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Hungry Skeith: Just One More Jelly Left...

by rob456bie789


GAMES ROOM - Hungry Skeith combines both the joy of racking up your score with the thrill and intensity of the conveyer belt slowly speeding up. At first glance this game seems extremely easy to master, but that is far from the truth. It demands complete concentration and several different styles of strategies in order to fully master the game and finally get the trophy and the avatar that everyone hopes to obtain. In this guide I will be going over all the different aspects in which you can take with you and hopefully my wisdom I have placed in this guide will be enough for you to fully understand the game.

The History of The Hungry Skeith!!!

Hungry Skeith began its history as the game everyone knows as Jelly Processing Plant. I personally never got the hang of Jelly Processing Plant before its time was up and it was finally sent to rest in the game graveyard. It did not affect me that much since I've only played it a few times but later on Hungry Skeith came out. I decided to give it a shot since I had nothing better to do that day (spent the day earning neopoints), and once I tried it, I was instantly hooked. I started my first game with intense focus and played on and on with much prevail and got the third place position my first game. I wasn’t happy with just a bronze trophy; I had to have a gold so I tried the game again. And within two games I was the proud owner of a shiny new gold Hungry Skeith champion trophy. It just proves that you do not need hours upon hours of practice to become a champion; sometimes it’s just a hidden talent. So try as many games as you can and eventually you’ll find a game you're good at…

Sorry about that, kind of lost focus there, now where was I… oh yeah, the changes. The game play of Hungry Skeith has changed since the days of Jelly Processing Plant. One of the main differences between the two games is that instead of three different colored jellies, you have three different types of food. These pieces of food vary from green cakes to blue jelly and red items. Of course you’re going to put these items in the vats; even a Skeith wouldn’t eat that kind of food. Another main different between the two games is instead of eating delicious looking ice cream, you get stuck eating burnt cakes and normal looking ice cream. This is great for the Skeith since he gets a wide variety of food to eat but it doesn’t do anything for you since you don’t get points for him eating it.

Game Play

The first thing that most people should know before attempting to get a trophy at this game is to have a SLOW COMPUTER! I obtained my trophy using the only computer in my house, which luckily runs slow. The concept of this game is very simple to understand. You put the red items in the red vat, the blue items in the blue vat and the green items in the green vat. Sounds easy right? But it gets even more complex. After every level the conveyer belt slowly starts to speed up. Even with the speed of the conveyer belt, there are things to help you throughout the game and what I’m talking about is DESSERT! The dessert plays a huge role in this game because it gives you time to regain focus and gather your thoughts and prepare your next step toward that long awaited trophy. Now all that’s left of the basics is the controls. They are pretty simple controls compared to some of the more complex games. Pressing the left and right keys will move the Buzz the corresponding directions. Pressing up and down will shift the Buzz back and forth between the vats and the conveyer belt. Last but not least is the space bar. Perhaps the most important key you’ll need to play this game. The first time you press the space bar it will pick up an items, and if you are holding an item and press the space bar, it will release the item that you are currently holding. Now that you have mastered the basics of the game, it’s now time to actually start playing the game.

The Game

If you skipped all the previous paragraphs and the title of the article, there wouldn’t be a point to reading this paragraph, but for those who have been reading this article, the game of Hungry Skeith has a very simple outlook. The requirement for the completion of each level increases by 5 each level. For example, level one starts off with 5 items to pass while the second level requires 10 items to pass. As the requirements increase, it gives you more opportunities to raise your score. Each items has a different point value, as shown by the table below.

Red Item 3 points

Blue Jellies 5 points

Green Cakes 8 points

Throughout the entire game, you are given 5 mistakes that you can make. They can either be from putting an item in the wrong vat or having the Skeith eat a red, blue or green items. Once you’ve made a mistake there isn’t a way of getting it back so make them last for as long as you can. Fast reflexes play a huge role here because if you have the reflexes of a Turdle, then don’t expect to get past the first level.

Tips, Tips and More Tips!

Along with the guide above, here are several more tips that you can use toward all your future games of Hungry Skeith.

1. On the slower levels, try to gather all the green cakes before anything else. If you get a red item, just move it back to the back of the conveyer belt and hope for some of the most valuable items.

2. Once you get to higher levels and the conveyer becomes a lot faster, here’s a tip to help with the control of the buzz. Once you’ve dropped an item into one of the vats, quickly move the buzz back to the edge of the conveyer next to the Skeith. This gives you time to see what the item is and where you should position yourself.

Congratulation! Now you have mastered both the controls of Hungry Skeith and learned enough tips in order for you to get your long awaited trophy, and if you haven’t gotten it yet, the avatar. I highly encourage anyone who feels lucky enough to send a challenge my way. Hopefully you’ll be able to use my guide to take me down.

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