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A Trophy Collector's Version of Plushie Tycoon

by anna_arnold


GAMES ROOM - Do you want another shiny trophy for your cabinet? I’m sure you do. Many people want the Plushie Tycoon trophy but think it’s too hard to play and make a profit. My guide gives you step by step instructions in how to play Plushie Tycoon and make over 50,000 NP. You must be thinking, she must be kidding. But I’m not. My guide is made to play the game quickly and make over 50,000 NP and receive a nice and shiny bronze trophy.

Start the game at the beginning of the month. Click "create store" on the main Plushie Tycoon page. Ta-da. Your store is created. Make sure not to pay any rent on your stores.

To set your time zone, go back to the main page and in red lettering, the pick your time zone message will appear. Now pick a zone where you're on for most of the 9-5 work hours on Plushie Tycoon. (I play on the Hawaii time zone.)

Now check material prices at the purchase raw goods page on the hour after an update (xx::01) until you see the prices low. Low would be: cloth 300-400 NP, stuffing 400-450 NP, accessories 1000-1300 NP and packing 600-800 NP.

The low prices may take quite a while to show up but it’s well worth it. But if you're impatient or start my guide later, the prices that are only 100 or so NP higher are fine. Once the prices are low enough, you will be buying the best option of each material: red cloth, neocotton stuffing, rare gem accessories and velvet bags packing.

Buy enough material to make 7 batches of plushies. Making any of the 4 or 5 cloth plushies that require accessories would work.

The 4 cloth plushies are Kougra, Yurble, Zafara, Elephante and Draik. The 5 cloth plushie is Ruki. So that would be 28-35 cloth pieces depending on your plushie preference.

Purchase 7 neocottons. Pick any of the plushie combinations to buy 7 accessories and finally get 7 velvet bags.

Now you wait until 5 days before the month ends. Right after any update (xx: 01), (Update hours in the game are 9-5), go to the factory and go to start new job.

Make batches of plushies in set of 100s. They're easier to sell. Keep making jobs until it says to upgrade your factory, then do that. And repeat that when the upgrade message comes up once again. Your factory will be at size 3 and you'll still have materials left for one job.

Hire 200 graduates and 200 trainees and 40 managers. (This isn't economical but it gets 400 plushies done in 1 hour.) Make sure to hire the workers closer to when Plushie Tycoon updates so they get more work done.

While you're waiting for Plushie Tycoon to update, go to the warehouse and pay the rent on it. You don't need to upgrade it because a few upgrades don’t make a big difference. Only if you want to upgrade to a large size as 8 or 9 does the size make a difference. Since you have 5 days, a few minutes won't make a difference.

Do the same for the shop but upgrade it to size 9. The rent for it is not "pro-rated" so it can be upgraded for no cost.

Once 1 hour passes, fire all the workers and the plushies will be loading in your warehouse. 4 batches should have been completed. If not, fire workers accordingly and leave enough to finish off that remaining batch. You only need 4 batches for now. You'll be making the rest later.

Since there’s now space in your factory, start the last job but don't hire any workers unless the 4 batches didn't complete.

Now while you're waiting for your plushies to load, go to the shop and you'll be purchasing some upgrades and advertisements so your plushies will sell.

Make sure while buying upgrades and advertisements that you try not to spend too much. Leave about 6000 NP on hand to pay the manager and to ship plushies.

For the upgrades buy the full carpet, up to gas lanterns for lighting, and up to Rent-A-Gelert for store security.

For the advertisements, buy the full flyers, full gifts, full candy and up to sunglasses for clothing.

You don't need to buy all of these, spend wisely so you don't go bankrupt.

After about 3 hours, check the warehouse to see if the plushies have loaded. (The warehouse updates 24 hours unlike the store and factory which function on a 9-5 work day)

Keep checking the warehouse until they've loaded. Once they've loaded, ship them to your store. You should have 5000 NP on hand.

If you started making plushies from 9 in the morning, you should be able to get a few hours of selling plushies until 5 pm.

Now you wait for your plushies to sell. Selling all 4 batches should take about 1 day or so in the game.

Once they've all sold, you should have about 42,000 on hand.

With all this money, right after an update, go to the factory and hire some workers.

You'll be hiring 170 graduates and 160 trainees to make the remaining 300 plushies. Hire 33 managers to watch the workers.

After Plushie Tycoon updates, check to see how many plushies have been made. Most should have been made.

If not, fire workers accordingly to finish how many plushies are remaining; i.e. if 10 plushies are left, keep 10-15 workers with a manager or 2 to finish off the remaining plushies.

The remaining 3 batches are in your warehouse loading. It should take about 3 hours again for them to load.

Once they load, ship them to your store.

Once the remaining 3 batches sell, you should have over 50,000 on hand.

Congrats; once the month ends, you'll have won a bronze trophy and you don't need to ever play the game again. =)

This process should take about 4 days but I say do it with 5 days before the month ends. There’s no problem with having too much time, but one with having too little time.

Hopefully my guide will help you on your quest to achieve a new trophy for your cabinet. Happy tycooning! =)

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