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The Secret Princess: Part Two

by knuckles_1_fan


Rin rode on Sama's back trying to keep warm as they flew up Terror Mountain. It was so cold that Rin thought that she, herself, was frozen solid at one point of their travels.

      "Aren't you cold?" asked Rin while rubbing her arms, trying to maintain body heat.

      "The cold doesn't bother me much," replied Sama as he gracefully flew up the mountain and then landed gently on top. "Where's Jelly? Is he climbing up the mountain on his own because he was too stubborn to ask for a ride up?" asked Rin as she looked around.

      "No, he said that he would meet us later, remember?" asked Sama as he helped Rin off his back.

      Rin slid down Sama's wing and landed. She shook off some snow on her head and looked around.

      "Wow, no one's around. I hate it when no one is here. It makes me want to shiver more because its almost like it's haunted around here and I hate ghosts. Hey, do you think Volts will be okay? And Lila? And all the other faeries of Faerieland?" asked Rin as she looked at Sama.

      He walked past her. "Don't worry, they will be fine. I'm going to look at your necklace and see if I can read it or at least make a word out of it," said Sama as he laid down on a rock while looking at Rin's necklace that sparkled in the sunlight.

      "Okay then. I'm going to rest and take a nap," said Rin as she leaned against the rock that Sama was on.

      So much has happened in the last few days. It took nine days to get from Neopia Central to Terror Mountain. Jelly had led the travel so that's why it took nine days. It would have been less if Sama or Rin had led but Rin and Sama let Jelly lead so it would keep his mind from traveling away from reality, stop him from making jokes about what was going on that was important, and it kept him from thinking about Volts. Rin and the others was driven away from their home by who knows what, their care taker was captured, one of their friends was fighting against an army, and who knows what could be after Sama, Rin, and Jelly now. She sighed and then closed her eyes.

      Rin relaxed her thoughts as she drifted into dreamland. In Rin's dream, she dreamt of a kingdom in the skies, high above the planet she was on. It was beautiful with silver and gold for the walls. It had beautiful gardens filled with the prettiest flowers that anyone has ever seen. And the skies were beautiful above the kingdom. Clear and it seemed to shimmer and sparkle. Then she saw fire cover the kingdom in a blink of an eye. Neopets were running away. Then she saw a mother Kacheek holding her baby but she tripped and the child landed hard on the ground. An enemy warrior took the child and fled. The mother called out the name of the child but it sounded fuzzy and Rin couldn't hear it. Rin then woke up and panted.

      "What a crazy dream or maybe a nightmare," she said, "and yet it seemed too familiar. And at the beginning it was so beautiful. I have never seen so much beauty in one place."

      "Something wrong or troubling you?" asked Sama as he dangled the necklace in front of Rin. She took it and put it around her neck.

      "No, nothing's wrong. So, did you read it?" asked Rin as she looked up. Sama stared down at her. He shook his head.

      "I can't make it out because it's all jumbled into a code. We would have to go to Faerieland to ask someone or borrow a book from their library but your friend Volts told us that they captured all the faeries," explained Sama in a sad tone.

      Rin sighed. "Well, let's go save the faeries," said Rin as she got up.

      "You're crazy," said Sama, lying on his back.

      "Maybe, but Lila is in trouble and so is Volts. And I really want to save the faeries and maybe they can tell me about the necklace. What do you say?" asked Rin as she jumped onto the rock, "Are you with me or not?"

      Sama thought for a moment. Well, it would be better than sitting here where there was no action and I don't want Rin to go on her own and get hurt because Gerald might be there, thought Sama.

      "Fine, since a tiny thing like you can't do much but we have to wait for Jelly first," said Sama finding that it sounded weird when he said the last seven words he just said.

      "No, he won't approve of it. He would go on, on saying what Lila would do and not even thinking on what Volts would do. She would fight for her friends so let's do the same! Let's go now," said Rin, excited.

      Sama got up on all fours.

      "Fine, hop on," said Sama in a non-excited voice. Rin got on Sama and they flew off into the pale dull gray sky.

      They went to Faerieland. It was still beautiful but felt empty. No one was there and the place, to Rin, felt haunted.

      "It's so spooky here without anyone here," said Rin. "Maybe, but it's been worse before," mumbled Sama.

      "What do you mean by that?" asked Rin, curious. "Nothing," said Sama as he kept on walking.

      Then suddenly a powerful net fell onto Sama and Rin and they were forced to the ground.

      "We finally have them!" shouted a voice.

      "Good," said an evil voice.

      A shadow Draik came up to them. He had a red scar under his right eye and he wore black armor.

      "It's about time we captured you two. You have been a burden. We had to track down both of you down from Neopia Central to Terror Mountain where we found a friend of yours and now you have come here," said the Draik.

      "Huh! What!? Give back my friends right now!" shouted Rin with anger.

      The Draik laughed.

      "You sure have a big mouth for a little thing!" laughed the Draik, "But I can't just let your friends go just like that. Your Shoyru friend took out almost half of my army and your Techo friend is a hostage and I could always use another slave."

      "What do you want from us?" demanded Sama.

      "I want the Kacheek and her necklace and you, Sama. I have a special place for you because I'm going to make you pay from our last battle where you have given me this scar," said the Draik while pointing the scar under his eye.

      "How does he know your name?" asked Rin, surprised.

      "Oh, Sama, you didn't tell her that you used to work for me and how you were so loyal to me and the whole league? This is too rich," laughed the Draik louder.

      "You mean…Sama, you know them? You were them?" asked Rin close to tears.

      Sama looked away.

      "Yes, but I changed when I figured out what you were going to do with the princess," said Sama, "You, Gerald, want to drain the princess' power and mine but I won't let you."

      Gerald, the Draik, laughed even more.

      "This is just too funny. How can you, a traitor, and that small fry can beat me?" asked Gerald.

      "Like this!" screeched Sama as he made a high pitch screaming sound. "I'm going to give you another scar for your collection!"

      He glowed with red flames and the net melted. His eyes glowed red as well. Sama charged at Gerald in rage. Gerald smiled and charged at Sama while holding a black mallet. When he got close to Sama he hit him hard causing Sama to fall to his feet and he then stopped glowing.

      "I know your secret powers so don't even try to face me," said Gerald as he looked Sama who was motionless.

      He looked at Rin.

      "Now, give me the necklace and no one will get hurt," he said.

      "Sama! No, I won't give it to you! I won't!" shouted Rin, with anger.

      She started to glow blue and so did her necklace. She then blasted Gerald with a water attack and then she ran off.

      "Fine, you can run all you want but you're on your own and I will find you and capture you!" shouted Gerald.

      Rin hid inside the Faerie Library.

      "He's right. I'm all alone and these creeps are after me! And Sama, he did know where he was from. He lied to me! He lied to me!" cried Rin as she started to cry.

      Will Rin find a way to save her friends or will she be captured like the rest? What kind of power did Rin use and what's the deal on the red glow that Sama had? Find out soon!

To be continued...

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