feeling deathly cold.

     "Who was that?" she screamed as she leapt up.

     "What?" the Kougra asked, cocking her head.

     "Who brushed up against me? I know I felt something!"

     Terskun looked at her strangely. "No one was even standing by you, Pishicu. I think you're imagining things," he murmured to his sister.

     Pishicu gaped. She was sure someone brushed up against her, and the cold that her strawberry cheek felt was indescribable, but everyone else denied being close to her. Was the cave haunted? But no, that wouldn't make sense, because the caves had only existed for a short while since Amar's spell had created them for the purpose of hiding Yessey, Fedle, Rucsk, and Levita. So what could it have been? The Poogle shook the thought out of her head for the time being, for she knew it would only distract her.

     Finally, Yessey returned from a flight that she had just been on to scout the area, and carried with her great news.

     "I saw Rucsk up ahead!" she cried with a large smirk on her beak. "It's just a little ways from here! We'll be there in no time!"

     The other pets smiled with relief at this, for they were eager to get out of the damp, freezing cave. However, soon their smiles started to fade, as it was starting to become colder than usual. The water on the ground next to Pishicu started to form ice around the edges, and she noticed that the droplets of water that had stuck to her glasses frozen. The Dark Faerie was in here, but no... how?

     "Oh my, how did she get in here... How did she get in here...? We would have seen her!" Pishicu heard Yessey squeaked, her beak clamped tightly together in frustration.

     Then the Poogle remembered the cold she felt on her cheek a little while ago. She must have been flying very fast, but that surely what it was that touched her cheek.

     Terskun stepped forward, looking at something that the Poogle would not have noticed in the corner of the cave. "Bebaru, step forward!" he cried, his lip formed in a sneer.

     Slowly the Dark Faerie moved away from her corner to reveal the faerie that Pishicu had seen earlier, except she seemed ten times more frightening in the pitiful light which was in the cave. As she grew closer, more of the cave started to freeze.

     "Oh great, now it's really going to be slippery," Levita mumbled to herself. The Poogle smiled, even though she knew that she was in no position too.

     Then Pishicu received a small tug on the ear. She turned to see Yessey and Levita backing off, and she started to follow them.

     "Bebaru, go away!" Terskun hissed.

     Bebaru laughed, or at least it seemed so; laughs usually contain some warmth or joy, but this one had none, this laugh was like ice.

     "You couldn't have honestly expect me to do that, could you?" she inquired, her thin, black eyebrows raised. Without the slightest hint of hesitation, she continued to press towards the Draik.

     "No, but it was worth a try."

     The Faerie shook her head. "Now, Terskun, is no time for jokes. You know what danger you're in; what I can do, what I will do, shouldn't you be taking this a little more seriously? Shouldn't you be a tad--" she stopped, bent down, and gently placed her hand on a pool of water, which instantly froze solid "--scared?"

     "I'm not scared of you and your cheap tricks," Terskun spat, his spikes on his back bristling. "And I am taking this seriously, ask anyone of my comrades."

     Bebaru looked behind the Draik, who smiled a very reptilian grin.

     She grimaced, and then started to fly past Terskun to try to catch them.

     "No you don't!" Terskun hollered, as he held out his hands and allowed the magic to flow from his fingers. He was going to try to freeze all of her, which was no easy task for such a large faerie.

     Suddenly, Bebaru froze in midair, her wings outstretched, and fell three feet to the ground. The clatter resounded throughout the cave, and she rolled a bit until she finally rested on her side with a discontent look upon her lips.

     "You," she muttered, "are going to be in so much trouble when I break free. You can't hold me forever, I know very well. And when I get lose I'm going to put such a nasty chill on you that every Draik alive will feel it!"

     "Pity," the Draik replied, "that I couldn't manage to freeze her lips shut."


     Pishicu and Yessey raced down the long, narrow passageway of the cave. The large Kougra was having such a terrible trouble at running that Pishicu had finally told her to just sit on her back and she'd take her there, for it wasn't very far. Finally, they all skidded to a stop in a room, which contained a very large, very deep lake.

     "We're here!" Yessey declared with a smile.

     "Er, and where's Rucsk?" Levita asked with a puzzled look.

     "Down there!" Yessey replied optimistically. She then pointed one long, brown feather to the bottom of the lake.

     The Poogle and Kougra peered over, and saw a very minute Krawk at the bottom, which seemed more like a speck of green. However, the Eternity Orb that hung from his neck could not be mistaken, for it glowed with a mystic light just like the ones Yessey and Levita wore.

     "How, may I ask, am I getting down there?" Pishicu muttered as she wiped the bead of ice of her glasses, something she had neglected to do until now.

     "Can't you swim? I know Levita can't considering her being a cat."

     "Not for that long!" the Poogle exclaimed. "Couldn't you lift him up closer to the surface by moving the rocks he's on?"

     The Pteri shook her head. "Nope, he's too far away."

     "Excuse me," Levita muttered. "But I think I might be able to create a portal that's about halfway down to send Pishicu in. I can see that part well enough, so it won't be impossible, and then Pishicu, you could swim down the other half to him, and after you've awaken him, I could create another portal at the halfway down there and get both of you. How about that?"

     "Levita," Yessey chirped, "that is brilliant! Come on, Levita, prepare the portal. We don't have much time you know! If Bebaru catches one of you in the water-- well, it won't be very pleasant."

     The Kougra used her power to create a portal underneath the Poogle, who took a deep breath before she totally sank in. For a small second, Pishicu saw the bright place again, except this time it seemed hazier and her travel through it was less smooth since Levita had never been to the place she was transporting Pishicu too before. However, she still made it to the halfway point in the lake.

     She started to move her paws and swim downward towards the Krawk, determined not to give up or take a breath. The water was very clear, yet it was salty and it stung her eyes, making it even harder for her to proceed. Finally, she was just inches away from Rucsk, and she stretched out her paw and grabbed the orb connected to the chain around his neck, pulled it, and thrust him upward. He stirred for a second, then opened his large, lamp-like eyes. He stared at the Poogle, who was now dying for a breath, and inhaled through his nostrils as if he smelled her for a moment, then opened his mouth in triumph.

     "I know who you arrrrre!" he cried.

     Pishicu, who's face was now a lovely shade a blue, would've liked to respond, but her lack of oxygen was making that very hard.

     "You arrrrre Terzkun'z little zizter! You mezzed up zhings prrrretty badly back in zhe forrrest! You made Amarrrr zend me and zhe ozherzzz away... Hey! Zhat's why I'm down herrrre, izn't it?"

     The Poogle, who was now starting to grow faint and who's face was now a lovely shade of lavendar, nodded vaguely.

     "Oh my! You can't breazh underrrrr waterrrrr, can you? You have to get back to zhe surrrrrface, and quick! Hold on to my tail!" he cried heroically.

     Pishicu, who was now starting to black out and who's face was now a frightening shade of white, did as she was told, and tried her best to maintain a tight grip.

     Suddenly, the Krawk took off like a rocket. He seemed to be made for the water, for he moved through it so easily and swiftly, and before Pishicu knew it they were at the halfway point. Then, a white portal appeared out of nowhere and grabbed them both, and with a flash, they were back up to the surface.

     The Poogle gasped for breath when she reached the slippery ground of the cave, and gulped it down like a baby does sweets.

     "Sorrrry about down zherrrre," Rucsk apologized with a grin. "I'm a little slow on zhe uptake."

     Pishicu stared at him bluntly, as if to say, "No, really?"

     "Okay, now let's head back! No telling what trouble Terskun's gotten himself into," Yessey groaned.

     The others nodded, and then they headed down the path.


     When the group arrived back, they found Terskun standing over Bebaru with his arms and fingers outstretched.

     "'Bout time," he murmured. His words seemed to be force, and he was shaking something terrible. "I can't hold on much longer..."

     "Don't worry Terskun, you won't have to wait much longer! Levita is going to try to create a portal that goes directly to Faerieland, but she needs some time to brace herself! It won't be long!" Yessey reassured Terskun. Levita then sat on the ground, with her eyes closed and breathing deeply.

     It was at that time that Pishicu noticed the sound of running water in the distance. She however, said nothing, for Terskun and Bebaru seemed much more important at the moment.

     "Give up, Terskun, you won't be able to last!" Bebaru cackled. "You're losing your hold already..." She then wiggled her long, pale fingers to demonstrate.

     Then Pishicu noticed that the cave was becoming darker, and the sound of rushing water was becoming louder-- a lot louder. Her attention on Terskun began to loosen, for she started to notice that water on her paws was rising awfully fast.

     "I... can't... hold... on!" the Draik screamed, and finally he dropped to the floor in a large, scaly heap.

     "NO!" Levita, Yessey, and Rucsk screamed.

     Bebaru immediately rose to her feet, and on her lips was the vilest smile Pishicu had ever seen.

     "Now," she hissed with an evil smirk. "I will do what I set out to do! Get ready to hand over your Eternity Orbs as well as your lives!"

     "Everyone, I think you should see this!" Pishicu screamed as she raised her paw and pointed.

     The whole group, pets and faeries, turned towards her and looked at what she was gesturing too.

     "Fyora help us," Yessey mumbled under her breath.

     For rushing towards them was a wall of water, and there was no way to avoid it.

     The Poogle sat, entranced, as she looked at it, unable to move. Suddenly, someone pulled her by the shoulder and called her name. It was Yessey, who was also holding Terskun, and Rucsk. They rushed her over to where Levita was sitting, still unprepared for the spell she was about to cast, even though it seemed time was running out. The water was getting very close, and Pishicu saw that Bebaru was chanting and trying to make a wall of ice around her to save her, but was only about halfway complete.

     The water was right upon them, and Pishicu was sure it was the end so she closed her eyes and winced, but right as it crashed down, she felt something sweep over her. Slowly, she peeked open one green eye and then the other, and she found that she was in some kind of giant bubble along with the rest of the Wisdom Council.

     "W-what's going on?" she stammered as she looked at them.

     "Rucsk's power," Yessey whispered as she nodded her head towards Rucsk, who was standing in the middle with his eyes closed and his arms outstretched. "He can summon shields."

     "Okay, I'm ready to go!" Levita cried.

     They all grabbed onto her, and then disappeared into a portal of light.


     Sisle was sitting in the lovely dining chambers with the other Dark Faeries of the Wisdom Council (all of whom were staring heatedly into their turkey dinners out of embarrassment of their failures) when she felt it. A sensation spread through her right as she was about to take a sip of her red wine (she had wine with all of her meals), and she broke the glass and splattered the drink all over the golden table, purple silk tablecloth, and silver walls.

     "Bebaru failed," she hissed, sending a cold chill throughout the room.

     Amar, Kathry, and Annecy looked up at her, putting down their forks and knives. For a while there was silence, but then Annecy broke it.

     "I told you guys that they were stronger than you thought and they couldn't be beaten, but did you believe me? Nooo! Kathry kept telling me to shut up and that I was bound to be wrong since I'm always wrong-- which I can reassure you that I'm not-- and you said that Bebaru could handle it since she was so strong, Amar, you said that, y'know? And I disagreed with you, and look who's right-- OW!" the faerie screamed as she grasped her head which had just been smacked with candlestick. "Kathry, why did you do that?!"

     "Someone had too," Kathry replied promptly as she placed the candlestick back on the table.

     Some more silence followed, but finally Amar spoke up.

     "So, Sisle, what are we going to do now?" she inquired timidly.

     "I am going to go dig Bebaru out of the ice that the fool has most likely enclosed herself in, and then we'll meet them at Fedle's cave. Some pets have reported seeing a new cave in Faerieland somewhere, but they were too timid to explore it, so that must be it. This will be the end of those pesky pets."

To be continued...

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