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Adventure to Altador

by shadow11320


Today started off just like any other day; my pet Kougra and I decided to do a little shopping and exploring of Neopia, because we rarely do that anymore. First we started off in the Marketplace. He needed a few supplies and staples to get him through the next week or so.

     Once we had all the necessities, we decided it'd been forever since we visited the Faerie City. I mentioned to Kyle (my Kougra) that it would be a fun trip to take and do a little shopping, and I had some extra neopoints in my pocket, so off we went. When we arrived we stopped in to do the Faerie Crossword to earn a few extra spending points.

     After that we decided to see what kind of petpets were in the petpet shop. Kyle and I browsed for what seemed like an hour, playing here and there with the cute critters and gawking at the ugly ones.

     After leaving the petpet shop, I realized that the neohome I shared with Kyle and my other three pet friends was looking a little dull and boring. Since a trip to Faerie City was rare, I decided that a visit to the Faerie Furniture shop wouldn't hurt. I picked out several items to decorate my Neohome with, including Fyora inspired furniture such as a book shelf and vanity desk.

     After arranging for the furniture to be delivered to my neohome in the Spooky Woods, I realized we needed books to go along with the book shelf! Kyle and I made our way to Faerie Books. Kyle and I picked out several books. My Ixi Doreann loves to read, so we made sure to buy doubles of everything because we know how books go up in a puff of purple smoke once they've been read.

     It had been a long time since breakfast and I heard Kyle's tummy rumbling so we hopped over to Faerie Foods, where I bought him a nice big slice of Fyora Day cake and a burrito. After eating our fill, we decided that we would go to a place very rarely visited by Neopians who don't have at least a billion neopoints... FYORA'S CASTLE!

     It is a long walk there, so we packed up a drink and set off. The walk takes about an hour for Neopians in the best of shape. I, however, am not in great shape, so it took about 2 hours. When we reached the castle, Kyle and I were awestruck. It had been months since I had seen the castle and it seemed there had been some renovations. I had read in the Neopia news that there had been some changes to items stocked in the castle whereas other items had been retired.

     Upon entering the castle, we slowly made our way up the long marble staircase to her shop, where only the richest Neopians shop. I started to browse through the paintbrushes while Kyle entertained himself looking through the toys.

     It was a quiet day, not many shoppers, and Kyle wandered off into the most secret part of the shop. I, of course followed, because he can't keep his paws from breaking toys, and I didn't have enough cash to pay for them.

     As we continued to wander the large shop, I noticed Kyle staring at a rather odd shaped button. Then it all happened, seemingly in slow motion, Kyle reached up with his front paw and pushed the button! After a flash of blinding, white light we found ourselves transported to a mysterious city!

     I blinked, realizing that I was not dead, but in a land I'd never seen... It was obviously close to an ocean of some sort because I could hear the crash of waves and the squawking of Lennies. There was a giant wall around the place, made entirely of stone and too tall for one to crawl over. The question of how we had gotten here had not yet crossed my mind, nor of how to get back.

     When it did finally cross my mind I decided it'd be best if Kyle and I started to walk to find someone or something that might point us in the right direction.

     The first place we came to was a place called Legendary Petpets. It was about a block from where we were when we stumbled across this fascinating place. We stepped inside to find empty cages. The shop keeper, I don't recall his name, was busying himself cleaning cages.

     "Sorry, mate, we're all sold out! Expecting a new shipment anytime though if you'd like to wait," said the shop keeper. I kindly thanked him and let him know I had no intentions of buying a petpet, but wondered if he could point me in the direction of Faerie City. He gave me an odd look and said he'd never heard of this strange land. He told me to go and speak to the keeper of Illustrious Armoury.

     I stepped out of the shop, and walked the three or four blocks to the Armoury. The door was locked, however, and the building seemed empty. Then out of the corner of my eye, I spied the largest Elephante I'd ever seen. He shooed me away and deciding that I wanted no piece of him, I left peaceably. I walked and walked and walked. It seemed like hours.

     Finally I came across a place called Exquisite Ambrosia. It was a fairly large diner, with excellent meals and prices. I dined and then decided it was getting late and it was past Kyle's bedtime. I needed to find the exit quick.

     Kyle and I walked on. We stumbled across the Altadorian Archives. Thinking this may be the answer to my questions, I told Kyle to stay outside and scurried in. Searching for books I bumped into an old feeble Lenny.

     "Do you have urgent business, young lady?" demanded the Lenny.

     "Well, no sir," I replied sheepishly. "I am sort of lost. Can you point me the direction of---"

     "WELL THEN, GET OUT," yelled the Lenny.

     Before his sentence was finished I was out the door and running towards the middle of the town, Kyle hot on my heels.

     CRASH!!!! I was tumbling on the sidewalk. When I regained my bearings, I looked up to see Queen Fyora standing above me looking slightly displeased.

     "QUEEN FYORA," I gasped," I... am... sooooo... glad to see you. Kyle, here, and I got lost when ---"

     "-Kyle pushed the button in my castle," she finished my sentence.

     "Why, yes! How did you know?" I questioned her.

     "Very little goes on in Faerie City, or Neopia for that matter, that I don't know about," she said tartly. "And I suppose you want a way back to Faerie City, am I correct?"

     "Yes," I replied."Please."

     With that and a wave of her staff, another blinding light came and went.

     I was standing with Kyle in the midst of her shop. It appeared time had frozen. The customer walking out of the shop when we left, continued to walk out, and it appeared as if nothing had happened.

     "Can I help you?" Fyora asked with a twinkle in her eye.

     "No, we were just leaving," I responded, ushering Kyle out of the shop as fast as I could.

The End

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