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Experimenting with Chemistry

by feathertwisterz


You are in a very scary lab... in a very scary part of the Haunted Woods...

And in the very scary lab which is in a very scary part of the Haunted Woods is a very scary game.

Chemistry for Beginners: a strategic game where you are a chemist working in the very scary lab.

Your task is to gain points by combining two or more atoms creating combinations. As you play through the game the amount of points required to pass to the next level increases.

This game requires patience, skill and logic.

The Basics

The game has five atoms; they are Neopium, Tyrannium, Slothite, Faeryllium and Krawkite. The atoms gain you points as you create combinations with them.

As you play the game, there will be a playing area in the center where you would, obviously, play the game, it consists of 36 squares (6x6 grid).

To the bottom, there is a preview pane that tells you what the next five atoms are, which would be very helpful in tight situations.

To the top left, there’s a number next to where it says “Elements Remaining”; this determines how many elements you have left. If it reaches zero before you’ve reached the points needed to pass the level you will lose the game.

To the right of the playing area, there is a chart which shows you the possible combinations that you could make with your atoms.

To the top, it shows your Point Goal, which tells you how much points you’ve earned so far in the level and the points needed to advance to the next level.

The Game Play

The game starts off at level one, with only a single element known as the Neopium atom (green). Placing a Neopium next to another Neopium would gain you one point.

Upon reaching level two, you’ll be introduced to another element known as the Tyrannium atom (blue). Placing a Tyrannium atom between two Neopium atoms in any way would earn you two points.

The next level, you’ll be taught a new synthesis: when you place three Tyrannium atoms (blue) together, you’ll earn yourself two points.

After playing another few levels, you’ll learn another new synthesis. When you place five Tyrannium atoms together, it will gain you a total of four points for just that one combination.

Level six introduces you to a new element called the Slothite (red). Along with a new combination, the Green-Red-Red-Green compound, this molecule is worth four points. Now with two four-point compounds on your side, it shouldn’t be too difficult exceeding the Point Goal and advancing to the next level.

Level Seven, however, teaches us something new known as an unstable compound. If you build an unstable compound you automatically lose the game, which is very bad. The unstable compound that you are taught is four atoms of Slothite (red); be sure to never build one of these.

Level Eight brings another new compound, and a good one indeed. By arranging a combination in a Green-Blue-Green-Blue-Green formation, you’ll be able to create a compound that is worth six points, which would be extremely helpful if you have spare Neopium and Tyrannium atoms.

At Level Ten, we learn of another new element, Faeryllium (gold). Faeryllium can be used with Neopium to form a seven pointer compound in a Green-Gold-Gold-Gold-Green formation.

When it turns to lucky Level Thirteen, it introduces us to a brand new and great combination which reels in a whopping total of ten points for a molecule of combining seven atoms of Slothite. To be safe and avoid creating the unstable combination (which could cost you the whole game) it’s best to simply build two rows of three Slothite atoms each, then link them together in between with another Slothite atom.

There you have it, ten points without setting off that explosive unstable reaction.

As you reach Level Fourteen, a new and final element is added to the mix: the Krawkite atom. Shining silver in colour and is worth one point if joined up with another Krawkite. Now with Krawkite (silver) taking up about half a dozen of your forty-six elements that you have to work with, building combinations to reach your Goal Point will become more difficult.

To help get to your Goal Point, try to make every single atom count as much as possible.

Making it through Level Fourteen and Level Fifteen is difficult but is possible. If you’ve passed both levels without breaking a sweat you wouldn’t have trouble completing a few more levels to make it to the high score tables and earning a shining gold trophy for your userlookup.


1. Always try to build the molecule that gives you the most points that you have in your chart.

2. Try not to waste any atoms; they can all help you reach your Point Goal.

3. Keep your eye on the preview pane which shows the next five elements that you can use, this will be helpful so you can plan out what combinations you can create.

4. Do not be hasty; you are not against the clock as there is no time limit. Take time to think about what you're doing.

5. Practice in certain levels that you cannot pass, once you've mastered the level you can continue your way through.

6. Make sure you do not build the unstable compound.


This concludes my guide; I hope you’ve enjoyed reading it and it has taught you how to become a Chemistry for Beginners Champion!

All you need is practice and you could make it to the high score tables and get that beautiful gold trophy.

So what are you waiting for? You know the game rules and what to do, go to the games room and play Chemistry for Beginners.

Author’s Note: I wrote this guide with a lot of consideration as it is my favorite game to play. I have not copied any information from anywhere else, I wrote this guide with a lot of research. If you have seen this information anywhere else, it can be a coincidence as other people have already written guides on this game.

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