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Eclipse of the Heart: Seeking the Blades

by masked_outlaw14


Rain fell that night. A fine, whispering rain, it seemed to fall lightly, gracefully from the sky. In actual fact it was like a rain storm, only more mysterious, more magical. Another odd thing about this rain, it seemed to glow. Although it was hardly noticeable it was still there. The glow was faint, and the colors of black and gold. The colors spiraled around each other, as though competing for the skies. Alas, this was true.

     From high up, perched on the grey storm clouds, sat Calabrus. She controlled the skies, deciding when it was light and when it was dark. But lately, the cloud Aisha had been losing her control over night and day. Not wanting to accept the fact that now she only had power over the clouds, Calabrus sought the answer to the loss of her powers.

     Calabrus traveled everywhere, from the watery depths of Maraqua to the inside of the fiery volcano. No matter how long she looked, she could not find it. Then, on a most peculiar day, when the sky was half light and half dark, she was visited by a very regal guest. Fyora, faerie queen, informed Calabrus that something was about to happen and that the outcome would affect Neopia. Two blades, one of sun, one of moon, had been found by the Queen. She told Calabrus that she must set them to the ground, when the time was right. Then Fyora left, leaving mystery trailing behind her.

     Now, the cloud Aisha had heard a great deal of myths, about how two blades had been forged out of the day and night itself. Oh how she had dreamed of wielding them, harnessing the powers of light and dark as she did, but they were not in her grasp and never would be. Calabrus knew that Fyora would never trust her with the blades personally; she would have to decide when to make the colored rain fall, sending the swords falling from the sky.

     And later that day, in the night, the colored rain fell.


     Eyes, filled with curiosity looked up at a rainbow. The evidence that there had been a rain storm. These eyes belonged to Talluha, a young starry Cybunny with a spark for adventure. She skipped along the path, every so often glancing at the shops that lined Neopia Central. Talluha, unlike her friends, had no time for shopping. She preferred to read. Mainly books about fantasy, legend and brave heroes caught between a battle of good versus evil.

     Oh how Talluha had dreamed about being one of those heroes. Slashing minions of the dark with a sword made of pure light, shining as bright as the stars on her fur. At home, she drew pictures of herself riding on a majestic Uni, leading an army to the fight. Of course that was all her imagination. The Cybunny was smart enough to know that nothing like the books she read ever happened in real life.

     So it was a very big surprise to Talluha when faint glinting of gold caught her eye. She hopped over to a clearing that looked like it should have belonged in Illusen's Glade! Now to think of it, Talluha had never seen this area here before.

     With a puzzled expression, Talluha edged into the clearing. As she entered she felt an unseen force sweep over her, blocking out the hustle and bustle of various people chattering about the goods they had purchased. The Cybunny turned; the entrance was now just a wall of brambles.

     Okay, any other person would probably have taken notice that the entrance had gone, but not Talluha. She had never been so excited in her life. Maybe today, just maybe, her adventure would begin.

     How right she was.


     A sly smile belonged to Darius, the Darigan Kougra, one of the last of his people to still feel bitter towards Neopia, choosing to plot then be accepted into the world. He was very happy on this raining night. For, according to his messenger, the blade of the Night had been found.

     The old door creaked open and in stumbled a short little Shoyru. The Shoyru gulped, his hands trembling as he approached Darius. In his hands was a velvet cushion, but more importantly, on it lay the blade.

     "Well done!" Darius cheered, placing a paw on the Shoyru's shoulder; he shook even more. "Mithon, you shall be rewarded greatly for your find." Darius waved a hand, beckoning for Mithon to leave.

     Mithon beamed as the Kougra spoke these words. Bowing, he placed the cushion in front of his master and walked out of the room, humming a happy tune.

     "Stupid little Shoyru." Darius growled as he clutched the handle of the sword. It felt warm as it touched his paw, as though it always belonged there. Darius could feel the power running through him, scanning him as such. Making sure he was worthy of wielding such a blade.

     Darius felt the powers of the blade merge with his mind, connecting itself to the Kougra's black heart. Images flashed through his mind. Images of a great war, a shining city, and a young Cybunny clutching the blade of the sun appeared in front of him.

     A growl escaped Darius's lips. "The blade of the sun cannot be found."


     "Ohhhhhhhhhhhh…" Talluha gasped as an orb of shining light began to fall from the sky. She reached out with her paw, and on contact with her paw, the orb began to spiral around her. Talluha giggled and began hopping up and down, clapping as the orb left a trail of white light.

     Then it stopped, hovering in-between her eyes, perched softly on her nose. The Cybunny shook it off and the orb began to float away, leaving a trail, almost as if beckoning Talluha to follow.

     She began to run, chasing the orb, letting her paws touch the dirt that stained the beautiful haven. What would she find when the sphere stopped? Talluha didn't know and didn't care. Her mind was focused on the chase.

     After what seemed like hours, Talluha found herself in another clearing. But this one was different. There were no flowers, just grass. There was also a stone. The surface had something on it but Talluha could not guess what it was. A light pulsed from whatever it was, becoming so intense that she had to cover her eyes. She wanted to know what it was, so she edged closer.

     Talluha's heart thudded faster with every step she took. Her throat was dry. What was the shining object? A step closer and Talluha found the answer she had been looking for. It was a sword, a beautiful one at that. The blade was pure silver, reflecting everything around like a mirror. The hilt was a fiery red, emblazoned with an emblem of the sun.

     As her paw approached the blade, ready to touch it, it seemed to connect with her. There was a invisible field, beating in rhythm with her heart. It seemed like a century, just her and the sword. She stared at it like it was a precious gem. Without knowing it, her paw grasped the blade and swung it into the air. The area around her lit up, illuminated by the light of the blade.

     It was from that moment on that Talluha knew that she was destined for greatness, but at the same time, she would have to fight a war.


     With his paw clenched into a fist, Darius thumped the wall. "THE BLADE HAS BEEN RECOVERED!" he snarled, glaring at the guards who quickly left the room. How on earth could the blade be found so quickly? According to the image his blade had imprinted in his mind, it would not be found for at least another month!

     Then again, the sword had been forged out of darkness, so had its attributes. Not trustworthy. This was in Darius and in the sword. He picked it up, weighing it affectionately. He would bring everlasting darkness to Neopia and rule with an iron-fist! Good would not win the final outcome.

     "Oh course they will not…" said a voice, as though it had read his mind. "You shall be the ruler, my dear Darius. All you need is a push in the right direction; call it guidance, if you will."

     Darius turned. There his eyes saw the owner of the cold, yet beautiful voice. It had belonged to a Darkness Faerie. Her skin was a pale grey, her raven hair was streaked with blue, and a vivid purple dress clung to her body. A red jewel hung around her neck on a chain, streaked with gold stripes. It glowed furiously, and from this, Darius realized that it was no Faerie- but a spirit.

     "Who - Who- a - a- are you?" Darius stammered. He had never seen a Faerie like this one before.

     A high-pitched cackle filled the air; the Faerie was laughing. "Why, Darius, you probably wouldn't recognize me; I mean I'm made out of stone after all." The Faerie winked. "After this ordeal, if you win, drop by Maraqua and drop me a visit by the ruins."

     The Kougra was confused. Maraqua, stone, what did this sprit mean?

     "My name is Jennumara, the Darkest Faerie. Banished and turned to stone. But I have returned to help." She smiled. "Let me help you, I can make you win the upcoming war the blade has shown you. The blade I once wielded. The blade I forged!"

     At Jennumara's last words, the sword of the Night flew out of Darius's hand and towards the Darkest Faerie, hoping to be touched by its creator. It went through her and into the wall. Darius rushed over to collect it. He bent on one knee in front of the Faerie. "It would be an honor to receive your guidance."

     "Good, we must hurry. For I fear my foe shall seek the latest wielder of the rival blade." Throughout the large home that belonged to Darius, Jennumara could be heard, telling Darius the secrets of the blade and the darkness itself.


     Calabrus frowned, secretly fuming. Both blades had been found; now they were entirely out of her reach. The guardian of the skies would have found them herself, but she was being watched. It hurt the cloud Aisha inside to see the blades being wielding by someone other than herself. But things had taken an interesting development. It seemed that Darius had found a tutor, Jennumara herself.

     Pushing aside the clouds with a paw, Calabrus looked down upon Talluha. The young starry Cybunny sure knew how to treat a sword. Like an old friend she talked to it, handled it carefully. Darius however, was stabbing the air and plotting against the Cybunny.

     It was then that Calabrus realized something. Whatever happened, it affected her. Soon these two would be brought together, forcing the sister blades to fight. But didn't Jennumara, the old witch, tell that Kougra that Talluha would soon get help?

     The Aisha stared up at the sky, where only one constellation of stars could be seen. To the untrained eye they were just dots, but Calabrus knew better. She knew the constellation and the verse that went along with it.

      "Awakening early is very wise, For Siyana smiles on those first to rise."

The End

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