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What Kind of Neopian Times Reader are You?

by doughnut215


Each week, Neopia’s fill-in-the-blank-news-source (AKA The Neopian Times) is packed to the brim with the comics, series, articles, and questions of the Neopian populace. Not to mention a spiffy background and random quotes!

Not every reader, however, is the same. There are those of you who will head straight to the comics, laugh your head off, and continue with your daily trek through Neopia. Some of you may flick through the editorial, yawn, and trundle off to the chat boards. One or two of you will click on the continued stories link and race through the latest episode, filled with excitement. These are just a few examples! So I ask, what kind of NT reader are you? Would you like to find out? Read on!!

The Editorial Addict

New issue, new questions and new answers in the editorial. Who cares about comics or articles- what’s in the editorial this week?! Such are the sentiments of the Editorial Addict. You do not spend much time reading the NT’s stories/articles/comics, but instead read only the Editorial, the ‘questions and answers’ section of the NT. Occasionally, when pressed, you may submit a question or two (or thirty, or a hundred) to the editorial, and will be excited when you see a response to your question, and disappointed when you don’t.

Whilst there is nothing wrong with enjoying the editorial (I myself make a point to read it every week), remember that there is so much more to the Neopian Times! You might be surprised if you head off to the comics section and read a few- laughter is great, and the NT will almost definitely be able to provide that for you.

The Comic Lover

New issue? New comics!! You just love reading the comics devised by the NT contributors, and most likely are pretty familiar with the recurring comics and characters, and will almost definitely have certain artists whose work and jokes you seek out every issue. Nothing beats a good laugh, in your opinion!

If you are a Comic Lover, perhaps you should cast your eye over a short story or two each week? Some stories can be just as funny as the comics, and will give you even more enjoyment from the NT.

The Short Story Devotee

You like nothing more than to read the stories written by NT writers, and to be swept away on the wings of a beautifully written tale. As with the Comic Lover, you seek out certain authors, but you are always happy to try new authors too. You will read anything and do not hesitate to neomail the author with your thoughts and comments about their latest piece, whether filled with compliments, or gently worded constructive criticism.

Consider taking a peek at the comics sometimes? You should. ^_^ The NT’s authors may be extremely talented, but so are the artists, and you would find much to enjoy in a subtle, clever comic.

The Art Critic

Similar to the Comic Lover, but rather than seeking laughter from the comics, you yourself are an accomplished artist and look carefully at each comic. You judge each comic for its art, not its joke, and are not at all reluctant to send your carefully considered suggestions for improvement to each artist whose work you see.

You might enjoy reading some of the articles in the NT in addition to the comics, as some articles are aimed towards the artistically inclined. Also, your analytical mind and clear rationale might be much appreciated by the authors, for as a new reader you may be able to help them out with some original suggestions. =)

Article Admirer

Do you search for guides, interviews, explanations and examinations of Neopia? Do you enjoy reading informative pieces with a twist of humour, and absorbing the information presented there? Do you rely on the article writers to provide you with the things that every Neopian should know? If yes to any of those questions, you are most probably an Article Admirer. Packed full of information, and often with a twist of humour, articles are a large part of the NT, as with any newspaper.

Make sure you don’t forget about the editorial =) Yes I know, trés cliché perhaps, but if it is tips and information you are searching for, the editorial contains a certain amount of this too.

Series Follower

Do you avidly read the series each week? Spend the time between issues biting your nails, and anxiously wondering what is going to happen to your favourite character? Have you ever stooped to neomailing the author with a plea for hints of what is to come? (come on, admit it!) If so, that makes you a Series Follower! The excitement drawn out over a couple weeks, a mystery to solve, and clues to pick up on… A two week gap between issues instead of one will make you cry. =(

Check out the short stories!!! Maybe they do not have the drawn out anticipation and drama that you love in the series, but that in no way means that you cannot find enjoyment there all the same. Also, you could perhaps try reading series of comics- certain chains of characters that artists use for individual comics which perhaps might link up.

The Contributor

Are you awaiting the news update every Friday, refreshing every 10 minutes? Can you barely wait to see your first accepted submission ‘in print’? That makes you the famous and worshipped Contributor, one of many people who help to make the NT exactly what it is. Of course, that is perhaps to the extreme- for the seasoned contributor, perhaps it is the neomailed critique that you await.

Keep reading, keep writing, keep drawing! As a contributor to the times, you most likely will read the vast majority of articles, short stories, series, and comics as it is. Originality is key, and it’s a great idea to keep up on what has and what has not already been done, in order to maintain the high standards that we have all come to expect in the NT. ^_^

I hope that you have enjoyed reading this article. =) Although, if you are perhaps an Editorial Addict or some such, chances are you may not have even read this article. And therefore will not know that you are an Editorial Addict. But still, hopefully those of you who have read my article will now feel brave enough to spend just a little more time cruising the NT, and reading just a few more of the pieces contained within. ^_^

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