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Unveiling Altador

by devil1699


FAERIE CITY, MYSTERIOUS PORTAL - I'm sure by now you've all heard of and seen first hand the newly discovered city of Altador. And when I first had the pleasure of seeing this city, I was very impressed. But I did wonder where in Neopia this place was. A mysterious portal, when walked through, leads you to a new city; but where is it? There are many who are quick to make judgments, and many that are still skeptical about the origins and whereabouts of this city.

Altador is a huge city located on the shore and surrounded by mountains and hills. It seems to be always warm and sunny here, and it’s filled with plants and trees. The architecture featured in this city is rather ancient, but beautiful nonetheless. Columns, coliseums, courtyards and exquisite structural design make up the city. And in the center of the city there is a big tower, where the king himself lives. Also, many new items have been discovered in this city. These include petpets, foods, and battle items, and Neopians are craving to get a glimpse of all the new attractions! Altador has much to offer, which makes it a perfect tourist spot, including shops, beaches and their very own archives. The flag of the city is a yellow and orange sun design, which is very spiffy if you ask me. And many of their foods and armor and even the citizens adamantly display this flag.

Any visitor to Altador is sure to have noticed the heavy emphasis they place on war. The city itself is surrounded by huge, reinforced stone walls and they have quite a few armories and magic shops. Also, a huge coliseum is clearly visible from the center of Altador; however no one is allowed to enter it. It seems to me that the Altadorians value war and combat.

The condition under which this portal was founded is very odd. All we know is that two young Neopets fell into the portal that leads to Altador. Many believe they were trying to get a peek at Queen Fyora or even try to steal from her chambers! One of them slipped and, in a desperate attempt to hold on, grabbed his friend’s ankle and the last thing they could remember was that they were in a strange new city. The names and species of these Neopets are being withheld, since they are minors, but the only thing we know about them is that they were warmly welcomed in Altador. The Neopets couldn’t be reached for a comment, but this statement was released today by the publicist of the two Neopets:

"Despite the rumors circulating, the two Neopets I am representing were not causing any trouble near Queen Fyora's chambers. They were merely playing a game of hide and seek, and they stumbled upon a strange portal. Being the curious pets they are, they decided to investigate. Furthermore, they should be rewarded as being the two pioneers of this great new city."

While many Neopians are still skeptical of this, they are enjoying the new sights and sounds of Altador. King Altador has welcomed all Neopians to come through the portal to visit his great city. He has even launched a new advertising campaign for the city, and many billboards can now be seen throughout Neopia encouraging Neopians to visit. And I'm sure all the tourism and visitors are doing wonders for the economy of Altador.

However, there still is a huge question to be answered. Where is Altador? Sure, the only way to get there is by entering the portal. But where do you go after you enter that portal? Residents of Altador aren’t giving any answers. Since this city was thought to have disappeared, many think that the people in the towns disappeared as well, and don’t remember where they are or where they've been!

One theory surfacing is that Altador could be on the other side of Neopia. This theory still needs to be investigated, and there’s little evidence to support this. However, it does seem like a reasonable explanation. No Neopian has ever traveled to the other side of Neopia, so how would we know? The trek to the other side of Neopia is far too long and dangerous. This portal could be just the thing to make travel from one side of Neopia to the other quick and painless! That is, however, if Altador is on the other side of Neopia.

Another theory is that Altador is located on another planet. Neopia is the only planet known to Neopets. But there is a moon and a space station orbiting the planet. Altador could be another moon that is highly devolved and holds civilized life or even another undiscovered planet. The possibilities are endless. I myself am not well read on the physics of portals, so I have no idea where portals can take you.

Neopians will be kept guessing as to the origins and location of this city. The word around Faerie City is that the Altadorian Archives may hold a clue to the past. I tried to get into those archives, to see if anything could give me some indication as to the history of Altador, but I was turned away by the head Archivist there, a Lenny named Finneus. He told me that no books were to leave the premises, and that if I didn’t have any business there, I shouldn’t be there. His office was rather messy, and he looked as if he was searching for something, and I could see anxiety in his eyes. The real reason of the archives hasn’t isn’t yet known, but I'm sure as more Neopians visit this place, the mysteries will be revealed. Hmmm, maybe Altador could have some secrets they want to remain hidden.

    For now, this city seems quiet and peaceful. And only time will tell how and why this city resurfaced, and more importantly where this city is located. More on this story, as it develops. Make sure you keep an eye on Altador; this reporter thinks that something could be brewing.

AUTHOR'S NOTE: This article is filled with speculation as to the whereabouts and origin of Altador. These theories are poorly investigated, and should in no way be regarded as certain.

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