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What's in a Name?

by danman111111


What is in a name? Ask yourself this, and then ask yourself again, and again, and again, and... well, you get the picture. We all see people going around with pets named things like fluffy12347984219045689 and usernames like danman111111 (...hey!) but is that what you would call a real friend or pet? I know I wouldn’t. This article -I hope- will give you some insight into the world of choosing a name for your pet, and if you ever decide to change accounts then it will help you succeed with that too!

Alright, let’s get started. As a general rule numbers are a no-no. There are some exceptions, though, but we will get to that later. As far as types of names go there are really three different types that I plan to cover in this article. Remember that you don’t have to use all the types. You could always stick to one method for all your pets or alternate between a few or all of them.

The first type of name we are going to talk about is bad names. I’m talking 1258743209 type names. Would you really want to be caught walking the streets of Neopia with a name like that or a pet named something like that? I really doubt you would so we won’t really discuss this one since I sincerely hope you don’t choose one of these after you are done reading this article and know the facts about other routes to take.

The second type of names I will be teaching about is interests/real name/looks names. Names like LadyShiraz (who is a Royal Draik) fit the look very well. GekoGal’s (who is a Krawk) name also fits her look since Krawks look a lot like real life Geckos. Draiyle is a perfect example of a “real name” name. He was originally going to be called Draillle but since that name was taken the owner decided to tweak it to an unused name; great idea! Now you may be thinking that there are no names left out there that would work well for my newest pet. I guarantee you that there are a million and one or more names than you think there are that look would work well with your pet. Remember that, although not preferable, numbers sometimes equal letters. Some examples are 0=O, 4=A, 1=L or I, 3=E, etc. If you can, try not to use numbers even in a scenario like the one I described, but if you absolutely have to, then it’s not all that bad. Also, as far as the look of a name goes, capitalization is important! Let’s say for example you have a pet named ToeTapper. I don’t think it would look anywhere near as good if the name was instead of that, toetapper or tOEtAPPER. Just keep that in mind when you are picking out a name for your darling pet. As a side note, usernames will not stay capitalized when created but pets will. Also, once a pet name is made (capital letters included), it cannot be changed, ever.

The third and final type of name is the ever popular foreign names. Some examples include luinien and Mashiyach, which are both in languages that you may or may not be familiar with. The attraction to foreign names is the fact that they are often very attractive looking and somewhat mysterious. I often find myself neomailing owners to find out what their pet’s name means. I am very partial to these types of names though I have only ever created one with a name using a foreign language to give the name I want to use a little flair. The time I did this was with a Chia I zapped in hopes of a fruit one but ended up with a Halloween Chia, so the name didn’t really fit anymore, but that’s a whole ‘nother bag of chips.

So, to recap, think over your choice for a name for you or your pet very carefully! If you don’t, then I can assure you that you will regret it. Let’s take this scenario: you named a pet you’ve created fluffy12347984219045689. You proceed to train this pet up to be great in the Battledome, you read this pet thousands of books and one day you realize, this pet’s name is horrible! Do you really want to have to completely redo everything you have done for that pet? I’m pretty sure you won’t. With that in mind, consider the consequences of the name you choose. I hope you all have a great time naming your pets and remember that if you are stumped there are always the users on the boards; these people are going to be, in most cases, more than willing to help you out if you are in a crunch on a name. Good luck!

Author's note: I have many a time considered changing my name (AKA: getting a new account with a name I like) but since I have progressed so far on this one it would cost me millions (literally!) to get back to where I am now on this one. It is not feasible for me to do that. You on the other hand may be luckier. You may have just started playing Neopets and have almost nothing that could not be moved to another account (avatars, shop/gallery size, and trophies can’t be moved). If that is the case and you are looking at your name now thinking, “Man, I really want another name!” then don’t hesitate to change it while you still can. I speak from experience when I say that you will pay for it later on in your Neopian life.

I would like to say a big thank you to the members of the Premium Charter Board for letting me use all the pet & usernames in this article. I was completely overwhelmed with pet and usernames; I wish I could have used them all but there is only so much space in one NT article so maybe next time for all of you that missed out. All names were used with permission from their respective owners.

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