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Theoretical Lily: the Soup Faerie's Ingredients

by foxgloves108


NEOPIA CENTRAL - As we all know, the Soup Faerie is one of the lesser-known faeries in Neopia (or in Faerieland). Poor Neopians go to her to get free food (or to be specific, free soup). From the way she dresses, one would automatically think that she is a poor and simple faerie who goes out of her way to help those poor Neopians (and Neopets) to survive. But didn’t it ever cross your mind that she needs ingredients to make her soup?

“Well, duh?!” you might reply, but with that question in mind, does it not make you wonder how or where she gets her ingredients? It actually made me wonder about that when one sunny afternoon, on my way to the market place, I passed by the Soup Kitchen.

Realizing that I finally had an idea on what article to submit to the Neopian Times, I completely forgot about going to the market place and instead hurriedly went back to my Neohome.

Upon arriving, I instantly ran upstairs and went inside my room where I waded through all the crumpled papers (from trying to come up with a decent article or story to submit to the Neopian Times) and went straight to my closet. I rummaged inside looking for my Air Faerie back pack and after a few minutes, I finally found it. I then, went to my desk and grabbed my Air Faerie pen and Water Faerie notepad (unfortunately, there was no Air Faerie notepad) and stuffed them inside my back pack. I grabbed some neopoints on my way downstairs and went to the kitchen. I opened the faerie fridge and took out the egg salad and cheese sandwich (Hey, I was hungry!) which I ate on my way to the Soup Kitchen. Hopefully, the Soup Faerie will grant me an interview with her.

My hope for an interview with the Soup Faerie immediately went out the window when I saw the long queue of Neopets waiting to be fed and the worn out look on the Soup Faerie’s face. I sighed, thinking that I might not be able to submit anything to the Neopian Times any time soon. With one last look at the Soup Kitchen and the neopets in the long line, I started for my neohome. But then I got an idea and did the next best thing. I turned around and got out my Water Faerie notepad and Air faerie pen and approached a couple of neopets on the queue and asked them how or where they think the Soup Faerie gets her ingredients.

After a few hours I was heading back to my neohome with a smile that reached my ears. I have an article to submit after all! That night, I worked on the article and below are the 20 theories that those neopets came up with.

20. The Soup Faerie plays tons of games when she gets days off.

(By the way, does the Soup Faerie EVER get days off???)

19. She visits the Money Tree frequently and grabs any possible ingredients.

(If she is quick enough, then I bet this could be one of the many reasons.)

18. She secretly gives out quests.

(She does?! I never had a quest from her but it might be possible.)

17. She visits the Money Tree and gets neopoints if there are any.

(Again, she needs to be quick and I mean REALLY quick to be able to get neopoints from the Money Tree)

16. She is secretly uber rich and she gets the money from the bank (from her account of course!) or from her vault whenever she needs to buy some ingredients.

(Quite an interesting theory, I must say.)

15. She goes to the Employment Agency in Faerieland and gets a job.

(She has to be pretty quick with this one too.)

14. She asks Fyora to supply her with the ingredients she will need.

13. On certain days, she carries her pot around Neopia and knocks on the doors of Neopian’s neohomes and asks for donations.

12. Adam supplies her with the ingredients she needs and in return, she gives Adam a large pot of piping hot asparagus soup.

(I know this one is possible since Adam will do anything for Asparagus)

11. She has a sponsor who supplies her with the ingredients she needs.

10. She’s a Soup Faerie by day, thief by night. In short, she steals all the ingredients she needs.

(Which I highly doubt, but it could be a possibility…)

9. She goes to the Snowager (which is a good friend of hers, by the way) and asks for some ingredients.

(If he has any)

8. The Neopians/Neopets voluntarily donate ingredients or neopoints.

7. She goes to the Wheel of Monotony every day and while it’s still spinning, she goes back to the Soup Kitchen and after an hour or so, goes back to check on the wheel of Monotony and as usual, sees that she has won a paint brush which she sells for more than a hundred neopoints and uses the NP to buy her ingredients.

6. She goes to the Wishing Well and wishes for the ingredients that she will need.

(I wonder how often it gets granted)

5. The Quiggle shop keeper of the Health Food Shop (which is also a very good friend of hers) gives her some of the ingredients she needs, free.

(Maybe, I should befriend the shop keeper of the Book shop and the shop keeper of the Food Shop and…)

4. Jhuidah gives her some of the ingredients she needs.

(Let me guess, they’re good friends too.)

3. The Flotsam who runs the Kitchen Quest helps her and gives her some of the ingredients she needs.

(Best Friends??)

2. She uses magic and conjure the ingredients out of thin air.

And last but certainly not least…

1. She has magic pot that never runs out of soup. Every hour it will change into a different kind of soup.


Well, there you have it! 20 Theories on where or how the Soup Faerie gets her ingredients. After reading them all, you may think that some of them are crazy or even impossible but you never know…

I had fun doing this article and if you happen to be reading this, then that must mean that my first ever article got accepted to the Neopian Times!

This is Theoretical Lily signing off and hoping that there are more articles to be written by yours truly : D

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