White Weewoos don't exist. *shifty eyes* Circulation: 182,656,530 Issue: 231 | 16th day of Running, Y8
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Humorously Deformed

by zenzika

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Tubular Kikos
This comic reveals why Kikos wear bandages...

by horselover5122


Mute - Problems of the Faeries
Well, there's always the free cheese.

by pismouse


The Terrible Gamers' Guide to Becoming Good at Games
So for all of you who have grumbled, cursed, screamed, and even cried out in frustration at your computer, here are a few ways to get rid of the frustration:

1. Find out what type of games attract you.

by sparklechik90210


Fuzzy Issues
Instant Meepit: An accident just waiting to happen...

by loves2rollerblade

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