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The Wonderfully Helpful Guide to Whack-A-Kass!!

by ultraviolet_girls


The Wonderfully Helpful Guide To Whack-A-Kass!!

Have you ever been surfing through the Neo-web and all of a sudden come upon a ridiculously full trophy cabinet? As you scroll through them in awe one trophy in particular catches your eye; it's a golden Kass with the number one on it... the Whack-A-Kass trophy!!!! OMG you've been trying to get that one for ages!!!! How did they get it???? Well if so read ON!!!!!

If you have never tried this game read all of the following tips, but if you are experienced, skip the Basics section and go down to the sections you need to understand.

The Basics:

I shall not give you the instructions to this game because one, Neopets already does a great job with that, and two, Neopets already does a great job of that... you get it?

So... the point of this game is to whack the poor helpless puppet Kass as far as you can using a bread stick thing, paddle thing, and a spiky bat thing. At the bottom of the screen you will see a thing saying something like: Wind speed m/sec or something like that. That shows how fast the wind is going. The most it can get up to is 9, and the lowest it can get to is -9. To hit the puppet you press the space bar and watch your Kass fly!!!

The Opportune Moment:

I have found that the best time whack your little puppet into oblivion is when its nose is level with your Blumaroo's ears. At this moment it is high enough to take advantage of the altitude, yet not so high that you miss it all together.

Always 9!!!!:

Always wait for the wind speed to be at its highest: 9!!!! The wind speed increases by two every time, but decreases randomly so if you start with 5 or 7 wait it out! Never hit the puppet seriously unless it is at 9! It may take forever but oh well! Sometimes I hit it when it takes over 30 sec. Or if it is in the negatives, but if it is around 5, don't give up!!

The Space Bar:

Ahhhh the space bar... we are all familiar with it but in this game it is a key aspect to getting over 1000. After you hit the poor little guy (when the wind speed is at 9 of course) keep your hand on the space bar!!! You may be thinking something along the line of: What the heck is she talking about??!!! But believe me. When you hold down the space bar you keep the Kass's wings in tight against his sides, allowing him to fly up! Then when his body is about level, when is going to start his descent, LET GO! This allows his wings to flap like crazy and makes him go MUCH MUCH farther!!!

The Space bar(Again):

You might think that now you are done with the space bar and can relax and watch your Kass bounce around on the ground... well, you're not! When you see that your Kass is about to hit the ground with a satisfying “THUNK!” and he starts to bounce around on the ground this is the time to use the lovely little space bar! What you want to do is this:

Because the Kass is like a tennis ball it is very bouncy, so when it hits the ground it goes back into the air... so this means more space bar! YAY!!!! When the Kass hits the ground and bounces, tap the space bar, holding the wings in, then once it reaches its “peak” let it go! But this is much harder because the Kass is in the air for a much shorter period of time. Hopefully this will make the Kass bounce even higher and farther the next time. These bounces might seem useless and tiny, but end up helping you a lot! I also found that the game makes a BOING sound when the Kass bounces so that will help. To do all of this you can also use the mouse button, but I like the space bar. But we are not quite done yet!! After you hit the Kass, and make it bounce around 5 times hold the space bar to make it slide!!! This is very important!!!


Yeah I know I might sound like your mommy telling to never give up, and keep on practicing, but I'm not joking!!!! I found that if you try a few times a day, at least 5 days a week, you get to be pretty good!! Remember to always wait until the wind is at 9, hold the space bar, and bounce like crazy!!! After some time you WILL pass on to that wonderful looking spiky bat thing. But remember to follow the tips!!!


YAY! Finally I have gotten to the part everyone wants to read! All of the things this amazing author has said so far is amazingly helpful but WOW this is what I am here for! But maybe I should donate things to the author for all of the helpful help! NAH NAH... Just joking. Ok... sorry... now where was I... so the trick to winning is... drum-roll please...

I'm sorry to say that winning is just a lot of luck and some skill. I have found that once in a while... if you are lucky then you get to hit the little guy with a tree!!! But because it happens so rarely I have not been able to find a way to unlock this wonder bat. If you do find out the trick please neomail me and I can post it. But hopefully if you practice enough then you will be able to boast of a high score and a wonderful trophy!!


Now... after all of those wonderfully helpful tips (LOL) here is a summary of the most important ones:

Play the game in full-screen and on high quality.

Always hit the Kass on 9 meters per second.

Whack the Kass when it is level with the ears of the Blumaroo's ears.

Hold the space bar until the Kass is at its peak.

Release the space bar to let the Kass flap its wings.

Hold/release the space bar to make it bounce.

Hold the space bar to make it slide.

Your hand-eye coordination is KEY!!

And PRACTICE!!!!!!!!!

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