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Little Known Facts About the Aisha

by glamness


I consider Aishas to be greatly underrated pets, often overshadowed by Krawks, Draiks and Kougras. But then I thought-there’s so many amazing qualities about Aishas! Through this article, perhaps I can get people talking about the Aisha again, and thinking about this wonderful old-school pet. This may even inspire a few people to OWN a new Aisha, so here’s to new feline family members. Here are some Aisha facts in a random order:

There are two main types of Aishas-Nutmeg Aishas and Saffron Aishas. Nutmeg Aishas are the most common and are noted by their ears-the pod at the top is a lot more rounded, like a household cat. This can be seen most obviously on a baby Aisha as well as brown and camouflage varieties. The Nutmeg Aisha is very laid-back, and enjoys activities such as fishing and rubbing up against its owner's legs. The Nutmeg Aisha is the first to tell you when it is happy and enjoying itself, and is often the life and soul of the party. It enjoys looking after itself and often hankers after organic foods.

The Saffron Aisha’s ears are extremely pointed, and this can be seen most clearly in Darigan Aishas, as well as the basic colours Red, Green Blue and Yellow. The Saffron Aisha is extremely dangerous if provoked or cornered, and often comes equipped with very sharp claws. Its interests include laughing evilly and chasing petpets in circles. This is not to say the Saffron Aisha is completely evil-it often enjoys a grooming session with its owner, verbal praise and soup. It has been known in some recorded instances in Neopian history that the Saffron Aisha can be very brave and even sacrifice itself if need be-so this breed is the most mysterious and actually the least rare.

Aishas enjoy a sense of achievement. Mainly in three areas-Reading, Gourmet cooking, and Beauty. I will talk about these separately.

An Aisha always sets out with a goal in life, and often gets unhappy if its nose isn’t stuck in a book (or a bowl of soup.) Aishas often aspire to reach the most-books-read trophy, and Aishas, you will find, are very widely read naturally and interested in a variety of subjects, including facts about its own and other species, fashion, collectable cards, Brightvale history, science and erm... taking over the world.

If an Aisha doesn’t want to achieve in the world of books (though an Aisha will VERY rarely turn down a book!) why not try the appreciation of gourmet cooking together? You and your pet could easily whip up a batch of ghost marshmallows, or go puntec-fruit-picking. Many gourmet foods are affordable and as your pets gourmet points keep climbing, queue a very happy, very affectionate Aisha. (Try to buy a jump rope to keep off those extra pounds though-scorchipeppers can be very fatty.)

Aishas as aforementioned love grooming and looking after themselves, so why not draw a flattering portrait of them for other owners to admire? Just being in the contest itself is often enough to excite the most unexcitable Aisha!

Aishas are also very naturally talented in various areas; specifically, they are very musically inclined (unlike the Kougra!) So entertain this flight of fancy-buy your dear pet a keyboard or bass guitar and watch the roof of your neohome shake with rhythm! Better yet, make neopoints from a wide audience in the marketplace as they watch your Aisha rock out!

Occasionally Aishas have very unusual talents, such as gardening-they can tend the most amazing herb garden, or landscape your lawn with all manner of gnomes and fountains-Aishas naturally have very refined taste, so you might want to rethink what you are currently feeding yours! They are also naturally skilled in the Battledome-their bodies are very streamlined (perfect for sneaking up on Punchbag Bob and Chia Clown!), they have very large, sharp claws tucked away, and their long ears can hold extra weapons. They have a knack of picking out which weapon will help in the Battledome also, so listen to your pet next time you go shopping together!

This knack within finance and refined taste can really help in the stockmarket, or even within your humble shop. Your Aisha will know JUST what to restock with to make EXTRA neopoints, and a lot of the time, point a claw in the right direction when investing.

An Aisha is also an excellent talking point. Other Neopians are often drawn to admiring their long ears, glossy coat and swishy tails. You can find yourself making a new friend every day with the help of your friendly neighbourhood Aisha, especially as they look so non-threatening (this may not work if you own a Darigan or mutant Aisha, unless they are particularly friendly.)

An Aisha is an excellent pet to have around the neohome, generally-their super-sharp claws can core apples and open tins with no problem, their superior Battledome skills will ward off unwanted visitors, their interior design taste will mean an amazing furniture range, and their knack for earning those neopoints means a lot more range in food, weaponry and furniture!

The Aisha avatars really brighten up the board-that recent Disco Aisha avvie was really stunning, and quite a few users plumped for it. More often I am seeing the pirate Aisha avvie in use too, as well as the good old default. And notice how much hot pink font use there is around? I believe the neon font colours are inspired directly from the disco Aishas' fur.

Aishas bring with them some really amazing accessories-Aisha angel cookies, Aisha books, Aisha stamps, a board game... and the Aisha plushies are second to none. They’re made of a softer fabric than the other plushies, and really purr when you squeeze them! That’s more than enough reason to make an Aisha-themed gallery, or add some Aisha plushies to your collection. The books are also readily available and some are great for younger readers!

If all this doesn’t convince you, how about the Aisha’s mysterious history? The roots of the Aisha may be rooted in space-for all we know, there is a huge Aisha planet... That would certainly explain the Nerkmid machine!

So for a wonderful, loyal, affectionate, mysterious, talented, refined and random pet full of surprises and love, plump for the Aisha, not at any dragon-related neopet!

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