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What Hard Work Pays For

by stallion555


Kila snorted and pawed the ground anxiously through the thick white snow. The blazing sun was rising steadily in the sky. Happy Valley was a simple and peaceful, yet active place to be in. "Alright, let's get these packages on you." Lissodo the white Lupe approached Kila with some bags and cardboard boxes. The Bika had yet again had to wake up early in the day with her owner to get ready for more traveling. All he seemed to care about mostly was the decent money he could get for his simple delivery job, and she happened to be the perfect petpet for the job. Grimacing at the weight piling up on her back, she forced herself to stay still. "We don't want to be late on the job. Remember what happened last time?" Lissodo grinned at her. Kila rolled her eyes. That's what he said all the time. She knew all the words he would say by heart. What he's saying, how he says it, and when he says it.

     Yes, she definitely did remember what happened last time.

     About three months ago, Lissodo had taken the Bika out to deliver some bags and packages around Happy Valley as he always did every day. As they neared the east coast, an angry stuck-up Eyrie appeared with his feathers puffed out and his golden eyes glaring at them. "I have been waiting for my package for ages!" he roared. "Because of you two being some lazy bums and not getting here ten minutes earlier, I'm late for my important business trip to Mystery Island!" He took a step closer, flashing a disgusted glance at the large box Lissodo was holding in his hands.

     He looked back at him calmly and handed him the box. "I'm terribly, terribly sorry sir. We just happened to get a bit behind from a few stops and interference on the way. It won't ever happen again." He smiled.

     The Eyrie glared at him with hatred and frustration. "It BETTER not happen again!" He growled furiously, and then prowled away in rage.

     Yes, that was exactly what happened. With an exaggerated sigh, she stood unemotionally as the boxes were being tied onto her back and saddle. He didn't seem to notice her mood. How could he be in such a happy condition to be doing the job he had taken for about a year now? "Ok, let's go then!" the Lupe said cheerfully as he tightened the last bag onto Kila. He grasped the reigns and led her forward. And so, their regular daily routine began.

     "…dum de dum de dum dum..." Lissodo began singing his tune inside his head again as he trudged through the snow. "Our first stop is right down there, Kila." He pointed towards a small house not too far off. As they stopped at the house, Lissodo untied one of the small boxes and handed it to the Wocky who greeted him at the door and dropped a few neopoints into his jar. Shaking the glass jar as he listened to the money clinking inside, Lissodo led Kila farther down the path to where three houses were lined up together. Kila lowered her head and flicked her big ears with a bored look on her face. How much longer could this simple life go on? She looked up at her owner who still bore the same enthusiastic smile upon his face. "Yup, anytime now," he answered as usual and looked up at the sunlight. "Anytime now before we can head back home." He patted her on the head. "Maybe I can fix up something nice for supper once we get back," he said as he gathered up three packages to take to the three houses.

     "After the last few houses, my jar will be filled up once again!" Lissodo said out loud. He stopped at one of the houses and picked up a wrapped up present. Knocking lightly on the door, he looked down at a baby Gelert.

     The Gelert's eyes opened wide at the gift box. "Oh boy, it's finally here! Thanks Mister!" He took out some neopoints and put them inside Lissodo's jar.

     About an hour or two had passed. There were only two boxes left on top of her saddle. "Just two more stops, Kila. Anytime now and we can head back home," Lissodo said again. Kila just sighed again and shook her head irritably. His jar had filled up half way now. "After this last stop we can go home, girl." He began taking off the two packages and knocked on the last door. Kila shook her fur, ringing the jingling bell attached to her harness. Her legs were going to be sore by the time they got back.

     "We're almost home, Kila, almost home." Lissodo gave her a reassuring pat on the shoulder. They were entering the central area of Happy Valley. The bustling sounds of many others grew louder. The small town was always beaming with such activity.

     She suddenly felt a tug on her reigns and halted abruptly. Staring up at Lissodo, she bellowed in protest. A wider grin grew upon his face. "One second, girl, this'll only take a minute." He led her to the right, towards a large stand. An older blue Lupe came over to meet him as he approached.

     "How may I help you sir?" he asked politely. Kila stood silently, brushing her golden tan fur against her owner's leg. Lissodo brought out his jar, which was now filled to the top. He took out most of the money until there were only a few neopoints left, glancing at his companion thoughtfully.

     Laying down all the neopoints on the table, he eyed the tremendous items that were lined up neatly on top of the wooden counter. An expensive petpet accessory captured his gaze. "I'd like to have that deluxe canopy petpet bed please, for my Bika," he answered to the merchant.

     The merchant glanced back at the luxurious petpet bed. "Well, that would be 20 neopoints, sir," he answered.

     Lissodo simply nodded and slid all the money across to the merchant who counted the money. He turned around and handed over the bed. "Have a very nice day, sir."

     The storekeeper nodded courteously to him. Kila edged closer to her owner in surprise.

     "It's just a gift, Kila." Lissodo gazed at her with an open heart. "You have deserved this and I have owed it to you quite long ago." Kila just stared with her eyes sparkling. The whole scene played through her mind, how he took most of the money out of his precious jar and traded them for an expensive gift that didn't need to be sent by them. It was for her.

     Together they walked back into their house. Lissodo laid the soft bed to the left of the room at a spot next to his own holly patterned bed. Kila hopped inside her new bed and settled down happily. As she looked back up, Lissodo was already lying tiredly on his bed, just as she would want to do. Kila stepped out of her own bed and jumped up onto his, shifting under his arms and snuggling close beside him. She gazed up at the pleasant smile on his face then closed her eyes. Together, they slowly drifted off into sleep. It wasn't just about the money, it was about having her, and that was something to care about.

The End

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