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Love You Like a Sister III: Letting Go

by tennisblondie16


The green Meerca looked over to the adjacent cage, where a yellow Kacheek was asleep. The two friends had been at the pound for almost a year now. It was midnight, and the Adoption Agency was closed. The only sounds were the occasional Weewoos or pets snoring. The only source of light was from the Full Moon, as it cast out eerie shadows. The green Meerca banged her tail lightly on the cage with the sleeping Kacheek. The Kacheek moaned and hit the Meerca’s cage back.

     “What do you want, Wiggles, I’m trying to sleep!” the Kacheek, whose name was Minnie, whispered.

       “What I want is to get out of here! I say you and I break out of this place,” the Meerca, who went by the name of Wiggles, replied.

       “Wiggles, you’re crazy! No pet has escaped Dr. Death in ten years! Do you really expect to escape now?”

       “Yes, yes I do, Minnie! It’s very simple, and I figure tonight’s the perfect night to do it. It’s a Full Moon, which will make it easy for us to hide amongst the shadows.”

       “Well, if you really think it will work…let’s get cracking! I don’t want some noob of an owner to adopt me!”

       Wiggles knew the cages were only opened through the outside, on which there was a latch. She hadn’t eaten today, which made the end of her tail skinny enough to slip through a hole and unlatch the lock. When she had done that, she quietly slipped her tail back through, and opened the door, trying not to make a sound. When she got out, she looked across the room and saw Dr. Death asleep and snoring. She stifled a giggle, and carefully closed the cage.

       Then she moved on to Minnie’s cage, with the same results. They both moved stealthily across the numerous cages of abandoned pets, trying their best to hide in the shadows. When they got to the front desk, the Uni at the front desk had her back turned, filling out some important documents of some sort. They crept down and crawled until they were at the door. This was it—as soon as they ran out of the door, the little bells would jingle and the Uni would know someone was escaping. So this was their only chance. They had to move fast, or they would lose their chance to escape from this terrible prison.

       Wiggled held up fingers, to signal they would go on the count of three. When she slowly released her third finger, they both sprung up and burst through the door. They ran as though their lives depended on it, which in this case it did. In the distance they could hear the alarm going off, and all of the pound pets stirring. They knew Dr. Death would be after them, so they ran even further and faster than ever before. They ran into the Haunted Woods, where they knew they wouldn’t be easy to find. The night sky clouded over, making the atmosphere eerie and sinister.


I woke up from my dream, gasping. I bolted up from under the covers of my bed, and took in my surroundings. The full moon was blasting light through my window, lightening the room slightly. I looked across my room, and into another. The room could have been any pets’ room, as it had items lying around the floor. Nothing had been touched, or put out of place. Memories of my red Uni came back to me in a flash. Only a week ago had she come back, only to say goodbye… forever. The dream that I had had seemed so realistic… almost like someone, or something, had planted it in my mind for me to see.

       It was no use trying to get back to sleep, so I got up and walked downstairs. The old fashioned clock on the living room table read one thirty in the morning. I groaned, realizing it was still late. After getting a quick bite of a chocolate chip cookie, I went back to bed, and slept through the morning.

       It wasn’t until the late morning, around nine o’clock, that I finally woke up. I woke up to the same old boring, silent house with no occupants except for me. I slowly trudged down the stairs, each step like a burden to me. It’s depressing when your house used to be filled with laughter and joy, and results in a permanently silent residence. I opened the front door to a chill blast of wind in my face. My frizzy brown hair blew up from my back and I impatiently smoothed it back down.

       I walked outside to the front garden to pick up the latest issue of the Neopian Times. The house next door to me was already up and lit, with an owner and pet eating breakfast and chatting animatedly. The faerie Usul inside, whom I knew was Syri, waved when she saw me and beckoned me to come inside her house. I sighed and started to walk over. The whole neighborhood was up already as I could see the lights. Tenille, the owner of the house, opened the door as I came and quickly ushered me inside.

       “My, is it cold out there! It’s nice to have you here, Heather,” Tenille said with a shiver. I nodded in agreement and took a chair next to Syri.

       “So… have you heard anything from her?” Syri asked cautiously. By “her,” I knew Syri meant Seana. The two pets used to be the best of friends, so I knew Syri was suffering from a tough blow.

       “No, but I do think it’s time I told you something,” I replied. It was finally time for me to tell them the news… the news that Seana had left a letter for her friends. “I think we should call everyone over, before I hand it over for you to see.”

       Syri and Tenille looked at each other, confused. “See what exactly, Heather?”

       “The night Seana left… she left behind two letters, equally long and torn from a journal page. One was directed to me, and the other was to everyone else. I think it’s time everyone heard it, so it can help you to understand.” There were silent tears in everyone’s eyes as they nodded and followed me back to the house. Syri was sending out a Neomail to everyone to come over, while Tenille and I went to get the letter.

       Everyone gathered up in Seana’s room, all Seana’s old friends: Kaylee, Tatum, Caroline, Charlene, and of course, Syri. I slowly found the letter and handed it over to Syri, who held it in her paws. She delicately opened up the folded piece of torn diary paper, and meaningfully read it aloud.

To all of my dearest friends and family,

I know it’s hard for you, but I need you to understand why I am deciding to do this… running away. You all know I love you dearly in words indescribable, but I had to make this choice for everyone, and for… Heather. I am running away so that Heather may actually have a new attempt at life. On these pages of torn paper (I do apologize for them looking so improper) I left each of you a note.

First of all I will direct Tenille and Syri, my beloved companions. I remember when Heather and I first moved into this neighborhood, and you were the first family to greet me. You know that you will always be a part of my heart, and that it makes running away all the more impossible. Syri, I hope you find a new best friend that will be as companionable as you and I. You know I want both you and Tenille to be happy.

Kaylee-my second friend made in Neopia Central. I will never forget the humorous, wild times we had together, and the trouble we always got into. Don’t ever change your personality, no matter what those posh pets say.

Tatum-the first friend I made at school. You know I will never forget you and your… “slower” moments I shall say. Tatum laughed at these words, tears in her eyes. I know you think you’ll never be as smart as Charlene, but I want you to know that I think you can pass Neoschool if you really try. Don’t ever give up!

Charlene-probably one of the most caring friends I’ve ever had. You are always watching over the group, so I want you to know that I hold you responsible for the group as of now. I know you can comfort and assure them, and always know I will miss you dearly. Keep up your studying, and just maybe you will grow up to become a nurse.

Caroline-how could I ever forget you? I remember when we first met in our math class, and equally shared confusion over multiplication. I’ll always remember your lavish and extravagant clothing… you always were so beautiful.

To all of you reading-know that although I have moved on to a new chapter in my life, I’ll always love you all like my sisters. But, there is one thing that I urgently request… Syri looked up at all of us, tears streaming down our cheeks. We looked up expectantly at her, and she choked out the last few sentences of the letter. I ask that all of you just let go of me and move on. It’s not worth holding onto something that is no longer within your grasp.

Love Always,



Going to bed that night, I dreamed again of the green Meerca Wiggles and yellow Kacheek Minnie.

       The two pets frantically ran through the forest, ignoring the vain cries at the pound. They passed through trees, where they were torn to pieces by loose branches and rocks that were tripped on. When a neighborhood came in sight, only then did they relax and take their pace slower. They kept walking through the silent neighborhood, until they stood in front of the house that was their destiny. They knocked a few times on the door…

       I jerked awake again, beads of sweat dripping down as I looked around the room. Then, I heard a slow knocking at the door and almost screamed with fright. The dreams were real! Those two escapees from the pound really did exist! I almost didn’t answer the door, but it was like some unknown force took over me and walked toward the door. When I opened it, there stood a green Meerca and yellow Kacheek.

       After bringing them inside and each of us having a hot cup of Borovan, I sat down to talk. “So, do either of you know why you chose my house to stay in? There are many other houses on the street…” I began.

       “We are aware of that, ma’am. But it was our destiny to come here to this exact address.”

       I almost choked. “Destiny? Surely you don’t believe—“

       “As a matter of fact, we do. We don’t have much time left, so we’re going to just come out and say it. Just like your former pet said, you need to move on. All of you do. Every single person affected by the departure of Seana must leave, and never have contact with each other ever again. You are to move to Faerieland, become a millionaire from gambling, and adopt a rich pet. Tenille and Syri are to move to the Lost Desert on which Syri will be painted Desert and become a famous queen. Tatum is to move to Happy Valley, where she will stay a pink Cybunny and become a top fashion designer. Charlene is to move to Meridell where she will study with Illusen in healing. Caroline is to move to Kreludor, where she will fulfill her own destiny. You are to tell the others of which we speak of.”

       I nodded, barely taking this in. “And what of Seana?”

       The yellow Kacheek looked reluctant before answering, “You shall never see her again. She lives in Meridell with a new owner and sister, and will become a great writer someday.”

       “And what if I pretend this night never happened?” I asked.

       “Then everyone you know and love will with away in your grasp.”

       I weakly smiled, looking at the two pets in my Neohome. “I guess sometimes you just have to… let go.”


Author’s Note: And so ends the “Love You Like a Sister” series… I think XD. I am planning to do more stories with Seana, and possibly the outcome of all of her friends.

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