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Fyora's Chambers - An Altadorian Tragedy

by leucothea


Character List:

Fyora, Queen of the Faeries

Miklane, an older, female Faerie Aisha

Faerieland Inhabitants 1 - 6

Various Neopian Explorers

Scene: A stage, set to resemble a large, high-ceilinged room made of stone. Twilight filtering through Large Patterned Arched windows at the left, rear, and right of the stage reveal lavish décor, which, if one was playing a word-association game, would surely evoke terms such as "purple" and "puffy". Many of the furnishings seem to be inspired by the Faerie Queen: several comfortable groupings of Fyora Print Bean Bags here and there, a Fyora Inspired Vanity and Queen Fyora Rocking Chair in the far left corner, two Fyora Inspired Bookcases and a Fyora Inspired Bedroom Desk in the far right… and a large, canopied Fyora Print Bed in the near left of the scene. But the most singular aspect of this room is a luminous, swirling, purple circle in its exact center - one about as wide and high as a Fyora Inspired Bathtub would be long (if such a thing existed) though it seems to be entirely without depth. Twin stone staircases at the front of the front go from ground to stage level, providing access to the scene.

[Enter six FAERIELAND INHABITANTS - Simply unremarkable pets of various species. They silently ascend the right staircase and take a place at the near right of the scene - # 3 -6 in a back row, # 1 and 2 in a front. INHABITANT ONE, a Scorchio, holds a small Faellie. All stand quietly for several moments. Then the Faellie lets out a squeak - a soft one, but it echoes in the utter silence.]

Inhabitant 1: Hush!

All Inhabitants: Hush!

[chanting in unison]

"Hush! Hush!" -

That's what she wanted, Fyora the Queen

When this gateway disrupted her daily routine!

Two pets filled with courage, they searched long and hard

And found the location was no average yard -

For this magic door, where two separate worlds meet

Just happened to be in the Faerie Queen's suite!


This story of woe, of sleeplessness' weight

Began on the first day of Running, Year Eight

[As the INHABITANTS fall silent, the lights come up on the room.

Enter FYORA and MIKLANE via the left staircase. FYORA is visibly exhausted, and leans on MIKLANE for support. They make their way to a Bean Bag formation in the near center of the scene, where they settle down in facing seats.]

Fyora: By Kreludor! What a busy day I've had! First with those two, brave explorers finding that portal [she waves a hand at the swirlyness] to Altador. Believe me, that was a serious blast from the past! I haven't been over there in… oh, probably about a thousand years. My own room… whoever would have thought that this, of all places, had the potential to be a trans-dimensional gateway? And then later, when I was working at the Hidden Tower - don't even get me started! There were SO many customers today… and then there was that Baby Chomby who was trying to play with the Rainbow Swirly Thing, and that Eyrie who just insisted that I accept bushels of Strange Green Seeds as payment... You know, being Queen of Faerieland and Faeries in general is hard enough WITHOUT having to run that invisible pile of rock! At least the day's over now… I can finally rest.

Miklane: You certainly deserve it, my lady. Is there anything I can get for you before you go to bed?

Fyora: Thank you, old friend, but there is nothing I need right now. Only … [she yawns] some sleep.

Miklane: Good night, my lady.

Fyora: Good night, Miklane.

[MIKLANE rises from the Bean Bag and walks toward the left staircase. She stops suddenly, cocking her head slightly as if surprised.]

Miklane: Do you hear something?

[Enter about five NEOPIAN EXPLORERS - more unremarkable pets of various species - who rush up the left staircase in a mass, chattering wildly. Phrases such as "new shops have already started restocking", "fancy new Flash map", and "wish I had a PS2" can be picked out. They stampede past MIKLANE and the seated FYORA, towards the portal, with only one small Lenny pausing to give FYORA a quick curtsy.

Exeunt EXPLORERS, through the portal.

MIKLANE stands and FYORA sits in shocked silence.]

Fyora: … What?... Who - ?

[Enter another set of EXPLORERS, this time up the left staircase. None even seem to notice that the Faerie Queen is there as they hurry noisily towards the portal.

Exeunt EXPLORERS, portal.]

Miklane: They're… going to Altador…

Fyora: Through my private chambers?! [she pulls herself to her feet] This is an outrage! Miklane… please go downstairs and inform the guards to GUARD the palace gates!

Miklane: As fast as my wings can take me, my lady!

[MIKLANE rises into the air with a flutter of her wings.]

Miklane: [hovering] I'll find out what's going on!

[Exit MIKLANE, swooping between the two staircases.

FYORA wearily sinks back into her Bean Bag as the INHABITANTS begin to chant.]

All Inhabitants:

Fly, fly, Miklane, fly!

Take your wings and find out why!

[Enter more EXPLORERS, left stair.

Exeunt more EXPLORERS, portal.

FYORA appears to attempt casting a spell, but then just throws up her hands.]

Fyora: I'm… too spent to do magic…

All Inhabitants:

Without any thought for her self-themed décor

Neopians came, by the dozen, by score -

To Fyora's own chambers, on that fateful night

Drawn by the glow of Altadorian light.

Fyora had already had a tough day, and

It seemed that her troubles were likely to stay.

[Enter more EXPLORERS, right stair.

FYORA jumps up, wildly gesturing for them to stop. They ignore her.

Exeunt EXPLORERS, portal.]

All Inhabitants:

Stop! Stop! Pets, please stop!

Fyora's so tired she's likely to drop!

[Enter more EXPLORERS, left stair.

FYORA stands sullenly, glaring as they go by.

Exeunt EXPLORERS, portal.]

Fyora: [with despair] They're tracking all sorts of dirt into the rug… and it's only a matter of time until someone trips over a Bean Bag… maybe even tears one… and those little white bean things are impossible to clean up…

[She stands, with silent agitation. Then suddenly, she yawns - in a huge, very un-Faerie-Queen-like fashion.]

Fyora: By Kreludor! Let them tear as many Bean Bags as they want! Just as long as they let me sleep!

[She stumbles over to the Fyora Print Bed, and tosses herself on it, facedown.

Enter EXPLORERS, right - chattering as loud as all the others. FYORA grabs a pillow and places it over her head, holding it down tight with one hand.

Exeunt EXPLORERS, portal

Enter MIKLANE, flying up between the two staircases.]

Miklane: My lady!

[MIKLANE lands next to the bed. FYORA pulls the pillow off of her head.]

Fyora: [unintelligibly] Gmmmfuhhhfuhhh.

Miklane: [whispering] My lady…

[FYORA slowly rolls onto her back, and opens one eye.]

Fyora: Gmmm….Sleepysleep…

[Enter EXPLORERS, left and right. There's more this time, and they're louder than ever.

FYORA pops open her other eye.


Fyora: Miklane! Tell me what's going on!

Miklane: My lady… TNT… it seems they posted the news about the portal - about Altador - about the shops - for everyone to see! Hundreds, maybe thousands of Neopians are on their way… the Palace guards can't be found, I think they've run… can't blame them really.

[As MIKLANE speaks, FYORA's eyes slowly shut. She shakes her head, as if to keep herself awake, but it's clearly no use.]

Miklane: [continuing] My lady, you've got to get out of here! What you've seen so far is only a trickle… in only minutes there'll be as many as can fit through the hallways!

Fyora: [asleep] Znnnnork…

Miklane: My Lady!… Queen Fyora!

[Enter dozens of EXPLORERS, left and right. All are chattering excitedly, with incredible volume. Several of them trip over and tear Bean Bags in their rush for the portal, sending thousands of little white bean things flying. FYORA pops up, awakened by the noise.]

Fyora: Whatwhere?! Huh? … Miklane?

[MIKLANE takes flight, hovering right beside the bed]

Miklane: [shouting over the din] Fly, my lady! Come with me… my Neohome has a spare room you can stay in tonight!

[As EXPLORERS continue to pour into the room, FYORA jumps from the bed into the air, purple wings whirring. She and MIKLANE fly above the crowd, heading for the place between the staircases.

Exit, MIKLANE who swoops down right away. FYORA, however, pauses, hovering.]

Fyora: How can this be happening to me?! I am the Queen of Faerieland and Faeries in general… but it seems Neopia has abandoned me for the sake of a shiny new map and a couple of shops. Tonight I'll sleep tonight only by the pity of an old friend! Oh! Woe… is me.

[The lights dim, and the EXPLORERS grow silent.

Exeunt all EXPLORERS via their closest exit. Exit FYORA, who flutters off.

Only the INHABITANTS remain.]

All Inhabitants: [chanting softly]

Woe was Fyora, the Faerie Queen

When that gateway disrupted her daily routine.

Disrespected and weary, she left her abode

To stay with a friend while the travelers flowed.

Don't be too complacent, take heed of this tale -

Beware of the times when a new world's unveiled!

[The lights fade off]

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