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A Public Service Announcement by the NSPCPP

by havenlad


Dear Neopian Times readers,

It has come to the attention of the NSPCPP (Neopian Society for the Prevention of Cruelty to Petpets) that some of our beloved Petpets are being mistreated. Why would anyone do such a thing, I hear you ask. Sometimes it's completely accidental or unavoidable, but some people do it on purpose for their own selfish gains.

The most common instance seems to be the cruelty towards the Abominable Snowball. This is unacceptable. We understand that they are, by their nature, very unpleasant Petpets (hence the name) but with the right conditions they can be the best Petpets in the world. They are very high maintenance, but oh so cute. Look at the little matching hat and scarf. Look at the little sticks for arms. Look at the big smile on their faces. They come in a vast range of colours that won't look out of place with ANY pet in Neopia. And more than that, the price is right. They are ideal for everyone from newbies to veteran Neopians.

Many people see Petpets as a mere status symbol.

"This petpet cost me 10 million neopoints"

"This petpet got me a cool avatar”

"This petpet matches my expensive painted pet"

These are common phrases heard around Neopia. Well, we at the NSPCPP are completely against this. Petpets are for life, not just for avatars.

I can hear what you're thinking. "Why would you want to buy an Abominable Snowball? They're one of the cheapest Petpets there is, right?" Right. But the price is an advantage, and besides, how many happy Abominable Snowballs have you ever come across? Right again, none. Could you be the first owner in Neopia to thaw the icy heart of this Petpet with your love and affection? If so, you'd have a petpet worth more than a thousand Moltenores. (Disclaimer: In terms of value, this is a lie, it will merely give you self-satisfaction).

What's that? You want an Abominable Snowball but don't know where to get one? Never fear, the NSPCPP is here! The easiest way is to search the Shop Wizard and rescue one of these poor neglected Petpets, as long as you don't mind parting with 1,500 Neopoints. You could try and restock one at the Wintery Petpet store or the Igloo Garage Sale for a fraction of the price, but it may take time and patience. For the poor Neopians among you, you might just be able to get lucky when you visit the Snowager. He's been known to keep a stash of them in his treasure pile! Not only are these Petpets a challenge, but they're also easy to get hold of!

So you went ahead and bought yourself an Abominable Snowball, did you? Congratulations on making the right choice. We appreciate that they are very demanding so we have produced this 10 point guide to looking after your very own Abominable Snowball. Hopefully this, along with your own skills, will lead to a long and prosperous relationship between you and your Abominable Snowball.

1. DO NOT take these Petpets to the Petpet Lab. We know they're cheap, but it's unfair to put one of these little guys through torture just so you can get your avatars the easy way.

2. DO NOT take these Petpets to the Lost Desert in the middle of summer. Nobody wants an Abominable Puddle, now do they? Ever wondered where those puddles come from in the Petpetsitter game? There's your answer, and what do you do? Just mop them up. Shame on you.

3. DO NOT take these Petpets to Terror Mountain in the middle of winter. Good luck finding them if you do. We've had reports of Abominable Snowballs that have been left on Terror Mountain to fend for themselves. They are hunting in packs and eating everything that gets in their way.

4. DO NOT try and give these Petpets a nose. They were born without one, and they're happy without one. We've had numerous reports of people picking up a chilli pepper instead of a carrot by mistake. It ended in tears every time.

5. DO NOT get involved in a game of Snow Wars when you have one of these little guys with you. They bite, and if someone gets hit by one of these things, you'll need a pretty good Lawyerbot.

6. DO NOT under any circumstances store these Petpets in your freezer in your Neohome. They're claustrophobic and very violent. Storing them in a box will only make them angry.

7. DO NOT give these Petpets to ANY Fire pet under ANY circumstances; you could see a few thousand Neopoints go up in smoke (or steam, as it were).

8. DO NOT paint these Petpets with a yellow petpet paintbrush. They'll become social outcasts and hold it against you for the rest of their lives. We have also had reports that they taste funny, but can't find anyone brave enough to test this theory.

9. DO NOT buy a Baby Fireball to give to another Neopet you own. They are mortal enemies and will fight like Lupe and Aisha. It's a little known fact, but it's a disaster waiting to happen.

10. DO NOT squash this petpet with a piece of card in the hope that you can imitate the TCG. It may be 10,000 NP profit if you can pull it off, but could you cope with that on your conscience? Didn't think so.

If you follow these points, and use your expertise as a Neopian you will have a loving and loyal petpet for many years to come.

However, ignore these guidelines at your own peril. They are for your own safety as much as the protection of the Abominable Snowball.

Coming soon from the NSPCPP: Meepits, Merely Misunderstood. What's So Special About Moltenore? and Petpetpets: Are They Good Or Bad For My Petpet?

This has been a Public Service Announcement by the NSPCPP. A non-profit sister company of the PPL (Petpet Protection League), supporter of the game 'Petpet Rescue' and long-time campaigner against the games 'Petpet Battles' and 'Petpet Cannonball'.

And remember, Petpets are for life, not just for avatars!

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