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Dreams: Part Four

by laurel146


Getting to Faerieland

"Do you have everything you need? And are you sure you'll be fine? I'll be gone for an entire day!"

     I sighed. This was the third time she had asked me these things. "I'll be fine, I can get along for a day. There's enough food left and if I'm ever to go out, I'll always stay near my friends and won't talk to strangers."

     Ranea nodded, and with obvious reluctance, started towards the door. She said goodbye and walked out the door. I waved to her and shouted goodbye.

     "Remember, I'll be gone for about a day," she said, half shouting because she was already a good distance away.

     I waved goodbye one last time and closed the door. I locked it, as Ranea had told me a countless number of times to do, and waited for her boat to depart. After a few minutes, I remembered the note I wrote the night before and ran to get it.

     I stuck it to the fridge with a magnet and reread it to make sure I made the message clear and there were no mistakes. Even though I was a bit more intelligent than a normal one, I was still a baby Aisha, and I still made mistakes.

     Dear Ranea,

     Just over a month ago, I got visited by the Fountain Faerie. It was when you were sleeping on the last boat trip I was on and I went exploring. I know I should've told you, but the Fountain Faerie said to tell no one.

     But even though she said that, I'm writing this to you because I know it will only take less than a day to get to Faerieland and back. It will take you a day to get back here in time for you to read this note, and if I came back before you, I would hide this so you wouldn't find out my secret.

     But if you read this and it's not hidden, that means something has happened to me, though if it's good or bad, I don't know.

     That's just about it, so goodbye.

     ~ Milana

     I added a few more words and corrected others until I was satisfied. I ran to the window near the front door. I started trying to unlock it. I always hated those window locks. All of them were different so I didn't know how to use any of them.

     Finally, I got it open. Dressed in my favorite dress and jacket, I jumped out, just as I had in my dream. I walked towards the shore wondering what Faerieland would be like. I started running, full of excitement.

     Still running, I looked up at the clouds and thanked my dream for showing me what to do. As the soft grass turned into wet sand, I looked around eagerly.

     The boat rental shop was open, as it almost always was on weekdays. I walked up to it and looked at the sign:


     ROWBOATS…….....50 NP per hour

     SAILBOATS………100 NP per hour

     CLIPPER SHIPS…..200 NP per hour


     The last part caught my eye. I needed to get to Faerieland the fastest I could. I took out the bag of neopoints I had in my pocket. I looked through them. The Fountain Faerie was right, there was just enough to get to Faerieland.

     It cost five hundred neopoints to get to Faerieland in the morning and five hundred neopoints to get back in the evening. It cost two hundred fifty more to get to the ground from Faerieland in the morning and two hundred fifty more to get to Faerieland in the evening.

     I had decided that I would go to Faerieland in the evening since it was when Ranea left for shopping. There were one thousand five hundred neopoints in the bag. If I rented the Peophin pulled boat, I would have enough neopoints to get to Faerieland, but not back.

     I stopped myself. Since when did I know math? I shook my head, as if it would clear my thoughts, then continued thinking.

     I suppose if I ask the Fountain Faerie, she could spare a few hundred neopoints. I mean, she can't just leave me there on Faerieland! Besides, she seems very nice.

     I nodded while I thought. I knocked on the door of the rental boats building. A red Kyrii came out and looked down at me. "What do you want?" he asked.

     "I'm here to borrow a boat. Do you have those Peophin pulled boats you were talking about on the sign?"

     "Yeah, but you're too little to ride in a boat." He started to close the door but I held it open. His eyebrows raised in surprise at how strong I was, but didn't say anything.

     "There is no law that says that I can't ride in a boat. I need a fast boat and I need it now. If you still refuse, I can get the kids of the island to come over here right now, and don't start thinking that's an empty threat."

     Before he could scoff at my childish sounding threat, I snarled - something I hardly ever do - and said, "I know all the kids of this island and they know me. How many kids do you think there are here? One hundred?" He looked ready to agree at the reasonable sounding amount but I interrupted him as a bark of laughter escape from my mouth. "You wish."

     He glared at me and gave him a piercing stare that made him avert his gaze. After a moment, he sighed angrily. "Fine. I'll get you a boat."

     He brought some papers for me to sign, I paid him, then we headed out to the dock. We stopped at a nice looking boat. There was only enough room for a few people, but since I was going alone, that wouldn't be a problem.

     The Kyrii whistled at the water. Moments later, a brown Peophin came to the surface, only his head visible. "Yes, boss?"

     "We've got a customer," he responded, motioning to me. Then he added, grumbling, "An annoying one."

     I stuck my tongue out at him and then jumped to the boat on the dock.

     "Only you?" the Peophin asked me. I nodded and he shrugged. "Well, as long as I get paid. Where to?"

     "The Faerieland Uni Express station in Neopia Central."

     He nodded and swam to the front of the boat. He fastened some hooks into holes on something he was wearing. Then he nodded that he was ready.

     "I'll pay you an extra hundred neopoints if you get me there fast. The sooner the better and I don't want to miss the Unis' last transportation service for the day."

     "I'll go as quick as I can."

     The Faerieland Uni Express was a service by Unis who bring people up to Faerieland in the morning and down to Neopia in the evening. By being the easiest way to get to Faerieland for pets without wings, the Faerieland Uni Express has gotten so popular that everyone but faeries and pets with wings know all about it.

     "Fasten the seatbelt in the boat. It's for safety reasons since Peophins like me can go super fast," the Peophin said.

     I nodded and did as he directed. I tightened the seat belt once I had it on and then zipped up my coat. I put my hood on as well. I told the Peophin I was ready and he started pulling the boat.

     At first, it was slow, but then it got faster and faster until everything around me was a blur. My hood was immediately pulled back by the strong gusts of wind. I put my arms in front of my face to block the powerful wind.

     The ride continued for about another hour and a half and finally came to a stop at a dock. I got my arms down from my face and looked around. "Where are we?" I asked.

     "The dock of Neopia Central. The Faerieland Uni Express is right over there," he said, pointing a hoof towards his left. I looked to where he was pointing. My eyes landed on a sign that said: The Faerieland Uni Express. Some Unis were just landing on the ground.

     I paid the Peophin then quickly got out of the boat and ran to the Unis before they started back up to Faerieland again. I heard the Peophin start driving the boat back to Mystery Island. I cut through the crowd of people and pets standing and waiting to ride up to Faerieland.

     There were a few Unis left that were waiting for passengers. The small, two person carriages behind them were empty. The other Unis were already heading off for Faerieland. I ran over to one of them before anyone else did.

     "I need to get to Faerieland, please," I said to the Uni. He asked me for my neopoints and I gave him the right amount. He motioned towards the door of the carriage and I hopped inside.

     I closed the door and it locked automatically. The carriage was shaped small and oval. I poked my head out the window, for there was no glass there, and looked around at all the people watching the Unis.

     I watched as the Uni crouched and then jumped in the air. He started flapping his wings, and soon we were in the air. I had never been off the ground before and to me, flying was the most amazing thing in the world! I wished I had gone to Faerieland before just so I could experience the flight.

     My eyes widened as I started seeing clouds out the window. Then I started to fly above them. The Uni flew higher and higher until I saw a huge cloud lowering down from above me. I gasped in excitement as I realized what it was. Faerieland.

To be continued...

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