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Graduation for Seamstress Cybunny: Part Three

by anime_cybunny


"Yes, Uncle! That's the Cybunny who did it!" Colleen whined. My sisters and I didn't have many relatives that were still living in Terror Mountain. The other Cybunnies lived mostly in Mystery Island. In fact, the only two relatives that lived in Terror Mountain were Uncle Chou and Aunt Sai.

     "She has pretty fur!" Aunt Sai commented.

     "She has a wonderful pink collar, too!" Uncle Chou added.

     "Don't you recognize me?" I asked and approached my relatives with caution.

     "We don't know any pink Cybunnies." Aunt Sai sighed. "We know only yellow Cybunnies."

     "What? Didn't Mother send you a letter after she returned to Terror Mountain?" I gasped.

     "She did."

     "Did it mention anything about a pink Cybunny?"

     Uncle Chou pulled the letter out of his pocket. He wore a sweater and pants, while Aunt Sai wore an elegant dress. They were the wealthiest Cybunnies on Terror Mountain, but didn't give much to my sisters and me.

     Uncle Chou read the letter from Mother and shook his head. "Nothing about pink Cybunnies."

     I began to growl after hearing the answer. No wonder they didn't recognize me! Mother didn't mention that she painted me pink!

     "Well, Seamstress, it seems that Chou and Sai forgot all about you." Colette grinned. Colleen snickered and pointed her paw at me.

     "Please, Uncle and Aunt! Won't you take out Seamstress Cybunny?" Colleen asked with pleading eyes.

     "Seamstress Cybunny?" Aunt Sai asked. "The Cybunny that works in Shai's Outfitters? Your mother did mention one of her daughters working in a clothing shop."

     "Ha!" I simply grinned. "Mother only has three daughters and the twins aren't smart enough to be seamstresses!"

     "Watch it!" Colleen growled. "Both of us are WAY smarter than you, Sakura."

     "Sakura? Sakura's Seamstress Cybunny?" Uncle Chou asked.

     "Correct." I nodded. "I was painted pink by my mother after she returned from the Lost Desert."

     "Well, no can do." Aunt Sai grabbed the sled. "Uncle and I will be heading back. You can handle the fight on your own."

     After the two went off on the sled, Colette screamed, "Traitors!"

     "You expected Uncle and Aunt to take care of me?" I suddenly blurted out and laughed. "They wouldn't even hurt Spyders!"

     "Oh really?" Colette had a smirk on her face. Colleen simply sighed and held up her sword. The other twin Cybunny did the same moments later.

     "When will you two ever learn that fighting never solves anything?" I growled. If there were an event that would perpetually continue, it would have been the fight between my sisters. I would be included in the fights most of the time.

     I kept my Mega Carrot Blaster with me in case of emergencies. The two Cybunnies both grinned and I felt like I was going to fall over.

     "Seamstress Cybunny, did you think that the giant pot from last time would be gone?" Colette asked.

     "It's a giant pot?" I asked with curiosity. I didn't think that the giant area from the laboratory was a giant pot. The pot was tall, round, and very black - about as black as a shadow. I thought that it was a giant tub.

     My Mega Carrot Blaster only had a few carrots remaining, so I just fired them away. They went in different directions like the carrots in the Rock Caves. The carrots, this time, were straighter. Two whacked both Colleen and Colette, while the other two accidentally whacked the giant pot.

     Colleen and Colette gasped and started backing away. The black pot tipped over and fell. During the next moment, snow was blowing all over me. I ended up being sent backwards. My vision became blurry because of the snow that was around me.

     "We'll see you next time, Seamstress!" I heard Colette yell. After the twins left, I fainted on the intense snow.

     "Seamstress Cybunny!" I heard a voice. I woke up and realized that I was back in my room. The shimmering light was brighter than usual.

     "Good thing I saw you in the snow," the voice said. I blinked for a moment and found out that Miss Kougra was sitting in a chair next to my bed.

     I must be dreaming, I thought. Miss Kougra was there in her usual attire, which was a teacher's uniform and reading glasses close to her.

     "Can you speak?" she asked with worry.

     I attempted to say a sentence, but nothing came out. I also tried a whisper, but nothing came out again. There was only one answer for the whole mess - Colleen and Colette's giant pot took away my voice!

     I hesitated and looked around for a pen and paper. There was a handy supply next to me, so I wrote, "I am not able to speak."

     "You can't speak? Not even a vowel?" Miss Kougra suddenly became concerned.

     "Colleen and Colette's giant black pot took away my voice," I wrote on the lined paper. "I cannot speak nor whisper."

     Miss Kougra suddenly got up and hugged me. I felt tears on my shoulders. Was she crying?

     I scrambled to find the paper and pen and quickly wrote, "Please don't cry, Miss Kougra! The first thing a Cybunny shouldn't see is a teacher crying."

     Miss Kougra read what I just placed on paper and nodded slowly. She wiped her tears as she took off her reading glasses. I suddenly heard a stomach growl after that.

     "Have you eaten anything recently?" I asked on paper.

     "No," Miss Kougra replied after reading.

     "I'll go make sandwiches," I wrote. "The first thing a student should not find out is that their teacher didn't eat anything."

     After Miss Kougra read the sentences, I dashed downstairs to make food. I obviously did not eat either, so I made extra sandwiches for myself. One thing that stuck out in my mind was whether Miss Kougra was comfortable about living in a shop that her mother ran and lived in.

     What happened to Shai wasn't a positive, but I stopped thinking about it eventually. Miss Kougra carefully stepped on the stairs as I placed the plates on the table. I drank my tea after placing myself on the cushion.

     "Thank you very much." The teacher smiled and began biting on a sandwich. I replied only with a nod. Miss Kougra turned the Neopian Times to the section where continued series were featured.

     "It's the second installment of Seamstress Cybunny!" Miss Kougra smiled and grabbed her reading glasses. The Christmas issue of the Neopian Times was released a while ago, but it was obvious that Miss Kougra did not read part two of my adventures with Shai.

     While Miss Kougra was reading Seamstress Cybunny (I was very busy back then) with excitement, I got up and stared at the snow outside. Sunset had already passed for the day and I felt like as if I had nothing accomplished. Colleen and Colette were hopping around causing chaos in other places, and I was here feeling bad because I didn't have a voice!

     I still had my Mega Carrot Blaster in paw. I pulled out a blanket from a wooden shelf, gave it to Miss Kougra, and hopped up the creaking stairs to bed. Maybe, just maybe, the voice loss would only last over the night.

     When I woke up the next morning, I found out that I still couldn't speak. I was very frustrated by my siblings, so I wrote a little note to Miss Kougra, who was still sleeping on the couch at the time, and dashed off toward Happy Valley with my Mega Carrot Blaster.

     This time, I was only able to discover regular carrots. I kept them with me anyway. The real challenge was not over yet. Happy Valley was at the other side of the village and it took me a while to hop. Villagers greeted me and I nodded every time.

     I arrived at Happy Valley a few hours later and the condition was just as I feared - there was chaos everywhere. I knew that only my sisters could have pulled it off because everything was knocked over. The Neopets of Happy Valley quickly evacuated to the Ice Caves to find temporary shelter.

     Suddenly, I saw my sisters not being serious. Colleen and Colette were standing on the top of the giant pot from earlier. I figured that if I knocked it over again that I'd get my voice back.

     My Mega Carrot Blaster only had six carrots in it, so I simply smiled and fired them all simultaneously. They all went in the separate directions as usual. This time, four whacked Colleen and Colette because of the wind speed and direction. The other two managed to whack the giant pot.

     It was weaker this time because it came crashing down. Colleen and Colette did as well and both ended up on the snow. The same blowing snow and effects from earlier occurred to me again. This time, however, I didn't faint.

     I quickly saw Miss Kougra right in front of me. What was going on here?

     "Sakura." Miss Kougra smiled. I already predicted what question she was going to ask me.

     I tried to say something, but nothing came out. Tears started falling from my eyes to the snow. After the attempt, I still didn't have my voice!

     "I'm sorry," I suddenly whispered. I was able to whisper again! I grinned to myself at the thought of not writing any longer.

     "That's all right," she replied. "I read the second part of Seamstress Cybunny."

     A blast of snow arrived and Miss Kougra was blown away instantly. Colleen and Colette were giggling evilly.

     "Take that, Teacher!" Colleen snarled. "We're tired of you helping Seamstress!"

     "At least she'll be out of the way." Colette shrugged.

     I turned around and saw piles of snow everywhere. There was not a single green Kougra in sight. The snow piles were like tall hills. I suddenly felt sick.

     "Silk, come with us," Colleen demanded.

     "You'll be better off." Colette nodded.

     "I refuse!"

To be continued...

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