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by superhamster6789


I felt like I was going to be sick.

      Slowly and somewhat painfully, I sat up in my Rainbow Bed, letting my hind paws drop over the edge. My head spun. I stood up, half expecting my legs to fail me, and started to walk slowly to the door of my bedroom. As I hobbled my way across the room, my gaze fell upon the corner where I kept my petpet supplies. I clung to the wall next to the door for support as my eyes fell upon the empty Disco Petpet Bed, and my heart lurched.

      I somehow managed to hold my composure and get out of my bedroom. I made my way to the bathroom at the end of the hallway, nearly gasping for breath by the time I got there. I flicked on the light and turned to the sink. I splashed some cool water on my face, feeling the soothing drops sink into my fur. I held onto the counter and tilted my head to face the mirror above the sink. My knuckles turned white from my fierce grip when I saw my reflection.

      A sickly looking Wocky stared back at me. There were bags under my eyes, and my cheery disposition was gone, replaced with anguish. My usually soft, shiny Rainbow coat looked dull and dirty. The bright colours of my coat made me dizzy, and only made me think of him. I felt tears slowly drip down my face, and I tore my eyes from my reflection as a fresh wave of nausea came over me. I couldn't think about him. It hurt too much.

      I hurried from the bathroom and went across the hall to the kitchen. It was only 3 am NST, and the rest of my family wasn't up yet. I poured myself a glass of water, feeling the cold surface in my paws. I sat down at the kitchen table, and let the cool liquid slide down my throat. I savored every ounce, feeling my body calm a little at the water's touch. Setting the drink down, I stared hard at the checkered pattern of the tablecloth, trying to forget all my worries. The red and white squares mesmerized me, and I scowled in confusion, anger, and sadness.

      Like a hot jolt of pain, the previous day's events came flooding back to me.

      "Come on guys! I'll race you there!" Super, our owner, called to us, and started running. We were visiting Meridell for the day, just a small vacation. I loved Meridell, and so did Quincy, my Rainbow Boween. I loved visiting and doing quests for Illusen, and going to look at the strange but cute Petpets at the Ye Olde Petpet Shop. And Ultimate Bullseye was one of my favorite games!

      Laughing, we raced after Super. We were going to visit the Turmaculus, to see if he would grant our Petpets a level or give us an item. It was always fun to see if our Petpets could wake him up!

      We ran by lush fields, filled with different vegetables, fruits, berries, or even just plain grass. We passed the Cheese Roller hill and the Mysterious Symol Hole. I remember thinking that we could go there next. Finally, our group arrived at a soft spot of grass where the giant Turmaculus slept. He was a huge Petpet, and as we approached, he shifted in his sleep. He snored loudly, and Estrella, Flash's Ona, cowered in fear.

      "It's okay, Estrella! He won't hurt you!" Flash, a Starry Uni, told her Petpet. "Go on, go see if you can wake him!" She nudged the shivering Ona up to the beast. Estrella proceeded to quietly blow her nose before the Turmaculus. When he did not wake, the Ona scurried back to Flash, who patted her absently. "Nice try, Estrella."

      "Come on, Tippy, you can do it!" Tornado, the lab pet, who was currently a Spotted Nimmo, plopped his Plushie Snarhook down before the great Petpet. Tippy, looking very determined, repeatedly hit the beast with a stick. He only stopped when the Turmaculus lazily opened one eye and quickly granted Tippy a level before returning to his nap. The victorious Snarhook strutted back to Tor, who happily congratulated him.

      "Alright, Earnheart, your turn!" I watched as Heaven, a Christmas Zafara, encouraged her Faerie Yullie. He fluttered up to the beast and dumped an icy bucket of water on him. Almost immediately, the King of Petpets woke, shaking the droplets off his scaly skin. He looked at Earnheart almost viciously before proceeding to drop a Poet's Hat atop the Yullie's head. He turned his back to us and went back to sleep as Earnheart scampered back to Heaven. "Great job, Earnheart!" she said, adjusting the Poet's Hat on her Petpet's head.

      Super turned to me. "Ready, Mioashi?" I nodded in response.

      "Okay, Quincy, go get 'em!" I said to my Rainbow Boween. The small creature was staring at the Turmaculus, his vibrant rainbow mane blowing in the slight breeze. His antennas twitched anxiously. His large eyes turned to me, scared and confused. "Oh, it's okay, dear! He won't hurt you! Turmy only eats mean, disobedient Petpets!" Consoled, Quincy turned and marched up to the Turmaculus.

      Quincy started tap dancing, only stopping when the giant lump of a Petpet moved. Sluggishly, he turned towards my Boween, eyeing him up and down. I expected him to grant Quincy a level, or award him with a book or a toy, but instead, he dropped his head so he was eye-level with the Boween, and opened up his giant maw. Confused, I stared at the Turmaculus. Then, in one quick motion, the Turmaculus scooped Quincy up and swallowed him whole.

      For a moment, I stood frozen in shock. I watched with wide eyes and an open mouth as the Turmaculus turned his back to us again and plopped himself down to go back to sleep. My legs felt like jelly, and my vision blurred. My shock was soon turned into an unsurpassable feeling of rage. I rushed forward, pounding my fists into the Turmaculus's side.

      "Let him go! Let him go, let him go, let him go!" I cried hysterically, continuing to pound at the beast. Each time I repeated the phrase, my voice got a little softer and a little shakier, my punches a little weaker.

      "Let...him...go..." I lamely hit the beast once more before falling to the hard ground.

      The last thing I remember was collapsing, and my family bringing me home, to my bed, without my beloved friend, Quincy...

      I silently brushed away tears that were freely falling down my cheeks, and I shook my head to clear my mind of the image of Quincy's face before he had been eaten. He had been so scared, so lonesome, and I felt as though it were all my fault. I thrashed my head wildly, trying to rid myself of the horrible memory, but it was no use.

      I sat at the kitchen table, alone, in the dark, and quietly admitted to myself that Quincy, my best friend in the whole world, was gone.

     * * *

      I don't know how long I sat at that table that night. But I know it must have been a long time, because I was still sitting there, with my glass of water, staring at the checkers on the tablecloth, when Super entered the kitchen to make breakfast that morning.

      "Mioashi! What are you doing in here?" She looked surprised, and I didn't blame her.

      I didn't respond, only lifted my head to stare at her. She seemed shocked at my state, and rightfully so. My eyes were bloodshot and dimmed, my coat scruffy and dull. Her surprise turned to sympathy as she hugged me. I lamely sat there; my limbs felt numb. I pulled away from her without a word to retire to my bedroom.

     * * *

      The days without Quincy turned into weeks, and each hour I was apart from him, I became more miserable. By now, my shock and anger had turned into mourning and depression. I spent my days locked in my room, staring at the wall or out the window. I became very slim and dirty-looking. I didn't come out to talk, or eat, or play, or do anything. I felt like I had lost my will to live. All my inspiration was gone. It was as though, when Quincy left, a part of my soul had left with him. He had been irreplaceable, and my heart, in its grief and anger, had dug a hole in itself, that would never again be full. A part of me was missing, and without Quincy, I felt like there was no purpose for me to live. My family and friends tried to help me, tried to do things with me, or bring me nice gifts. But it was of no use. Everything I tried reminded me of Quincy, and it just made me sadder. I wanted to feel better, I really did, but I couldn't.

      Eventually, Super had persuaded me to at least go for a short walk each day. She told me that I could go where I pleased, and no one had to come along with me if I didn't want them to. So, almost every day, I took my walk, usually through a small, peaceful park, full of singing Beekadoodles and lovely flowers that filled the air with their sweet scent. The park was usually empty, because there was no playground for small Neopets to play. I liked it that way. Since I was usually the only one in the park, I could sit and think, and not be distracted by others. I enjoyed the peacefulness of the small glade, and made one of the many benches my own, and I became accustomed to sitting and thinking upon it every day. Sitting in the park was, I had come to realize, practically the only time when I wasn't completely overcome by depression.

      One day, I was taking my stroll, and I had just entered my park. I glanced around happily at the lush grass, and tall, shady trees that surrounded the park. A calm breeze ruffled my fur, and I breathed in the scent of the Rainbow Morning Flowers and Starflowers all around me. My ears were alert for the twisting, happy melodies of the Beekadoodles. It must have been a good day, despite my depressed state, for the Song Flowers had decided to join in with the Beekadoodles.

      I sighed contently. If only Quincy were here. He would love this, I thought sadly as I made my way to the bench.

      To my surprise, I found Heaven, my sister, already sitting at the bench, reading a book. Curious, I hurried forward to her.

      "Heaven? What are you doing here?" I inquired harshly.

      She looked up from her book. "Hm? This is a public park, isn't it? I can come here if I'd like." Heaven was very intelligent and very secretive, letting only those closest to her in. She even kept things from Super, Flash, and Tornado, but she hid nothing from me. We were very close. I settled down beside her as she set the book down.

      "Well, yes, I suppose so, but..." I drifted off.

      "Well, actually, Mioashi, I came to speak to you. I know that you come here every day, and I wanted someplace private to talk with you. I figured this would be perfect." I didn't know how Heaven had known that I went to the park every day; I had not allowed anyone to accompany me on my daily walks.

      "Alright, what it is then?" I asked her.

      She took her time in her reply. "Mioashi, I feel like I've lost you. You aren't the same anymore! You're depressed, you're dirty, you're cranky, and I can't stand to see you like this! I know that Quincy was your friend, and I know that you miss him, but we miss you! I just want to help! What can I do for you?!" She was almost in tears by the time she was finished.

      I stared at her for a long time.

      "Heaven, Quincy was my best friend. I miss him so much that my heart aches. I don't know if I can ever be happy again," I finally answered. I sighed, and looked down at my paws. It was the first time I had ever been honest about my feelings since Quincy was gone. I could tell him anything. He was always there to listen and comfort me. He didn't care what I did, he just loved me unconditionally. It was hard to talk to anyone else.

      We sat on the bench together for a long time, not talking, not moving, just sitting. Finally, by an unspoken consent, Heaven and I walked home together in silence.

     * * *

      "Mioashi, please, just go out for a quick walk!" Super said. "Just to get some fresh air!"

      It had been exactly one month since the incident with the Turmaculus, and I was deeply set into depression. I hadn't been out for a walk in over a week, and Super was beginning to worry about me. I looked up at her with mournful eyes, but decided against contradicting her. It would waste too much of my precious energy.

      "Fine. I'll be back soon." Without waiting for her response, I headed outside. It was a sunny afternoon, not a cloud in the clear blue sky. A cool breeze blew past, and I absorbed it like a sponge. I had to admit, it did feel good to be outside. But still, as I saw other pets and their Petpets walking, that pang of nausea hit me deep in my stomach. I still felt sick a lot, and my depression was taking over my life. I felt like I should have been painted Grey instead of Rainbow. Heaven had never met me at the park again, but I didn't care. I liked being alone better.

      I neared the glade that was my empty park, and as I stepped inside, a rush of warm air and lovely scents overwhelmed me. It made me feel a little better, being in my one secure, dependable place, a place that I knew would always be there for me. I had grown very attached to the park and its peaceful quiet. I had forgotten how much I loved the park since I stopped taking my walks.

      As I neared my bench, I saw a pretty pink box waiting for me. It twinkled in the hot sun, and a large purple bow was tied atop in.

      "What could this be?" I asked aloud, to no one in particular, as I lifted the small tag that was attached to the box. "For Mioashi; Love, Heaven." As I read the tag aloud, my curiosity increased. What could Heaven have gotten me?

      Silently, I untied the beautiful twirling ribbon and lifted the lid off the box. I gasped in surprise when I saw what it contained.

      A tiny, exquisite Rainbow Faellie sprang from the box, twirling happily in the sunshine. Bright eyes a shade of pink that matched my own stared at me and blinked. Her glistening coat, identical to the one I wore, shimmered in its brilliance. At first I was angry at the marvelous creature for trying to take Quincy's place. The Faellie flew innocently above me, and my heart softened. As she danced about on her delicate wings, I stared at the tag that was attached to the box. Tears formed in my eyes as I realized what Heaven had done for me. She was, really, the only one who had understood my pain. And silently, I thanked her for everything she had done for me.

      The Faellie was now nuzzling itself onto my lap, making purring sounds as I stroked the soft fur. The small creature reminded me in so many ways of Quincy, but, surprisingly, it didn't sadden me. It was as though my new Petpet was ridding me of my depression and grief. She let me live a new life, but she still helped me to remember Quincy, in a positive, happy way. Through the tiny Petpet, I escaped my prison of a life, the life that had secluded me from the rest of the world for so long. For the first time in a month, I felt happy.

      And as I gazed lovingly at my Rainbow Faellie, the hole in my heart refilled itself just a little bit, and my soul suddenly felt whole again.

      The Faellie, in ways unspoken, was healing me.

The End

Author's Note: I hope everyone enjoyed my second story! Feel free to neomail me comments! More to come! :3

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