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Valiant Petpets at Their Best

by lassie_nikki


ALTADOR - Any dedicated Neopian who constantly checks the news knows about the noble little petpets from Altador. Although they were just recently discovered, they are historic, gracious little guys that any pet who isn’t suffering from insanity would love to get their paws, fins or claws on. However, I believe that after the terrible misfortune that Neopia faced with the species of Meepits, pets and their owners deserve to know the personality of each Altadorian petpet before they save up their hard-earned Neopoints and splurge on one of them just to find that they will devour their favorite sofa or poke them with their beak constantly, driving them to a slow insanity. So, grab a Neocola, take a seat on that favorite sofa of yours and listen up while I share with you the joys and distress that Altador Petpets bring with them.

First, we’ll discuss the Naalala. From its delightful name, you can assume this creature is carefree. And if you assumed so, you’re correct! Give yourself a nice pat on the back. Naalalas enjoy frolicking through fields of Altadorian Daisies and sometimes munch on the lovely flowers they come across. However, don’t leave this little critter alone at any time or you might return to find your sofa and every other object in your house nibbled and bitten on until simply turned to dust. These creatures may be so carefree that they find nothing wrong with eating everything they come across! Of course, this could be useful if you and your pet are the types that enter eating contests. So if you love to chow down, grab a Naalala to help you out!

Next is the Hermiteese. From its name you presume it enjoys alone time with its pet and owner, not exactly the social type. If your pet is a couch potato, this is most definitely the petpet for it! Hermiteese enjoys fetching things for its owner, and will even mail letters for you if you’re having one of those don’t-want-to-get-out-of-bed days. It finds pride in assisting its owner. However, don’t take advantage of this generous critter. No one likes someone to take their work for granted. For a serious task, he would be happy to help out, but if you just want a piece of cheese from the fridge, we would have to suggest you get it yourself.

This brings us to the Altachuck. Go ahead and say it. You know you want to. Awwwwwwwwwww. What a cute little petpet! These little guys are about as timid as timid gets. They are frightened easily by loud noises and fast-moving pets. And, the most peculiar of all, things that start with the letter D. I guess that rules out darts. I recommend the Altachuck to shy pets and owners, people that enjoy reading and quiet time. If you are the party-until-you-die type, you might just scare this critter to death! Oh no, death starts with D. So don’t even mention death around him. Altachucks require homes with large hearts and open doors, so make him feel welcome and he will remain faithful to you and your pet forever.

One of my personal favorite Altador Petpets is the Altalaphus. Don’t even ask me about what his name might mean, because I have no earthly idea. This petpet may not understand the deepest, philosophical of pets, so I recommend a pet that doesn’t make long sentences; they tend to confuse these plump little owl-like creatures. Since confusion is a problem of the Altalaphus, it prefers picking up bread and cheese crumbs as a hobby! Like any good petpet, it will remain loving to its owner until the end of time. If you’re into looking through the dump in Meridell, this little guy would love to go there for bonding time!

Up next is the fearless Alabriss. Look at those large, pink eyes. Anyone could lose their self to those eyes and be mistaken to believe that the Alabriss is an innocent, harmless petpet. Let’s hope you aren’t that type of person! The Alabriss is a bold creature and although one may look cute and cuddly, with those great big teddy bear eyes—Oh sorry. Uh… although they may look cute and cuddly, they are quite territorial of their land and owner. If you ever get attacked by a wild band of Meepits, fear not! The Alabriss will glide in at super fast speed and save you from the evil petpets. I pity anyone that threatens the owner of an Alabriss. Of course, loyalty like this does not come easily. You must love and cherish your time with an Alabriss, showing great pride in being its owner. They strive to be close to their pet and owner and without a bond such as this they will not know when to protect you! Worry not; they are so friendly that they are never difficult to grow a relationship with.

What is better than an Alabriss when it comes to protecting your pet? Well, of course, a three headed petpet none other than the Hydruplit! Three heads and most definitely better than one and some even say better than four due to excessive arguments caused by the fourth. But that is neither here nor there, so shall I further explain the Hydruplit? Of course, with every head comes more personality. So if you expect one head to be mischievous and ill-behaved, just imagine what three times the mischief could cause. There are tales of Hydruplits causing so much trouble, their owners were tried by the one and only Fyora in court! Unless you and your pet are prepared to face Fyora, I would recommend extreme caution when dealing with a Hydruplit. Try distracting it from trouble and begin teaching it while it is young that it is wrong to pull pranks on the old Skeith next door. Although they act naughty, they have a heart of gold that belongs to their owner. They will protect your pet through thick and thin, no matter the situation. The down side is that there is a high chance that the problem was caused by the Hydruplit in the first place!

Well, those are the only Altadorian Petpets made thus far. Perhaps as the legend of Altador rises in fame, the demand for the valiant petpets will also rise and TNT will have no choice but to create more. If this happens, think before you pick because many of the petpets bring unexpected traits along with it. Until then, enjoy and cherish your time with your new Altadorian Petpet!

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