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Fulfilling Illusen's Quest: Part One

by grapesourhorse


Dedicated to: Jake, Bella, and Tamara

It was a lazy day in Central. The usual hustle and bustle of the city was gone. It wasn't quiet…but it was a slow and sluggish day…a lazy tomcat day…a BORING day.

      Raerrgarn the Pirate Lupe stretched lazily on his beanbag. He yawned and swatted his paw against his forehead. He hated being bored. He had already played a million games and at least 20 adventures (with rating), called a hundred and sixty-seven people 'n00bs,' and read all his books. Plus, he had went to all of the worlds twice and given up adventuring when he got into a little tiff with Jhudora. All right, so he had accidentally trod on her desk and tipped over her potion that cost three months to make. But he still thought the Dark Faerie had overreacted. All the worlds except-

     "Hey Jacqueline, can I please go Meridell?" he asked suddenly, straightening up and brushing stray cookie crumbs off his clothes. Oops. He just remembered-

      "Yes, yes, of course Raerrgarn," answered the quiet voice of his meek owner, Jacqueline. Jacqueline was nice, but something about her meekness always made Raerrgarn want to order her around, even though he never liked being bossy to her. "But can you please stay out of the Neohome for a few hours? I have this horrid headache!"

      Raerrgarn rolled his eyes. His owner ALWAYS had headaches. Any single noise gave her a headache, and Raerrgarn found this irritating…particularly because he was a very adventurous Lupe who liked to discover. Headaches? He scoffed. After all, hadn't he suffered Neomonia for two weeks just because his owner was too lazy to get the cure OR take him to the Healing Springs?

     He also wondered how he was supposed to know when his owner had a headache…but knew better than asking. So he crouched down low to her feet and bowed his head, hoping Jacqueline would let him go out of his cramped house.

     "Go wherever you want, Raerrgarn, I have a headache," repeated the voice of his cranky and crabby owner. She lay back on the couch and sighed, grabbing her favorite book.

     "Thank you, Jacqueline!" he exclaimed, sighing with relief. Oops. Mistake.

     "Be quiet!" exclaimed his angry owner, lying back down on the couch and clutching her head. Raerrgarn rolled his eyes again and wondered why Jacqueline was always so dramatic.

      He couldn't remember his previous owner; he only knew he definitely had one. Why had she abandoned him? After all, she or he had trained him lovingly and carefully…but why had they left him with Jacqueline? His stats were:

     Level: Amazingly High

     Hit Points: 295 / 295

     Strength: ULTIMATE (277)

     Defense: ULTIMATE (276)

     Movement: EXCELLENT (42)

     Intelligence: ULTIMATE GENIUS (160)

      As he trotted off to Meridell, his bad mood lifted. It was a sunny day in Meridell, a bright, sunny, and cloudless day. A day when everyone forgot all their troubles and woes and shared with their neighbor and laughed with strangers. One of those rare, truly perfect days.

      Walking up to Illusen's Glade, his nerves tingled. With ten thousand Neopoints in his pockets, he intended to get Illusen's Honey Potion today. It was what he had dreamed of ever since he saw the really powerful Lupes strutting around the Battledome, Honey Potion in hand and always relaxed because the Honey Potion was such a powerful weapon. And he knew that where he could not find peace with his owner, he could always turn to Illusen, his gentle, Earth Faerie friend. She had always been there to whip him up a potion when he was beaten senseless by the Snowager…there to take the thorns out of his pelt…she had been there for him every single step of the way.

      "Illusen!" he called, peering into the Glade.

      A rustle answered him, as well as the voice of the Earth Faerie. "In a minute!" the voice exclaimed.

      A few seconds after, Illusen bustled out of some ferns, eyes lively and hair askew. "Raerrgarn! Hello! Are you here to do one of my Quests?"

      Raerrgarn nodded, nerves tingling in anticipation.

      Illusen's eyes softened as she pulled out a leather sack and drew out a piece of paper to find out what Raerrgarn's Quest item would be.

     "Where is my Faerie Queen Doll?


     You only have 168 hours left!"

     Illusen's eyes grew sad as she read the paper aloud to her dear friend. She knew Raerrgarn well. She knew that there was no way the Pirate Lupe could get her a Faerie Queen Doll in a week.

      But there was nothing she could do. A Quest was a Quest, and it had been given out and it must be fulfilled.

      "Illusen! What am I going to do?" Raerrgarn cried in panic.

     Illusen tossed her copper-emerald hair over her shoulder, apparently concerned. "I am so sorry, Raerrgarn. I wish I had never drawn this horrid card! But there is nothing we can do…I'm so sorry!"

      "I will surely fail this quest!" Raerrgarn wailed. "And I came all this way! I want your Honey Potion!"

      Illusen shrugged sadly. "Doesn't everyone?"

      "I thought you were my friend," whispered Raerrgarn quietly, tears filling his eyes. He had been dreaming of this day…with Raina…and together, they had made that wish…



      Raerrgarn stopped expectantly, a flame of hope stirring in his heart.

      "I'm sorry."

     Disheartened, Raerrgarn stomped away, his perfect day 'perfectly' ruined. He had worked so hard! One or two of the quests had been particularly pricey as well. How could Illusen do this to him?

      "Do you need a Faerie Queen Doll, lad?" boomed a deep voice from behind him. Raerrgarn jumped with a violent start, drawing his spare dagger and leaping at the creature.

      The Krawk turned just in time to leave Raerrgarn crashing uselessly to the floor. "That's enough," the Krawk growled. "I'm Lief, first mate of 'Jhudora's.' We have a Faerie Queen Doll. And we also need one spare sailor that's had some nautical experience. Are you interested?"

      If Raerrgarn knew a single thing about sailing, he would know about "Jhudora's". He would know it was the most feared Pirate Ship in all of Neopia. If he hadn't been so distraught, he would've asked questions. But his ears had room for nothing else except the bribe of the Doll. He agreed instantly.

      "I need you to make your paw print on this here contract," said the Krawk, eyes seeming to glow. "And then you're on for good."

      Raerrgarn made a fatal mistake: he made the permanent print, and then asked questions.

      "What kind of ship is 'Jhudora's?' Why does it have such a dark name?"

      The Krawk's eyes glittered dangerously. "'Jhudora's' is a Pirate Ship, lad. She sinks other ships. I guess you're a criminal now."

      Raerrgarn stumbled backward. "Wha-what?" he exclaimed. "That's impossible!"

      The Krawk ignored him. "My name is Lief," he spat out.

      Raerrgarn sighed dejectedly. He didn't actually matter that much, and it surprised him. He had always wanted to be a pirate and sail on a ship. He had no idea of the dangers the bargain came with.

      "This way to 'Jhudora's,'" the Krawk announced, leading the way.

      Raerrgarn wondered if he should tell Jacqueline. He trailed behind uncertainly. An image of her yelling at him came into mind, and he completely forgot about her, bounding away to see what his future would hold for him.

      Lief chuckled. It didn't mean good.


     "FULL SAILS, CREW!" bellowed Lief, as soon as they were on deck of "Jhudora's".

     So far, Raerrgarn was fascinated. Here and there, pirates were pulling lines, mopping the deck, hanging laundry, playing cards, and most commonly, having a grog-drinking contest.

      Raerrgarn looked around uncomfortably. The pets there were all gruff looking pirates. They didn't exactly look friendly, either. Except for that one Lupe over there…a Lupe that looked exactly like him… He blinked and tried to focus in on what Lief was saying.

      "…go to Jannick for details; I'm tired with you," snarled the Krawk, grabbing hold of his ear and throwing him onto the ground. Well, he tried to, because as soon as Lief grabbed Raerrgarn's ear, he braced himself and would not allow himself to be sprawled onto the floor.

      Lief spat and stalked away indignantly, leaving Raerrgarn confused and upset.

      He prowled over to the Lupe and asked: "Umm…where can I find Jannick?"

      "Right here," answered the Lupe in the quietest, weariest voice he had ever heard before. Her eyes were sad and somber, unlike the other rowdy pirates that seemed to have one cup of grog too many.

      Jannick's eyes narrowed. "I don't know you," she hissed. "What are you doing on this ship? Get off, now!"

      Raerrgarn took a step backward at the ferocious glare. 'Kadoaties above', thought Raerrgarn frantically. 'If looks could kill, I'd be pushing up the daisies!'

      "I can't," he mumbled. "I signed the contract with Lief…"

      Jannick hissed angrily and swore. "You are cursed forever!" she spat. "He will never give you what he bribed you with! And now you are stuck on this ship…for all of eternity!"

To be continued...

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