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Graduation for Seamstress Cybunny: Part Two

by anime_cybunny


I noticed that there were tears on a couple of columns on the paper. Getting to the teacher's desk became easier, after pushing a few desks.

     "Good morning, Miss Kougra!" I exclaimed, smiling. Miss Kougra turned and looked at me.

     "Do you know Shai?" she asked me. I froze instantly. Even though I've known Shai for a while, I didn't think that anyone else around here would have even heard of her.

     "Also, who is Seamstress Cybunny?" she asked another question.

     I froze again after hearing that question. How could Miss Kougra forget who I was? I grabbed a chair and sat in front of the teacher.

     "First of all, I'm Seamstress Cybunny," I explained. "Second of all, I did know Shai. She was a boss and friend of mine, if you recall from back in Shai's Outfitters a while ago."

     "My mistake!" Miss Kougra suddenly replied. "Ever since I was reading the paper and drinking coffee, I pretty much forgot."

     "Understandable," I nodded. "How are you related to Shai, Miss Kougra?"

     "You see, Sakura, Shai was my mother."

     "Your mother?" I asked. "You're a Kougra and she's a Wocky! How could you two be related?"

     "On a birthday many years ago, I received a Green Kougra Morphing Potion from a friend. I used it the next night and never changed since. I grew up as a Green Kougra and my mother understood. After I graduated from school, my mother moved to Terror Mountain and opened the clothing shop years later."

     "Shai never told me that she had a daughter! She didn't tell me much of anything from her past," I sighed sadly. "That's amazing that you knew her well! Did you communicate when Shai moved?"

     "We wrote letters often," Miss Kougra nodded. She began to cry again at the thought of her mother. Tears appeared in my eyes also because I knew Shai and didn't hurry to Terror Mountain earlier.

     "I'm sorry," I sobbed and hugged the teacher. Classes weren't to commence for another half hour, so we were pretty safe from students making fun.

     "Sorry for what?" Miss Kougra sat up. "It wasn't your fault that the event happened."

     "I know, but I'm also sorry about graduation practice." I wiped my tears.

     "I could tell that something was the matter. Was it your sisters again?"

     "Yup." I nodded. Graduation practice was not supposed to be a nightmare. In fact, it wasn't a nightmare until yesterday.

     When everyone went out toward the stage for graduation, I stayed behind and watched Miss Kougra place books on a shelf. It did not take her very long to organize the shelf, even though the classroom was usually a mess. I hopped quickly out of the room before Miss Kougra noticed that I stayed because I might have been in serious trouble for being late to graduation practice.

     The principal went through the speech again and the students were taking turns going up with their speeches memorized. I did not notice anything different - there were no flickering red eyes today. I did notice something on the other side of the yard a few minutes later.

     "So you were here all along, Seamstress Cybunny!" two familiar voices hopped over to the stage. I instantly figured out who they were - Colleen and Colette.

     "What is the meaning of this?" the principal demanded an explanation. Colette pushed the principal and the queue of students against the side, causing all of them to end up on the ground. I dodged the fall before I ended up on the grass.

     "Oh boy." I snickered with sarcasm. "It's those two yellow Cybunnies who were smart enough not to return to the dungeon!"

     "Be quiet!" Colleen shouted and growled. I could tell that she became more mature with her tone of voice.

     "Why should I?"

     "We only came here for a challenge."

     "A challenge? You're going to do the same thing to me, aren't you?"

     "Not here," Colette stated. "In Happy Valley." I remembered Shai mentioning that Colleen and Colette were hiding out in Happy Valley.

     "You don't have your Mega Carrot Blaster with you," Colleen giggled and pulled out her sharp sword. Colette did the same.

     "Swords? You've got to be kidding!" I laughed my head off. "Swords are even more dangerous to deal with in snow and wind!"

     "That's why we chose Happy Valley," the twins muttered. The graduating students and teachers rushed back into the school. I was the only one left with my sisters.

     "Come after school today," Colette grinned. "Happy Valley will be nothing if you don't show up."

     "How about in an hour?" I growled. "I doubt that they would let me in again."

     "Very well," Colleen nodded. The twin sisters hopped off in a random direction, heading towards the border. I sat on the grass and thought about what to do. The breeze was comforting and calmed down my stress level.

     "Sakura!" Miss Kougra called. Her shout instantly interrupted my thoughts. The teacher rushed over to where I was.

     "Are you injured?" she asked with worry.

     "No," I replied and got up. I would have to leave school after graduation again. It didn't make me very amused, but I knew what I had to do.

     "Are you sure?" Miss Kougra asked.

     "I'm just fine!" I hopped quickly with tears in my eyes. The stress from what happened to Shai and the challenge from my sisters was too much for me. I didn't even turn around to see the school - I just kept hurrying toward the boat.

     Fortunately, there was a boat ready to dash towards Terror Mountain. I explained to the Techo about the situation. He nodded and I was at Terror Mountain in no time.

     "Good luck," the sailor said and sped away with his boat. The skies around Terror Mountain were clear and it was a perfect day to accept a challenge. Happy Valley was close to the border, so I hopped and tried to think simultaneously.

     As soon as I began my thoughts, I tripped and fell on the snow. I turned and looked at what I tripped over. It was a Mega Carrot Blaster!

     "I'm safe!" I screamed with happiness as I picked up the item. I emptied it and noticed that there were six carrots left. There was something different about the carrots, however.

     They were special carrots - the stems were a dark pink colour and they were coated with several layers of steel.

     "Steel carrots!" I hugged them. "What would I do without you?" I placed the carrots back in their correct positions and hurried toward Happy Valley.

     "About time you got here." Colette evilly grinned along with Colleen. The two twins did not notice that I acquired a Mega Carrot Blaster yet. Colleen had a Padded Cybunny Sword, while Colette had a Cybunny Sword. Both are quite powerful swords when wielded by Cybunnies.

     The area where the challenge was at was like outside of the village I lived in. There was snow everywhere and no buildings, caves, and mountains around. The skies were still clear at the time. If a blizzard had started, the challenge would become a hazard.

     "What took you so long?" Colleen demanded an answer.

     "Why should I tell you?" I countered. "Just like when you didn't answer my question from before, I won't consider and answer yours."

     "Another infraction of house rules," Colette sighed.

     "The house rules do not even EXIST anymore! Get with the modern times! We've been out of the house for a while now!"

     "Whatever you say." Colleen shrugged. Colleen was occasionally smart, but Colette always knew her answers. When working together, the twins sometimes were powerful. I wasn't able to estimate their strengths because they disappeared so often.

     "What do you have behind your back?" Colleen slowly approached me. Colette gasped as if she figured out what I had with me.

     "Oh, Colleen, I've always admired you for being so dense and gullible." I snickered and fired one carrot from my Mega Carrot Blaster. It whacked Colleen within seconds and the yellow Cybunny fell on the snow.

     "Colleen!" Colette shouted. Colleen left her Padded Cybunny Sword next to Colette when she went off to find what I obtained. She picked up the sword and started to growl loudly.

     "You're an absolute fool, Seamstress!" Colette sobbed. Her eyes started to flicker red and sped off towards me. I backed away from Colleen so that she wouldn't be injured again.

     Colette did not hop this time - she ran. She was faster running than hopping and swung her swords as me. I dodged both of the swords and hopped towards the Rock Caves. Colette followed me on the same path.

     By the time both of us arrived at the Rock Caves, I was tired as ever and it began to snow. Both of us took few minute pauses to catch our breaths.

     "Why did you hop up here?" Colette huffed. "So that I can win easily?"

     "No," I replied and grabbed my Mega Carrot Blaster. Finishing Colette off would be too easy since she was at the edge of the hill we just climbed. I fired another carrot from my Mega Carrot Blaster, and Colette ended up being whacked. She fell off the edge and was going to land on Colleen.

     "Curse you, Seamstress!" Colette shouted. The challenge had concluded. I hopped over toward the edge to see where Colleen and Colette were. They either disappeared already or were covered with snow. I leaped off to have a look.

     "Drat," I growled. The two escaped as soon as Colette fell. I couldn't tell where they were, since the footprints were gone. I suddenly heard a sled coming towards me.

     "Colleen and Colette! Is that who caused your injuries?" a deep voice asked. The sled stopped as several Cybunnies hopped off. Two were Colleen and Colette and the others were familiar Neopets - they were my relatives from the sandstorm!

To be continued...

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