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Knowing How to GO! GO! GO!

by mischa_rox


TYRANNIA - You sit down on a rock at the edge of the Tyrannian Plateau, enjoying the last remnants of a Cheese and Onion Omelette which had only a third of the whole omelette left. You finish, brush the crumbs off your legs, and buy a ticket from the ticket booth to go and see Moehawk, your favourite band, which is coincidentally playing today at the Tyrannian Concert Hall. After the gig is finished, you come out clutching your souvenir, a Moehawk Poster, which you plan on sticking up in your Neohome, along with your other of hundreds of posters from previous shows. You chuck it in your inventory, and wonder what you are going to do next. There wasn’t much fun in the Tyrannian Jungle; besides you had already played those games the maximum number of times. Shopping for weapons doesn’t take that much time, so you’d still be bored after you bought the weaponry. And Kacheekers always bored you. But what in Fyora’s name was Go! Go! Go!? You decide to go over and check out what was happening over there with the three Neopets.

When you meet the three prehistoric neopets, an old and wise-looking Techo named Tekeli-Li is dealing out cards into four piles, with nine cards in each pile. The other two Neopets, a Tyrannian Kacheek, Bacheek, and the Reconnaissance elder, Myncha, sit down patiently waiting for Tekeli-Li to finish dealing the cards. Once the cards are dealt, Tekeli-Li and the others put three cards face down, three face up and take three in their hand. Bacheek notices you watching, and asks you if you would like to join them. For a cost. The 50 Neopoint fee is worth the banishment of boredom, so you pay up and sit down behind the vacant pile of nine cards. You follow suit in placing three cards face down, three cards with their values for all to see, and putting three cards in your hand. Now you have three hands (left, right and cards – couldn’t resist the pun). But now you have no idea of how to play. You berate yourself for not having read the rules when Bacheek gave you the chance. Stupid, stupid, stupid! you think to yourself. And this is where this guide comes in. Because to play Go! Go! Go! you need to Know! Know! Know!

The game presents itself as quite complicated, but once you get the hang of it, it gets quite easy. I, so far, have achieved the bronze trophy, which is presented to you once you pass round three. Hopefully, I’ll get up to the last round, where the wily Kyrii, Kyruggi, joins in the fun. And of course, if you win that, you get the big ‘un. The Champion’s Go! Go! Go! trophy. Fun, fun, fun. And time consuming as well.

Hokay. Let’s get down to business. Allons-y! Lassen Sie uns gehen dort! Andiamo lí! ¡Vayamos allí! Verhuur ons gaan daar! Let us go there! Your three cards that you have in hand are a mixture of odd and even numbered cards. For example, let’s say you have a six, a nine, and a Jack. You also have in your face up cards a Queen, a ten, and a three. Also, the starting card is a three, and there is still the full number of cards in the draw pile – fifteen. On a three, you are technically allowed to play another three, a five, a seven, a nine, a Jack and a King. The other cards, the four, six, eight, ten, Queen and Ace the starting card has to be a four for you to play those on the first shot. But what about the two? you ask. The two is a magical card. So magical, it can be played on top of every card except a three. So if an Ace pops up on your turn, and you have a two, you can plonk it down and not be worried. Yay. So, back to the situation. Your cards, the six, nine and Jack are confronted with a three. On this card, you can play your nine or Jack. The wisest option? To play the nine. You never know when you might need a royal. So you’d put your nine down. Good choice. Then you pick up one from the draw pile to make your cards number three again (you do this every turn, unless the pile is exhausted, or you have more than three cards).

Another typical situation. You have a two, a seven and a five. You are confronted with an eight, and there is a draw pile. What do you do? Do you pick up the pile, or do you chuck your two on? The smart way: pick it up. If you don’t do that, that’s less cards to pick up, which is good. Even if some don’t think that. :-)

To win, you have to finish all your cards before any of the computer played characters win. Simple. The execution of that is … somewhat harder and takes … a very long time. So your opponents are 10 figures from Tyrannia – I’m pretty sure you’ll recognise them from somewhere.

1. Bacheek (Kacheekers host).

2. Myncha (Reconnaissance).

3. Tekeli-Li (Master of Potions and Spells).

4. Plesio (Sea division, Wheel of Mediocrity).

5. Sargug (Volcano Run Scorchio).

6. Uggsul (Tyranu Evavu).

7. Sabre-X (Omelette Guarder)

8. Grarrg (Tyrannian Battle Master)

9. Uggaroo (Tyranu Evavu)

10. Kyruggi (Grand Elder)

Well … if you want to learn more about Go! Go! Go!, there’s all those tedious rules … so … yeah. A few last things I neglected to mention.

When you are playing from your Face Up cards, and you can’t play, your lowest is automatically played, then you pick the whole pile up. Also, if you play a Face Down card that is not higher than the card / a two, you ‘play’ that card, and pick the pile up.

Back to where you were before …

You put down the latest issue of the Neopian Times, savouring the words, for they are your lifeline in this game. On the starting three, you put down your seven.

And the game begins.

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