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Chomper's Journal: An Arkmite's Story

by duster119


Entry One

I found this little pad of paper in the window of my current confinement. I think it belongs to the lady here, the Boss, because it's got lists of silly things like how much food we eat in a week, or how many of us were sold one day or another. She won't miss it. Besides, I've got better uses for things like you, Journal.

      I'm not too pleased with my current dilemma. I'm situated in the display window of a store in New Maraqua. The Boss calls it a "Petpet Shop." It seems that she gets rid of us to give to other people and pets, I think she calls them "owners" or something. I'm only a little Arkmite, barely a month old, and I was captured by some Flotsam strolling about! He took me here, away from my mother, to be "sold." But I guess now I've got a friend.

Entry Two

      I really, really hate this dumb place. Everyone's afraid of me! I only bite and snarl when I want to play with everyone, for Kelpbeard's sake! But they just scream and hide in a window corner. They must think I want to eat them or something crazy like that! I wish I had some friends, or at least some other Arkmites to keep me company.

      Today I snarled at this baby Noak, asking it if it wanted to play tag, and it shrieked like anything. It got extra kibbles and I got slapped. The Boss picked me up, and said I was "vicious," and "not fit for contact with the others." She stuffed me into this ugly, tiny little cage. Nobody understands!

Entry Three

      My mother always told me that Arkmites are the leading Petpets of the ocean, so much that Swordmaster Talek even took some of us into his city to be trained as castle guards. So I'm thinking that she'd be horrified at the treatment that's being sent my way.

      People point at me, and ask about me and things. I like it so I snap and growl to let them know I want to play. But then the little ones cry, the big ones scowl and then the Boss says, "Oh, you don't want that thing, it's very vicious." So they pick out some Marafin or Noak and take it home with them.

      Got to go, Diary. Lunch is here and this is all I get till tomorrow.

Entry Four

      I don't believe it. I'm out of my prison! Today this human thing and this weird little pet entered the shop. Boss called the human "Miss" so I guess that's her name. The pet was bright gold, so much it hurt my eyes. He looked around, and then caught sight of me and my cage.

      He asked how much I cost, and Miss looked at me suspiciously. I was worried that I'd cause the same reaction in her that I had with all the other creatures. But the golden kid, he made that whining noise giants make when they want something, and the Miss lady sighed, and asked how much I'm not sure what that means, but then the Boss looked happy and said "free." She dropped me in a roomy tank with fake seaweed and sand, and then said something to the two giants.

      So now I'm on my way to my new home! I hope it's better than the last one I've had to contend with. Maybe this creature will understand me and other Arkmites in a way no one else has.

Entry Five

      I guess this isn't as great as I thought. I don't see my owner that often; he says he goes to a place called "school" most days. But I least I know his name. It's Kitora, and he says he's a golden Shoyru. He's nice enough, and he gives me a LOT of food, but I still wish he'd spend more time with me.

      Oh, and one more thing before bed: I have a name! Kitora called me, "Chomper." It's not very original, but it's nice not to be known as "Vicious" or "Mr. Arkmite," as Kitora's sisters have taken to calling me. Sheesh. It's quite annoying.

Entry Six

      Every day, Kitora brings a bunch of noisy friends his age to see me. They torment me. Well, at least I think that they're tormenting me. They poke their paws in during "dares," and they don't take them out unless I snap and snarl. Then they all get scared and leave, and then Kitora yells at me. I highly doubt that he knows what I feel.

      In all the excitement of Kitora's "friends," I forgot to tell you how hot it is here. But I guess that's the world's way. We live in a place called "Sakhmet," and Kitora says it's in the Lost Desert. No wonder the thermometers always break here.

Entry Seven

      I'm not so lonely anymore. The Miss bought me this thing she calls a "Petpetpet." It's some little bug called a Larnikin. Kitora says it'll keep me company when he's not home, which is often.

      I'd better go get to know it. That's all for now, Diary.

Entry Eight

      I've been in confinement too long. How was I supposed to know that the Larnikin just sat and ate? Well, he amuses me. I call him Corky, because he floats on the water. I bat him around just for fun. I think he's more of a toy than a companion. If they forget to feed me one day, maybe I can just eat him.

      Maybe not. Corky just went upside down. I don't think that's a good sign. Better go turn him over.

Entry Nine

      I've been plotting plans of escape. I want to be free, not cooped up in a tiny tank, with only a cork-like insect for company. I remember Mother telling me about the Arkmites that live close to the surface - Oh, how I miss those days! - our species could survive on land at one time. Apparently the surface-dwellers still can.

      Maybe I can, too. Maybe...

Entry Ten

      I can't believe the turn of events! I won't have to escape after all! I heard the Miss having a talk with Kitora about how happy I am (apparently his sister has already had this talk about a Peo) and Kitora has made a strange decision. He told me he's going to move me into a saltwater pond in the backyard. I've seen it from my view on the table. It's not the same as an ocean, I'm sure, but still, it will be better than my poky existence in a mere tank. I'll have a delightful amount of room to play in, and Miss says I can chomp all I like. Just like old times. I'll still miss the Maraquan life, sure, but if this is the closest I can get to that, the pond it'll be.

Entry Eleven

      This is going to be my last entry. I'm currently sitting in a plastic bowl filled with water as they clean my tank. They're moving me today, into my new home. Kitora still has custody of me but I'll be much freer. Corky's coming too. I can't wait.

      If this were one of the faerie-tales the Miss reads to Kitora, it would say "The End." But since I'm ending my confined life and beginning a new chapter, in its stead I write:

The Beginning

Author's Note: Just to let you know, Chomper's reference to Nat and the "Peo Incident" can be read about in issue 233. Yay!

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