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The Prankster

by btcomsa12


"I will get you this year!" Erika, the Island Krawk, shouted down the hallway as her brother, Rylan, got ready for bed. Rylan, a Royal Cybunny, was always good at pranking his sister. Erika was never good enough to get him back; he always saw it coming.

     "You can try, but you will not succeed!" Rylan shouted back to her and got in bed. Tomorrow was April Fools Day. The one day of the year that the siblings could play tricks on each other without getting yelled at.

     Erika sat at the table writing down different ideas and remembering past years. The banana peel of 2004, where she didn't pay attention and slipped on it herself. Or the water bucket on top of the door gag. Erika waited and waited in her room until she fell asleep. When she woke up, she forgot about it and opened the door. Rylan was waiting.

     Erika twirled the small flower in her hair. She could not think of anything to get him with. Everything had a downside to it. Everything had a way to come right back at her. Nothing would work. Nothing.

     "Wake up!" Rylan shouted to his sister who dozed off at the kitchen table. When she opened her eyes she saw him looking at the drawings on the table and laughing to himself.

     "Give me that!" Erika shouted and snatched the drawings from his hands. She crumpled all the papers together and tossed them in the garbage, then gave him a scowl.

     "Look, I know how bad you want to prank me this year," Rylan said, putting his hand on her shoulder, "but you won't! So you can just give up. I promise not to prank you if you promise to stop trying."

     "You scared?" Erika asked, smiling at him.

     "What?" he asked, confused.

     "You are scared that I will get you this year. Since I am older now and more experienced."

     "Of course not!" Rylan shouted. "I just didn't feel like giving you another bad prank this year. But fine, have it your way. Be prepared, little sister." Rylan picked up his baseball mitt and walked out the door. "I will be back soon. And when I get back, be on the lookout."

     Erika sat thinking and thinking but nothing was coming to her. She thought to herself, "I gotta do something before Rylan gets home!" So she went off into her room and searched through her piles of stuff. There were plushies, keyrings, usukis, but nothing good enough for a prank.

     "Erika, I'm home!" The door slowly shut and Rylan stepped into the living room of their small neohome. "Erika? Are you here?" No response. "Guess not. I'm going to get her good."

     Rylan walked into his room and came out with a bucket. "Now where did I put that maple syrup?" he said with a grin and opened the pantry. While all of this was happening, Erika watched quietly from her room. Rylan so hated her frilly pink wallpaper and the perfume smell of her room that he would never dare step foot into it. So she knew she could observe from there without getting caught. She came up with a plan, but Rylan had to do exactly as she wanted.

     Rylan squeezed the maple syrup into the bucket. It didn't quite fill up as much as he hoped. "Dang it. Now I need to find a replacement." He browsed through the pantry and came out with a few chocolate bars. He stuck them on a pan and turned on the heat. Then he waited. Once they completely melted, he added it to the bucket.

     "Eww!" Erika whispered to herself. "How can he do this? It's disgusting!" She peeked back out and saw Rylan tying a string to the bucket's handle. He then tied the other end of the string to the doorknob. He rigged it so that when the door opened, the bucket, which was sitting on a shelf that they had above their door, would fall right on top of the person.

     "It is missing something. It isn't good enough." He went back into the kitchen and grabbed a banana. He ate it and laid the peel on the floor by the door. "It may be an old trick, but it still works well."

     Erika was thinking of a way to get Rylan to fall into the trap himself. Since they lived in a one story Neohome, she climbed out her bedroom window, making sure to not make a sound.

     Rylan sat on a chair in the dining room which was right next to the front door. He wondered when Erika would come back and got really bored. He doodled on the papers that Erika left behind when she was drawing ideas. Then the doorbell rang.

     Rylan sat there staring for a little bit, not sure what to do. The doorbell rang again. "Who is it?" Rylan shouted and waited for a response.

     Erika had snuck around to the front door and was trying to get Rylan to open it. She realised it would not be as easy as she thought. Since she sounded like her mother, she disguised her voice to sound like her. "It's your mother, Rylan."

     Rylan's eyes got very wide. "The door is unlocked," he said.

     "I can't open the door. I have too many groceries in my hands. Can you please open it, Rylan?" Erika waited, staring at the doorknob, but Rylan still wouldn't open it.

     "Well, I can't open the door." Rylan tried to find a way to not open the door but also not to let the chocolate-maple syrup fall on his own mother. He knew he would get grounded for sure.

     "Rylan, you come open the door this instant."

     "But mom... I can't because-"

     Erika raised her voice, "Rylan! Come open the door and help me out! I cannot do it by myself! My hands are full!"

     Rylan groaned and walked over to the door. He looked up at the bucket and gulped. Then closed his eyes and slowly turned the doorknob. Suddenly a huge splash of chocolate and maple syrup landed on his head and he backed up a bit slipping on the banana peel. Then there was a laugh just as he hit the ground.

     "What the?" He wiped the syrup away from his eyes and there was Erika grinning back at him.

     "Gotcha," she said and helped him up. "I knew I would. I told you."

     "But how did you know? And how did you get so good at imitating mom?"

     "I told you, I am older and have more experience." She laughed at how ridiculous Rylan looked with the syrup all over himself.

     "Fine. I guess you really are good at this now," he said and started laughing. "I lose."

     "Thank you." Erika smiled at him. "Now, go take a shower or something. You may smell good, but you don't look good."

     "You may have won this year, but next year don't be so sure. I will get you."

     "Sure you will Rylan, sure you will." Erika sat down and looked at the mess on the floor. "And I am not cleaning this up, Rylan!"

The End

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