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The Grey Curse

by heartcandyz


The greatest happiness can be achieved through freedom. What is freedom? The only true freedom is through flight. Soaring through the puffy white clouds, dewdrops collecting on one’s scales, or fur, is the happiest anyone could be. The clouds swirling around ones head like mist can make even a bitter person feel like the world is perfect. I’ve been blessed to be this happy before, but now I’m cursed.

     Who am I? I’m Rizz’s (heartcandyz’s) new pet. She recently adopted me, a furry little ball of grey. Although you may think, “Wow that pet is young!” It’s not really that way. I’m old. Too old for anyone to remember.

     I was a faerie Wocky. I know you might be thinking, “N00b! There’s no such thing as a faerie Wocky,” but there is. Correction - was. Faerie pets nowadays are just dumb little creatures dressed up in costumes. Half of them can’t even fly. Real faerie pets of long ago are much, much more.

     We were blessed, in a way. Blessed to be born to the true faeries. Blessed to be given wings. But now, we’re all but gone. Our wings have been taken away.

     Baelia, the grey faerie, is the only one left of the last dynasty of faeries. All the others, Fyora and her cronies killed when humans started coming to Neopia. These times are known as the faerie wars. The wars all started over humans coming to Neopia. At this time, Baelia was the faerie queen, and faeries didn’t fight over elements at all. Everyone was happy. Then, the first human found Neopia. Baelia surrounded her and took her back to the real world. At least that’s what we all thought. Fyora, at the time, was just a student at the faerie university. She took pity on the humans, and plotted to overthrow Baelia and let the humans in Neopia. She gathered up a large army of humans that entered Neopia secretly through Fyora’s personal portal, and overthrew Baelia’s rule. All of Baelia’s helpers were banished.

     In an epic battle between Fyora and Baelia, a neopet helped Fyora. The battle lasted 13 days and nights. On the 13th night, the neopet helped balance the scale by taking off Baelia’s wings. So the first grey faerie was created.

     The humans close to Fyora became her advisors and senate. She taught them magic, but all they could do were a few simple tricks. Everyone thought them to be real faeries, though.

     In the first year of Fyora’s rule, I gathered a resistance of faerie pets who had served poor Baelia, and led them to get her back into power. We underestimated the humans. Not only did Fyora teach them magic, but she gave them weapons and motivated them with large sums of Neopoints and many rare items.

     In only two hours, they captured all one thousand of us. We had no idea they would be so cruel! At the time, there were actually rules to conducting a fair fight. We all followed them. The humans also used dirty tricks, like throwing sand in our eyes.

     I remember Fyora’s speech so clearly that it felt like yesterday. We were all crowded in one auditorium. We waited there for what seemed like forever, with Fyora collecting our names, statistics and what not. Finally, she spoke, with a great, booming, evil feminine voice.

     “Fellow Neopians, I regret that it must come to this. We were always peaceful towards each other. But you have asked for it. I regret this very much, as I have said before, but I believe that it is the only proper way to punish traitors. Traditional faerie law states that traitors will be punished with banishment to space, to live a life of bleak blackness. However, these are new times, and this is a new dynasty! A beginning of the new, an ending of the old. So, new Fyora Dynasty Faerie Law decrees that traitors will be stripped of their wings.

     “When I call your name, you will come up the platform and be stripped of your wings. It will not hurt, and I will perform the ritual myself. But from now on, there will be a curse on you faerie pets and all of your traitorous line. First to start the ceremony, the leader of the rebellion, the infamous pet of Baelia, Willenbur…”

     I screamed. It didn’t hurt, like Fyora said, but it was the most grueling experience I’ve ever been through. I couldn’t breathe, and time seemed to stop. It felt like a part of me was being ripped out, slowly, very slowly. I was in a daze, petrified and paralyzed. I waddled off the platform, feeling myself become more tired, depressed, and completely different.

     The rest of the ceremony was a complete, total blur. One by one, each of us was stripped of our wings. There’s only one part of the ceremony that I remember clearly. When the pets were stripped of their wings, their eyes immediately became droopy, sad and bloodshot. Their fur turned to a terrible, sickly dim gray color. As they cried, their eyes and fur turned even more depressed looking. Now, whenever a true faerie or faerie pet is stripped of their wings, the dim gray color envelopes their fur and bloodshot red eyes like fire catch the eyes of a passerby. Grey Paint Brushes are a totally different story. Like their faerie counterparts, they are only an imitation.

     To this day, I have been looking for a way to end our grey suffering. I know there is this rumour about new names, but only Fyora can give a new one. There seems to be no other way to end the suffering, the crazy maroon eyes and gross matted fur. Maybe our curse is to die sad and depressed. But I have a theory, a theory that may bring Fyora to justice and give the faerie pets cursed by her our wings.

     Why did I come to Rizz? Usually I’m a huge fan of independence. I don’t like to be owned like property by an owner who wants to put me in the beauty contest. But honestly, do I have a choice? I can’t take care of myself. True grey pets like myself are shunned. There seems to be something about us, a marking that makes people recoil in disgust. If we are treated like normal beings, could this curse that makes us ugly, disgusting, and depressed go away? She is the one- the perfect person to help me with my quest. Her personality- a little nice, occasionally mean, stubborn- is almost exactly like mine.

     To this day, I’ve been waiting with Rizz for a miracle. When she got enough money, she even gave me a grey Snowbunny to cheer me up. It had no effect on my condition, even though I love Baelin to death. A week ago, she even tried to paint me white. But the paint brush dissolved into my fur. I came out of the rainbow pool soggy, wet and unchanged. We’re thinking of more creative ways to get rid of my curse, but until the day when I’m finally faerie again, I’ll try to be happier with my new friends and family.

The End

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