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The Jolly Jugglin' Guide

by neomaniac1603


So you want to know how to become a Jolly Jugglin’ CHAMPION? Well look no further, because this guide will teach you everything there is about this thrilling new game.

In Jolly Jugglers you play Jolly, a green Chia, and Olly, a purple Chia. It seems that their juggling talents have driven a very terrifying mutant Chia mad with envy. He’s kidnapped their sister and is holding her hostage at the top of a very, very, tall tree. Oh no!

* * *

The Controls

The controls might take a while to get used to. Remember to familiarize yourself with them; you will be constantly switching from Jolly to Olly for the duration of the game.

Moving Jolly and Olly – to move Jolly and Olly simply use the arrow keys on your keyboard. The LEFT arrow takes them to the left, the RIGHT arrow to the right, and the UP arrow allows them to jump.

Firing your weapons – remember, only Jolly, the green Chia, can destroy green enemies, and Olly, the purple Chia, can destroy purple enemies. To fire your weapon simply use the X or SPACEBAR keys on your keyboard.

Switching characters – To switch from Jolly to Olly or vice-versa, simply use the Z key on your keyboard. You should have your finger on this key the whole time you’re playing the game. Also, take note that you cannot change characters while jumping or in the air.

* * *

The Game Screen

This section of the game guide is to help you understand the screen you see when you are playing Jolly Jugglers.

Stage # - This simply tells you what stage you are currently on.

Score: - This tells you what your current score is.

Lives: - This will tell you how many lives you have left. If you gain more than four lives you will notice it will change to just one heart-shaped strawberry with 5x (or whatever the amount of lives it is you have) by its side. If you only have three lives left and you lose one, one of the heart-shaped strawberries will become noticeably faded, which indicates that you’ve lost a life.

Character Picture – This is very important to keep an eye on. This will tell you which character is currently selected. You can choose from either Jolly or Olly.

Ammo: - This indicates the amount of ammo the character selected has left.

No Power/Power – If you obtain a special item that will increase the ability of your character, it will be mentioned here. The “No Power” text will change to whatever special ability your character currently has.

Armour: - This is very important, you must keep an eye on this text at all times. It is the health meter for the current character you have selected. There is no way to increase your health; once it’s down to zero, you lose a life and you will have to restart the level over again. If this happens, the health meter for both characters will be restored to 100%. The health meter goes from 100%, 75%, 50%, 25%, and finally 0%, which is something you don’t want to see.

End Game – Do NOT click this if you do not need to. It will end your current game and bring you to a new screen asking you if you would like to submit your current score or return to the main menu (the main introduction screen featuring that funky music we all love to listen to for hours).

* * *

Items to collect

There are various items throughout the game that you can collect when you destroy enemies. You can find out what each item does below. Remember, the items will only appear for 7-8 seconds, and then they will disappear, so be quick!

Jump Power – this item is shaped like an octagon and has an up and down arrow featured inside of it. When you obtain this, the current character will be able to jump extra high for eleven to twelve seconds. Remember, this only works for the character that is currently selected. If you have Olly selected, only Olly will be able to jump higher. :)

Gun Power Up – this item is shaped like an octagon and has an 8 sided star-like objected featured inside of it. When you obtain this, the current character will have their gun power upped. This means, instead of shooting one colored “bubble” you will fire two at the same time. This is really great when you’re at the boss level.

Shield Power – this item is, yup, you guessed it, shaped like an octagon and has a little Chia image surrounded by a force-field inside of it. When you obtain this, both characters, no matter which one is selected at the time of obtaining it, will gain a shield for a short amount of time. This means you will not lose any health points if you come in contact with an enemy.

Gun Ammo – this item is shaped like a square and has nine colored bubbles featured inside of it; purple for Olly, and green for Jolly. This means that only Olly can collect the purple colored gun ammo item, and Jolly, the green colored gun ammo item. You must continue to collect these; each box contains five rounds of ammo. You will not be greeted with a “Game Over” screen if you run out of ammo, but it is never a good thing to have happen. You will end up running out of ammo in the boss level, but they appear randomly for the duration of that level; you will find out more about this later in the article.

Extra Life – this item looks like a strawberry shaped heart. Remember, ALWAYS collect these! You will learn more about them later on in the article and how to use them to your advantage. That’s if you see one at all!

The Fruits – There are four different colored fruits that you can obtain when destroying enemies; orange, purple, blue, and gold. Orange is worth ten points, purple is worth five points, blue is worth fifteen points, and gold is worth a whopping twenty points. You will be able to notice when a fruit is visible, it is very pointy. :)

* * *

So you’ve learned the controls and what items can be collected during game-play. Now it is time to learn about each level, the enemies, and the dreaded – BOSS LEVEL! – Scary.

* * *

The Enemies

There are no “good” characters in this game, well, except for Jolly and Olly *shifty-eyes*. It is always good to familiarize yourself with the enemies in various games. Each enemy comes in either a purple color (Olly), or green color (Jolly). Here you can find a tidbit about each enemy.


Slorgs are the “tame” enemies for this game. They aren’t wild and over-active like those silly Tennas and Drackonacks! They slowly crawl back and forth, waiting for you to bring them to their demise. How sad :( -- NOT. *fires a purple bubble at one and watches it asplode* - Bwahaha!


Tennas, like Drackonacks, are very hyper enemies. They bounce and jump all over the place until you make Tenna Jelly out of them. Hmm, I think I will submit that idea to qbureau *cough* I mean Edna. ;)


You will get the hang of defeating Drackonacks as you practice. They are speedy little fellows who have their chompers going up and down, waiting to eat away at your character’s health.

* * *

Now it’s time to get to know each level. I will not be describing each level, as that would take ages to do. I will give you pointers on each level, hints and tips, and all of that useful information :)

Important Note: When you come across a section that has Tennas, make sure, when you defeat them all, that you go upwards so that the section they were in is no longer visible and then take a trip back down towards the area. More Tennas have appeared, right? For some reason this happens from time to time, and you should always check, because you never know what items they might be holding.

Level One – Level one, of course, is quite easy. If you are just playing for the first time you should play this level for a few tries to get familiar with switching characters and firing your ammo. How will you know if you are at the end of the level? It’s simple; look for the black section of the tree which features an odd looking red colored star inside of it.

Level Two – Oh, it appears you are in the clouds and are no longer at ground level. There is nothing in particular that I should mention about this level, other then the fact that some characters, *cough* Drackonacks *cough* like to hide at the top of the level and then start their chomping when they see you coming :P – If I’ve confused you, you will see what I mean when you are playing. Don’t worry, it’s not Lord Darigan's attempt at conquering Roo Island.

Level Three – Congratulations! There are only four more levels to go until you are at the final level. I hope the game has been nice to you so far.

Level Four – In this level, you will come to familiarize yourself with jumping. You will have to jump a lot. This isn’t the only level that features a lot of jumping action. Oh no! I’ve said too much already.

Level Five – Wow, level five already? It just seems like we were only at level two moments ago. I must say, you are really getting the hang of this new game. This level will really test your skill. It’s probably the “hardest” one you will come across, if you are not familiar with the game like I am. It will also test your ability to jump. *jump* :P

Level Six – We're inching ever-so-close to the final level before the boss. Because it is so close to the final level, it’s one of the harder ones that you may have trouble completing. Of course, I have faith in you and know you will conquer it. Oh, and have you noticed that the background image of the tree appears to look more and more mutated as the levels increase? Spooky.

Level Seven – The final level before the actual boss. This level is the longest one yet. Now, what I am going to tell you is important, very, very important. You MUST use all BUT one life on this level. When you get to the very top of the level, destroy only one of the purple Slorgs featured by the exit door. Slowly jump onto the ledge, without going near the exit, and let him bring your health to 0% so that you will restart the level over. Repeat this until you have only one life left. With one life left, enter the exit. Why do we do this? You do this because you will gain more points. You will also be greeted with more chances of obtaining an extra life. The more lives you have left by the time you enter level seven, the better.

Level 8: THE BOSS! – Oh no, it appears that the evil mutant Chia has the Jolly Jugglers’ sister tied high up on the tree branch. It is your job to help rescue her.

This level will take a while to complete, and you might have to practice. The mutant Chia will chance colors; purple and green. You must change to whatever character corresponds with the mutant Chias current color. The mutant Chia has a health meter of 100%. Each time you fire your ammo at him, he will lose 1%. This means you will earn 100 points when you have him defeated.

This level isn’t going to be THAT easy. The mutant Chia really is crazed with jealousy. He will roll and run at you from the left part of the screen to the right part. Usually when he rolls he is going to change colors, so be prepared. You should also keep an eye on the amount of ammo you have left. You will run out of it very quickly in this level.

There are two more important things I must mention. First, when this mutant Chia opens its mouth, go to the opposite side of the screen and adjust your character so that they’re standing on the very end of the ledge, the farthest away from the mutant Chia. This will keep you safe when the fireballs come spewing out of his mouth.

Second, there is a little ledge at the top of the screen where different items will randomly appear. I have been told that extra lives do appear, but it is very rare when they do. If you are lucky enough to see one, go for it.

* * *

Well that concludes my game guide on the Jolly Jugglers. I hope I’ve helped you on your quest to conquering this action-packed game. If you have any questions or comments please feel free to Neomail Me.

Until next time, keep on Jugglin’ with those Jolly Jugglers, Jolly and Olly!

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