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Daughter of a Star: Part Four

by shadih_temporary


"Can I help you young ladies?" said the suave Kyrii standing in the doorway, who Jane and Cali had seen on stage earlier that day when they came to see Yes Boy Ice Cream play.

      "Yes," Jane said, "is Yes Boy Ice Cream still here?"

      "No," said the Kyrii, "as a matter of fact, they're not. The said they couldn't play at midnight, so they departed Tyrannia. Chomby and the Fungus Balls have taken over."

      At that, a purple Fungus Ball with an afro hopped down the hallway in which Jane, Cali, and the Kyrii stood in, heading for the stage.

      "They left Tyrannia?!" Jane shrieked.

      "Yes," the Kyrii replied, "they are currently boarding the ferry in the Tyrannian Jungle, heading for Mystery Island for a "long awaited vacation", as they called it."

      "Oh no!" Jane cried, turning to Cali.

      She quickly spun to face the Kyrii again, "When is the ferry leaving?!"

      The Kyrii turned around to look at the clock on Yes Boy Ice Cream's desk.

      "Five minutes," he said.

      "C'mon!" Jane exclaimed, grabbing Cali's arm and flinging her out of the hallway.

      The two bolted out of the Concert Hall and spotted their bikes behind the stack of boxes. The two hopped onto their bicycles and started pedaling rapidly. They zoomed out of the area and sped right past Andrew, who was slowly pedaling his bike.

      "Hey! Wait up!" he called, pedaling faster, trying to catch up with the two.

      Soon enough, Jane and Cali spotted the ferry. It was very far away, and they would never reach it in time.

      "No! The ferry is going to leave!" Jane cried.

      And at that, Jane pedaled much faster than before. She flapped her wings extremely hard, and while still sitting on the bicycle, lifted herself off the ground and became airborne. Flying through the air while pedaling a bicycle at the same time made Jane extremely fast. She zipped over the tops of trees, leaving Cali behind.

      "Go get 'em, Jane!" Cali called to her.

      Andrew's bicycle came to a sudden halt when he pulled the brakes on it. He stopped right before Cali, confused.

      "Is Jane flying her bicycle?" Andrew asked, his eyes locked on Jane.

      "Yup," Cali replied, not taking her eyes off of Jane.

      "Figures," he said.

      Jane let go of her bicycle, and then flew down to the ferry. She landed on the dock, and her bicycle landed in front of her with a loud THUD!

      "All aboard!" yelled an elderly Aisha, "Next stop, Mystery Island!"

      And at that, the ferry started departing the dock very slowly. It turned slightly, and sailed off, headed for Mystery Island.

      "Oh no!" Jane cried.

      She flapped her wings multiple times until she was lifted off the ground. She flew through the air, headed for the ferry, which was moving faster than she suspected. Soon enough, Jane was directly above the ferry.

      "I have to land on that thing!" she exclaimed.

      Jane straightened herself so that she was as straight as a pencil. She pointed herself towards the ferry, and zoomed down towards it. That was when the ferry made a sudden sharp turn. Jane shrieked when she found that she couldn't stop herself from flying downwards.

      Because she couldn't control herself, Jane landed in the water, missing the ferry by a few inches. She quickly swam to the top and screamed in pain.

      "The water's so cold!!" Jane said, teeth chattering.

      Jane found that she was in the shallow end of the water, and stood. She stood up and looked to her left to find that Mystery Island was about five steps away. She walked onto the beach of Mystery Island and shook her head rapidly, hoping it would dry off.

      "Okay, now where's that ferry?" Jane said aloud, looking around the area.

      She pushed aside some trees and spotted a dock not too far away. The ferry parked itself in front of the dock, and soon enough, Yes Boy Ice Cream exited the ferry, and walked onto sandy beach of Mystery Island.

      "Oh my gosh! It's them!" Jane exclaimed, turning her back to the trees she pushed aside.

      She turned around again to see what they were doing. The Yes Boy Ice Cream Shoyrus were carrying small suitcases, and were wearing sandals. They had sunglasses shielding their eyes from the sun, and were looking pretty relaxed already.

      Jane hopped through a small passageway in the collection of trees and ran towards Yes Boy Ice Cream. She ran and ran and ran, ran as fast as her little legs could go. She must have forgotten she could fly.

      Soon enough, Jane stopped running. She stood before Yes Boy Ice Cream themselves… well, sort of. They had their backs to her.

      "Yeah, we should find out what hotel we're staying in before we go lay at the beach," the Yellow Shoyru said to the Blue Shoyru.

      "Nah, we can do that later," Blue said.

      "Nope. I agree, we should go see what hotel we're staying in," said Red.

      "Yes Boy Ice Cream!!" Jane shouted with joy.

      The Yes Boy Ice Cream Shoyrus turned to face Jane. She was dirty, sweaty, wet, out-of-breathe, and very tired, all at the same time.

      "Oh, gosh, another rabid fan," Yellow said, under his breathe.

      He took off the green sunglasses he wore and toyed with his red gloves before saying anything to her.

      "Can we help you, little girl?" Yellow finally said.

      "Okay, I know this is going to be a little hard to believe, but…" Jane started, "YOU GUYS ARE RELATED TO ME!"

      The Yes Boy Ice Cream Shoyrus stood there for a moment and then looked at one another. They suddenly burst out laughing. And they wouldn't stop, they were hysterical! The Blue Shoyru even fell over and rolled around on the ground laughing extremely hard.

      "I'm serious!" Jane cried.

      The Yellow Shoyru stopped laughing for just a moment, "And do you have any proof of that?"

      Right after he spoke those words, the Yellow Shoyru began laughing his butt off, again. Jane angrily reached behind her, and revealed the photo that she hid underneath her pillow.

      Yellow stopped laughing completely, while Blue and Red continued to laugh hysterically. Yellow put his sunglasses on with a confused look on his face. He walked slowly up to Jane, and took the picture from her, with an angry expression still glued to Jane's face. Yellow spotted him and his band members sitting on the bench in the background.

      "Jane?" Yellow said, speaking softly.

      "Dad?" Jane softly replied, tears forming in her eyes.

      Yellow's face suddenly dropped, "You're that pesky Shoyru!"

      "What?!" Jane demanded.

      "You're that Shoyru I adopted!" Yellow said, "I adopted you so that I could have an extra personality! Something like a back-up personality, in case my ratings suddenly dropped extremely low! I would use you against them, pretending I was a loving and caring father who still had the time to play the lead singer in a band!"

      Jane was flabbergasted.

      "But nobody gave a care about me having a daughter!" Yellow began to get angry, "So I quickly abandoned you on the day they were giving out one million Neopoints at the Money Tree! No one would be at the pound at that time, and that way, no one would see me as a "careless and irresponsible father"! But that one girl was there! She adopted you as soon as I abandoned you. She asked someone to take a picture of you two, and I tried my best to get out of the area. But I was too late! They took the picture, and my band and I ended up in the background of this photograph!"

      And at that, Yellow ripped the photograph he held in his hands to a couple thousand shreds.

      "No!" Jane cried, bursting into tears.

      "There! Now no one will ever know about that!" Yellow said.

      And that's when Jane snapped. She stood up slowly, staring at the ground.

      "You don't know what I went through to get here," Jane said.

      "Does it look like I care?" Yellow asked, rolling his eyes.

      "I rode my bike all the way from my home in the Tyrannian Jungle to the Tyrannian Concert Hall in the Tyrannian Plateau," Jane started, still staring at the ground, "just to find that you weren't there anymore. A Kyrii told me that you were boarding a ferry in the Tyrannian Jungle that was headed for Mystery Island. I rode my bike as fast as I could, there. My bike was totally destroyed. I then miss the ferry, and fly from Tyrannia to Mystery Island, missing the beach and landing in the water. I finally meet you guys, and this happens."

      Yellow rolled his eyes and turned to Red and Blue, who stopped laughing, "So, do you guys know what hotel we're staying in?"

      Jane suddenly and infuriatingly lifted her head and bored her eyes into the back of Yellow's head. She flapped her wings a few time, and lifted herself into the air. She then zipped down at Yellow, and gave him a good old kick in the rear end. Yellow screamed as he flew through the air and landed in the waters of Mystery Island's ocean.

      Blue and Red watched the whole thing, and turned to face Jane, wide-eyed.

      "Can I help you, little boys?" Jane smirked.

      Blue and Red exchanged glances, and then sprinted out of the area, running for cover. Jane smiled, and soon afterwards frowned.

      "I'm such an idiot," Jane said, aloud, crouching down and sitting on the sandy landscape of Mystery Island, "I'm much better off living with Amy. I have no clue why I wanted to live with these slobs. They're such jerks. And now, I'm in Mystery Island. I'm too weak to fly back to Tyrannia, and my siblings and mother are all the way in Tyrannia. I'm helpless."

      Jane stared at the ocean, washing the waves elegantly crash to she shore, creating the most relaxing sound Jane could possibly imagine.

      "I've told you several times not to put yourself down, Jane," said a voice from behind Jane.

      Jane hopped up and spun around. It was Amy!

      "Mum!" Jane said, immediately hugging her mother, never wanting to let go, "But… how?!"

      "I knew what you were up to," Amy replied, smiling, "you were always so clever! I knew you would discover this whole thing sooner or later. So, I followed you. I followed you to the Concert Hall, and when I found that Chomby and the Fungus Balls were filling in for yes Boy Ice Cream, I boarded the ferry that they were taking to Mystery Island. And now, here we are!"

      Jane hugged her mother again, "You're the best, Mum!"

      Amy smiled once more, and then motioned towards the ferry.

      "The ferry is heading back to Tyrannian in the next five minutes or so," Amy said, "let's go home, shall we?"

      "All over it," Jane smiled.

      The two boarded the ferry, and pretty soon, the ferry left Mystery Island, heading straight for Tyrannia.

      "Jane?" Amy said, a confused look spread across her face.

      "Yeah, Mum?" Jane replied, turning to look at her.

      "Where are Cali and Andrew?"

The End

Author's note: Yay! This is Char speaking. Thank you for reading my story! This one was so fun to write! But it took me about three weeks to write because of that EVIL writer's block. I hope you enjoyed it! I wrote it pretty late at night, so there's bound to be millions of billions of typos. Oh yeah, don't forget to eat your cheese, it's YUMMY! O.o

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