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The Greatest Treasure of All: Part Four

by kacheeklover3579


"Ugh, the treasure better be here. It was a really long trip all the way to the beach from the Island Mystic's hut, so it better be worth it."

      Ricky, Katrina, Rita, and Dreamer had come from the Island Mystic and traveled by foot to the beach. They had just arrived, and they were glad to finally be there. The nice cool breeze and the warm sun, several palm trees with fronds waving in the wind, the clear blue waters of the ocean - it was all so peaceful. They hadn't really gotten to enjoy the island beauty of the beach when they first went there, while having to pick up a bunch of bottles of sand. Now they could feel it, and for the first time in their vacation it finally felt, well, like a vacation. But they knew they still had a lot of work to do and a great treasure to find.

      Many pets could be seen resting and sunbathing on the beach. Katrina looked around, trying to spot Aaron, mostly so she could know how to avoid him. All of a sudden, a familiar voice behind her made her jump. "Well, what do we have here?" Startled, she turned around, only to find herself face to face with her brother Aaron. "So, sis, you finally gave up, did you? You finally realized how pathetic it all was, how pointless it was to chase after something that doesn't exist?"

      "Actually, for your information, we didn't give up," replied Katrina. "And, not that it's any of your business, another clue led us here. So if you don't mind, we are going to go find the treasure, without your help. Good-bye."

      "You're serious? You still think there's a treasure?" said Aaron in disbelief.

     "Yes, as a matter of fact, I do!" yelled Katrina. "If I want to go look for the treasure, why do you care so much? If I don't end up finding one, then you can laugh at me all you want, since that's obviously what you live for. But just let me try. Please, just give me a chance. I'm going to find it and I'm going to prove to you that the treasure exists! I don't care what you say; I know I'm right this time, just this once. Why can't you let me be right just this once? You don't know everything, so stop acting like you do. Other people can be right, and you can be wrong sometimes. I want to do something right for once in my life. I want to make you proud..." She trailed off, on the verge of tears.

     Aaron stopped joking and mocking her and became more serious. "I'm sorry, Katrina… I didn't know you felt that way... Listen, little sister, I'm just trying to tell you this for your own good. I know you'll be crushed if there ends up being no treasure. I don't want to see you hurt."

     Ricky, who had been listening to the conversation, now saw something shiny and colorful in the sand that caught his eye. "Whoa… guys, sorry to interrupt this touching brother-sister moment here, but I think I see the treasure!"

     "What??" Katrina and Aaron exclaimed loudly at the same time. They both turned to where Ricky was looking, and saw the same thing. There was no doubt; something was glittering, and it was most likely something valuable.

     Mouths wide open, Katrina, Ricky, and Aaron dashed over to the mysterious object. Rita and Dreamer happily followed, though they had no clue what was going on. They all leaned over the shimmering unknown, admiring it, but their shadows blocked it from the sun and it didn't appear to shine anymore. Without any further hesitation, they all started digging in the sand with their bare paws. The more they dug, the more of the object was revealed. Finally, they uncovered it completely...

     "Another clue? Are you kidding me?" Ricky yelled. It had been just another bottle with another note inside of it, and the golden and rainbow glints had been only because of the sun's rays reflecting the glass. "I really did think it was the treasure this time. It should have been," he said grumpily.

     "Well, we might as well read the clue," said Katrina, opening the bottle. This time, the note had a different kind of poem:

     Wise old Kougra tells

     Of all answers to your quest

     Listen to her well

      "It's a haiku," said Aaron. "That means the next clue is at the Haiku Generator, right?"

      "What?" asked Katrina. "You're coming with us? But I thought you said -"

      "Forget what I said," said Aaron, smiling. "I was wrong." Katrina smiled back. She'd never thought she'd hear those words out of Aaron.

      Formerly four, the five made their way over to the Haiku Generator. Once they arrived, an aged blue and green Kougra greeted them: "Welcome newcomers / Here's the haiku for the day / Listen closely now: Yesterday describes / Today, obtainable now / believes, capable. Contemplate this."

      "Um… yeah… do any of you know what that was supposed to mean?" Ricky asked the others. They all shrugged.

      "How you speak haiku / Is completely incorrect / Try five, seven, five," the Kougra told Ricky.

      "Hey, I think we need to speak to her in haiku form. Five syllables, seven syllables, and five again. Let's try it," said Katrina. "Okay, um… We are looking for / Something on Mystery Isle / Can you help us please?"

      The Kougra smiled and nodded. She understood, and wanted to let Katrina continue.

      "Here is our story / We are seeking a treasure / By following clues."

      "Wow, Katrina, you're pretty good at this," whispered Ricky. It was good, Aaron had to admit, for just making it up on the spot.

      "Ah, I think I know / Something about what you seek / Let me give you this," said the Kougra. She handed Katrina a piece of paper, then shooed the whole group out before Katrina got a chance to read it.

      Outside the generator building, Katrina read the note, the next clue to the treasure:

     The master shall train you to be the best

     And he may be more helpful than you could have guessed

      "The master? What master does it mean?" asked Ricky.

      "Well, there's only one master on Mystery Island," said Katrina. "That's the Techo Master. And he does train pets, so it makes sense that the clue is referring to the Training School." Katrina was definitely getting more into the rhythm of things, and getting better at deciphering clues quickly. Everyone was also working a lot better with each other, she realized. However, it was also turning into a bit of a bore. It was late afternoon, and she had wanted to find the treasure that day. Now she had a feeling she would have to wait until the next day if the clues dragged on much longer.

      They tried to enter the Training School, but needed a codestone to get in. They peered through the window at the Techo Master, training all his students. They watched him as he taught the young pets, beginners with big dreams. The moves he was performing were powerful yet graceful, and his face looked stern yet kind.

     They stopped paying attention to the class in session inside and started concentrating on how they were going to get in. They needed at least one codestone, but didn't know how to get any. The only way they knew of was through a lucky spin at the Tombola, but they had already used up their free Tombola play for the day. They had to find some other way in.

     Ricky wanted to sneak in, but Katrina refused, saying it just wasn't the right thing to do. After much thinking and coming up with pretty much nothing, they simply decided to ask for permission to enter without a codestone. Even though they almost knew for a fact it was impossible, a strange feeling told them to try. They approached the rather evil-looking red Nimmo who guarded the Training School.

     "No, children, no one gets in without a codestone. The Master is very busy and has other paying customers to train," he said with a grim look on his face.

     Just then, the Techo Master himself appeared behind him out of nowhere. "What is the problem here?" he asked.

     "Oh, Master, it's just these kids who want to get in the Training School without a codestone. I should send them away, right, sir?" said the Nimmo.

     The Techo Master looked over them carefully, as if studying them, looking past their bodies and into their souls. Finally, he said, "It's all right. Let them in. Come, children."

     To the Nimmo's great shock, Katrina, Aaron, Ricky, Rita, and Dreamer were all allowed to walk inside, following close behind the Techo Master. He led them into an empty room.

     "You shall begin training now," he told them.

     "What? We get free training? We don't have any payment, Master," said Aaron.

     "Are your goals large and your spirits high?" he asked them all. They all nodded. "And in learning something valuable, will you use it wisely and treasure it forever?"

     "Treasure?" said Ricky, who got excited at any mention of the word.

      Katrina nudged him, letting him know that this wasn't the time for talking about the treasure. "Yes, sir," Katrina answered the Techo Master.

      "Then that is payment enough, knowing that pupils are taught well," responded the Techo. With that, he immediately began his lessons.

     He trained them in all areas: in agility, in endurance, teaching them everything he thought they needed to know. After quite a few hours, training was completed and the Techo Master considered them ready to leave.

     "Farewell, young students," he said. "You still have much to learn, but you have accomplished much this day. I would like to present you with this." He produced a slip of paper out of his robe pocket and handed it to Ricky. "Good-bye, now, and just remember: wherever you go, go with all your heart." He walked away and turned down the hall. The kids tried to follow after him, but he was nowhere to be seen after he had gone around the corner.

     The five left the Training School, feeling completely ready for whatever was to come next. However, they found that it was too dark to continue their journey, and they had to wait until the following day. They couldn't resist waiting until morning to read the note from the Techo Master, so they did so that night. But soon after that, they were too tired to go to the next place, and ended up falling fast asleep on the lush grass right in front of the Training School.

To be continued...

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