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Rainy Day Joys

by enkelilintu


We've all been there; sat with your Neopet and wondering what on earth to do whilst the rain subsides. Your pet gazing at you expecting another boring playtime. Instead of bundling them off for a sheltered 24 hours at the Neolodge, why not try something new?

I'll admit it, I found myself in the same difficult position not long ago. Rain pouring and a bored Neopet. I idly played one or two games, nothing out of the norm but surely there's more for a rainy day in Neopia? A friend - whose invaluable advice continues to amaze me - recommended I take some Neopoints, buy a bunch of beauty products, have a pampering session with my pet, and then enter the Beauty Contest, just for fun.

My bank account was nice and cosy, and I wasn't keen on taking out a pretty sum to go shopping with but I heeded the advice and gave it a whirl. Soon I was buying one of everything in the Beauty Parlour. Zavarita (my pet) sure appreciated the gesture and after a while we were snapping some photographs of her for the contest.

It was one of the best days I've had with her, and definitely the best rainy day I've experienced in Neopia. The Beauty Contest was a no go, too many picture perfect pets out there. Still, we had a fantastic time.

It opened my eyes to the many possibilities available to brighten a rainy day. Not long after, there was another day of bad weather. Once again I raided my bank account and this time went to the races. Poogle races are great; even in the rain. No great wins to report but some fun in the process.

Next we decided to have a bash at the Battledome. This meant a quick trip to some stores beforehand to buy food, healing potions and of course defence armour. Zavarita is a scholar by nature so we knew the idea of her fighting was just for larks sake. The day was yet another brilliant one for us and we had a great giggle.

It has to be said, that the many available activities are one of the best things about Neopia. What use is it having these amazing pets if you have no world to share with them? Zavarita enjoys exploring her world and sharing it with me, something I feel honoured to experience. I wonder how many of us sit back and imagine a life away from Neopia?

People come and go but the Neopets we love and adore are a true constant in our lives. Any day is better for their presence. They are positive therapy and masters in crafting smiles. I’ve known people who come to Neopia and merely collect Neopoints, with little consideration for their pets and no involvement in the community around them. Neopia is as much or as little as you want it to be, but the most fulfilled Neopet owners are those most immersed in the fantastical world.

Maybe I once fell into the latter category of hermit and Neopoints collector. I firmly believe it takes a while to acquaint yourself with your pet to the point that you are ready to embrace the rest of Neopia and its wonders. Those readers who still find themselves counting every Neopoint whilst their pet stays hungry and bored appear to be ignorant and unaware. They need to sit facing their pet and ask themselves the age old question; cui bono (who gains)?

In all honestly, I now find myself immensely excited when I wake up and see it's raining. I know it means a fun day of exploring for my pet and for me – who I now see as merely a follower of her.

To anyone who may see my ramblings as incoherent nonsense, I may agree partially with you. Until my first rainy day I thought Neopets were something to be kept at arm's length and enjoyed when nothing else much was going on. I decided to make a diary about my Neopet exploits, the first entry being the rainy day. A couple of weeks later I read back over the entries and realised that since that one day when I’d really put effort into exploring; I’d had some of the best adventures I’d ever experienced.

My diary is now more of a log, a log book of amazing and fun adventures that I never thought I’d have within Neopia. I’ve met people, wonderful people who are all joined by the ecstasy felt during adventures with our pets, adventures that have prompted us to stay in Neopia and have more fun each day.

Neopia is that rare and beautiful world where the mundane and everyday activities such as buying food are just as fun and exciting as the truly unique games, scenarios and settings that can only be found in Neopia. Even making a visit to the bank becomes something with flair when you’re greeted by a briefcase wielding dragon.

Every day is superb in Neopia, if that’s what you choose to make it. You certainly won’t hear any complaints from your Neopet! Rainy days don’t have to be grim or dull. They can be just as colourful as any other because that’s the beauty of Neopia; flexibility and variety that mean every day can be different and every day can be special.

So, through my rainy days, what did I discover? That Neopia has many enjoyable activities? Well, I knew that already. Did I perhaps find that there are things that can brighten your day, interwoven into the fabrics of Neopia? Again, something I knew. Did I learn that it's not the winning, it's the taking part? Possibly, though if the taking part is farcical you can hardly expect to win.

No. I learnt, discovered and embraced one thing; that spending time doing anything with your Neopet can brighten any day, open any door, touch any and every part of you, shy away any rain cloud and make wonderful memories that will push away those grey clouds in the future.

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