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Reasons Why Tombola Man Should Be Your Best Friend

by xprecious


TOMBOLA STAND - Okay, this is when everyone throws lettuce at me. That is, if this article even got published. Which would really surprise me if it wasn't drawn all over and then crumpled and then shredded and then fed to the Skeiths and then thrown into Kiko Lake and then... Oh, right. Sorry about that.. Back to subject!

Well you are all probably booing right now, but not after you're done with this article! And NO, I'm not writing this because the Tombola man bribed me or gave me an item. I'm writing this because I am ashamed of you all for cussing the Tombola man, not even appreciating him at the least!

Do YOU know who your bestest friend in Neopia is? The Tombola man.

But can you think of any reasons why? Not really, huh?

Well this is why I am writing this article.

First of all, we all know the Tombola man. He runs your daily Tombola game, and he also owns the shop "Tiki Tack" (which is hardly ever sold out).

Let's start with him first. The Tombola Man DOES NOT have to run Tombola, the game is for all of you. Do you think he has fun standing in front of a box all day in the hot sun? All he does is watch people stick their hands into the box grabbing for a piece of paper. If you had to do that, you wouldn't last half an hour! But ya know what? HE DOES THIS EVERYDAY! He sees the same old hands every single day, same old tickets every single day, and same old box that still won't break, every-single-day. When you win, he's happy for you and he can give you very nice items, even some NP to go along with it. But when you lose, he sometimes gives you NP just because he feels bad and sometimes give you a booby prize too.

Now, allow me to ask you one question. Did you ever say thank you (whether you win or not)?

But I'm sure you've gotten mad or annoyed when you didn't win, and might say some mean things, right? Well the Tombola Man congratulates you when you do win, and sometimes even gives you things anyway just because he feels bad. And you go to him for free! Don't even think about lying on this one, but I bet you have ran another direction at least once when you saw him asking for donations. And he doesn't ask you for them often! All the poor man wants is a couple of NP to keep this game going for YOU. So don't you think it HURTS when you say mean things? He has feelings too!

Now about his shop Tiki Tack, you think some of his items are junk don't ya? You all know what I am talking about, sailboats, key rings, sandals, etc.. You only think it is junk because it is worth so few NPs. Well I bet if he didn't give those items out as booby prizes, they wouldn't be junk anymore! 'Cause then, you'd have to buy them from his shop! He runs the store because he needs the NP to continue Tombola (once again, for YOU). He needs all the NP he can get, for the tickets (paper costs NP too you know), the prizes, the NP (that he gives YOU), and did I mention the prizes? These things just don't fall out of the sky, the NP has to come from somewhere. And do you know where all of it is coming out of? His own pocket.

On to the booby prizes. Let me put you on mystery island with NO NP, just lots of empty bottles. Go give me 1000 bottles of sand in all different colors. Do you see where I'm going with this? Those bottles of sands are actually bottled by real people! It takes time to put even amounts of sands in thousands of bottles, it's not easy! And the sandals that you find even more disturbing, have you ever read it's description? Let me read it for you.. "Handmade by the finest island craftsmen, who put hours of labor into each and every sandal." Did you get that? It is HANDMADE, and even better, the people put HOURS OF LABOR into it! And how do you treat these carefully-handmade-for-hours sandals? You throw it away, you call it junk. I don't think you would like it if somebody called your hard work "junk". The pickled olives are also HANDPICKED by the young natives. Bet you didn't know that either.

So before you call any of the items "junk", you should think about it. They were made, picked or collected by real people, which involves real hard work. But yet, you don't even bother to read the descriptions of these great items.

If you have a heart, donate some NP to him. Better yet, go to Tiki Tack and buy something, anything. Let him know that you like his items. If you've ever said anything bad to him, your apology will be enough. But the best thing you can do is be thankful. After all the things he does for YOU, letting him know that he is appreciated is the least you can do, and it makes all the difference.

Now why is he your best friend? Because first of all, you see him everyday and you get to play his game everyday. Second, he still smiles everyday even though he is completely bored. Third, he is running this game (for YOU), for FREE. Fourth, he never expects anything from you even though he gives free games, free prizes, and free NP. Last but not, definitely NOT least, he always puts up with you whether you get mad at him or praise him when you win something, and he some how just forgets all about it the next day. (I mean, where would you find a friend who can forget a mean thing you said or did just the next day?)

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