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Making Your Account Stand Out

by cutelittlechinchilla


Many people wonder what makes a person's account stand out. Is it the painted pets or the account age? Is it the trophies or the participation in the plots? Is it their neohome or user lookup? Is it their shop or gallery? Is it their stamp album, or trades and auctions? So many possibilities, so many different opinions. The truth is, however, if you want your account to stand out, you have to work for it.

Part One: The first impression

Where do you want people to see your account name? In the Kadoatery? In the high scores? On a guild council list? It's up to you. Remember, however, it has to be somewhere where you will look accomplished. The first step to standing out is to find something you are good at.

For example, suppose you feel you are rather good at Ultimate Bullseye. Then, play that game every day, enter in the World Challenge, and hopefully make the high scores. After a while, maybe you will get a bronze trophy, then a silver, then a gold. If people are viewing the high score tables, they will be interested in seeing the user lookup of that person. That will lead to a well-known account.

Another thing you can do, is as silly as this sounds, save neopoints for a long time and buy some paint brushes. Accounts with painted pets tend to catch the eye. They show the people looking at your account that you are deeply into Neopets, that you saved up just for that, and that you care about it. And many people think they will magically get neopoints from playing Neopets, but the truth is, you have to work for it. Play a lot of games every day, and you will save up more neopoints than you think you can.

Another thing you can save up neopoints for is feeding kadoaties. It takes a long time to save up, but once you do, your username is in the Kadoatery for everyone to view. Many people think that feeding kadoaties is a nice and generous thing to do with items, and they might be curious to click on that link to your user lookup.

Or, on the other hand, you can try and win a spotlight. However, it is very difficult to do this and it requires a lot of time working on whatever the subject of your spotlight may be. It is much more practical to try and do some of the other things.

Part Two: The User Lookup

When people finally view your account, there are certain things they will look for:

Lookup design: It is best if the design of your user lookup is not too fancy. I often click right out of lookups with loud music and designs so dark or bright I cannot read the words. On older computers, these things take a while to load, and unless you are seeking the user lookup spotlight, I would recommend a plainer lookup design.

Painted Neopets: Like I mentioned before, one of the key things a person looks for. It adds a sort of pizzazz to your account, a sparkle that makes it shine.

Account Age: Often, it is not so much whether this is 5 years or 1 month, but whether the account age fits with the status of the account. When I see an account that is two months old, and all of the pets are painted royal, it makes me wonder whether the person actually did this themselves. In my opinion, a 1 year old account with one neopet painted faerie is more impressive that a five month old account with every neopet painted island. An account that shows the person has worked hard is the best type of account there is.

Shop: You will find it is not so much the size of your shop that matters, but the fairness of the pricing. Because, be honest- who will buy a poison snowball for 5,000 NP in a shop that is size 500? The answer- nobody. If I am seeking an item I will normally use the shop wizard. However, if somebody is looking at your shop and notices right away that the prices are fair, they will think very highly of you. Ironically enough, I see many Neopians who appear very rich who have items grossly overpriced in their shops, and many newbies with cheaper items. That doesn't seem right, does it? If you have a shop with 1,000 items that are all worth 2,000 NP and you are selling them for 99,999, people aren't going to think as highly of you.

Gallery: Of all things, I strongly suggest you have a gallery. It shows that you value some items and aren't just going to sell them all for neopoints. Often, many categories with different themed items catch peoples' interest. In my gallery, I put items I got from plots and quests; items I worked hard for. Others may have a rainbow gallery- everything rainbow or with the word rainbow in it. And now, the ultimate question- what makes a gallery complete? There is no minimum or maximum limit of a gallery. Even if you only have a few of a certain item, it shows the people viewing your gallery you are proud of what you have. Neopets is a fun game because over time, you can build on to your collection.

Neohome: Like many things, this is quality, not quantity. What is the point of exciting someone when they see a 75 room house, only to find every room is empty and unnamed. When you create a neohome, be aware it will show up on your user lookup design. Even if you cannot afford very many rooms, make the rooms you can afford nice. Furniture is expensive, but there are some cheap furniture items out and about in Neopia. And don't forget half-price day. That's when I buy most of my furniture.

Status in General: What I mean by this is sidebar themes, guild info, and secret avatars. Many times, people get sidebar themes by accomplishing things, and if you have many of these, it makes you stand out. Same with avatars. But guild info is something that many would disagree with me on. I think the best Neopians are the guildless ones. Why? Because being guildless shows that you do everything yourself. If you have a guild that gives you free paint brushes and items for avatars, then you are not really working for things yourself. It is all part of making your account show things about you.

Trophies: Last but not least is trophies. It takes a while to collect these, and once you do, people will be proud of your hard work. But remember, like anything else, getting trophies takes time and hard work.

Now that this has been explained to you, try out working on some of those things. People may neomail you complementing your account. And everyone likes to feel special. :)

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